Experimenting with coffee additives

Try experimenting with different spices. This not only positively affects the body, but also gives a special piquancy to the usual ritual of brewing coffee. So you can find your unique recipe for your favorite drink.

Nature has given us a huge variety of products. Sometimes their combination can enhance or, conversely, reduce one or another effect on the body. For example, if honey is added to very hot tea, then it will lose its beneficial properties.

And if you add some spices to coffee, they neutralize its negative effect on the body.


Cardamom will not only give the coffee a piquant aroma, but also have a mild soothing effect and strengthen the stomach. Add cardamom to coffee is better fresh (in powder) or in the form of boxes.


Cinnamon gives coffee a pleasant sweet aftertaste and has a huge positive effect on health. It reduces the level of glucose in the blood and reduces the “acidifying” effect of the action of coffee. Cinnamon can be added during cooking with a whole stick or sprinkled with it ready coffee in ground form.

Black pepper

Pepper has the ability to cleanse the digestive system, stimulates metabolic processes, promotes better functioning of the stomach and the removal of toxins. Add 2-3 peas to freshly brewed coffee.


Cloves stimulate blood flow and lower blood pressure. Add 1 head to coffee and let it brew. Cloves contain essential oils that fill the drink with aroma and reduce its harm to the body.


Ginger has calming properties, relieves cramps and pain symptoms, is used as a stimulant of the digestive system. It is enough to add a small fresh piece of root or a little powder to the coffee during cooking.


This is not a spice, but worth adding to coffee. Adding collagen will not make coffee taste better, but it will give you additional benefits.

Collagen helps reduce inflammation and joint pain. Therefore, if you can hardly get out of bed or feel pain at every step, try adding a little collagen to your coffee.


It will not turn your coffee into hot chocolate – do not worry, but it will help make the drink more aromatic. In addition, cocoa has a number of health benefits that include reducing the risk of heart disease.

Try adding a little organic cocoa powder to a cup of coffee and see for yourself that it tastes great.

Coconut oil

By adding coconut oil to a cup of coffee, you get a lot of healthy fats. Yes, there are healthy fats, and your body needs them. Just add a teaspoon of oil to the drink.

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