Gastroscopy (endoscopy) and how to prepare for it

The purpose of endoscopy is a detailed inspection of the mucosa of the upper digestive system, which is made by endoscopic examination. We are talking about the esophagus, the stomach and the adjoining segment of the duodenum.

To do this, use with small diameter flexible endoscope that is inserted through the mouth and passes through the esophagus.

The need for examination of the stomach occurs in various situations. One of the primary research is esophagogastroduodenoscopy, abbreviated to EGD. What is a esophagogastroduodenoscopy and how to prepare for the procedure below the first time to get effective results?

Why the need for gastroscopy?

The preparation of the study endoscopy may be required in the following situations:

  1. 1. There are having a strange pain in the stomach, heartburn, belching, vomiting and nausea.
  2. 2. Often there is a feeling of heaviness or fullness of the stomach and abdomen.
  3. 3. Marked loss of appetite and significant weight loss.
  4. 4. Diagnosed dysphagia or difficulty in passage of food.
  5. 5. Among the reasons for anxiety – pain behind the breastbone or in the upper abdomen.
  6. 6. The discomfort caused by the appearance of bitter or sour taste in the mouth, an unpleasant mouth odor.
  7. 7. Often concerned about the diarrhea.
  8. 8. There is a chronic cough.

With sufficient sparing endoscopic examination endoscopy today and effectively in the shortest possible time (which is extremely important for effective therapy) cannot diagnose peptic ulcer disease of the duodenum or stomach, to identify polyps in the large intestine, at an early stage to identify developing cancer.

The main benefit of endoscopy of the stomach compared to traditional chest x-ray is increased several times the accuracy of detecting inflammatory changes of the mucosa, emerging or resistant ulcers. If preparing for esophagogastroduodenoscopy is associated with suspected cancer, in addition to visual inspection of the mucous membranes, be sure to do a biopsy, allows to Refine or refute the diagnosis. Tissue for biopsy is taken by means of a special tool, any unpleasant feelings do not exist.

Also during endoscopy there is the possibility of removing polyps, retrieving, accidentally swallowed foreign bodies, stop minor bleeding, allowing you to exclude open abdominal surgery. Sometimes the procedure becomes an extension of the narrowed area of the esophagus or stomach or to take the material that doing the test for the presence of Helicobacter pylori bacteria that trigger the disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

Recommended procedure?

Among the indications for EGD are:

  1. 1. Differential diagnosis of pathologies of the digestive system. We are talking about peptic ulcer, gastritis, diverticulitis, pyloric stenosis and other disorders.
  2. 2. Monitoring of the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. 3. The necessity of dynamic observation of patients suffering from chronic pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. 4. Symptoms suggestive for thinking about internal bleeding.
  5. 5. The postoperative treatment of the esophagus, stomach or duodenum. Qualitative studies are planned and carefully conducted procedure allow early diagnosis of complications and to identify pathological changes of the mucosa.

Endoscopy of the stomach is contraindicated in the following situations:

  • The patient is in serious condition.
  • Pronounced atherosclerosis.
  • Recently had myocardial infarction or diagnosed heart failure.
  • Surgical pathology revealed acute or infectious disease.
  • There is a tumor in the mediastinum or esophagus is significantly narrowed.
  • With the development of hemangiomas or hemophilia.
  • If in the field of esophageal veins there is varicose.
  • In severe hypertension.
  • If you have a mental illness.


Preparing the patient for gastroscopy involves the following activities.

1. The day before endoscopy.

If the day of the scheduled examination, the night before dinner should take place no later than 8 PM. While the menu may contain only light foods that will not hinder digestion. After dinner, you can’t consume dairy products.

2. On the morning of the examination.

Further preparation is the exception of Breakfast in any form, also can’t smoke. Allowed to consume only plain non-carbonated water in small quantities, if the doctor did not give any instructions regarding fluid intake. Carry out the procedure is possible only on an empty stomach, so it is prescribed mainly in the first half of the day. If gastroscopy is scheduled for the second half of the day, a light Breakfast is allowed, provided that the examination will be held after at least 8-9 hours.

3. After the endoscopy.

After endoscopy of the stomach the intake of food and beverages is permitted no sooner than after 10 minutes (once lost the feeling of a lump in the throat). If the study was accompanied by a biopsy, this day allowed to take only warm food and cold and hot dishes are banned.

Outpatient the form of gastroscopy, the doctor recommends to stay in the office for 5 minutes or half an hour, until you cease to operate an anesthetic substance. During the procedure the intestine is filled providing a better overview of air, so maybe a slight bloating. Due to the introduction of the endoscope may receive an unpleasant sensation in the throat, which will not last more than a day.

As for results, they are communicated to the patient immediately after the procedure, with the exception of the biopsy, to obtain data which is required from 6 to 10 days.

If training prior to the study EGD was performed according to the recommendations, you can count on maximum reliability and informativeness of this method. Upon detection of the inflammatory process in the stomach, or foreign entities of the mucous membrane, make additional analyses and examinations that the total picture was very clear. A gastroscopy is necessary to consult the doctor-gastroenterologist, which will determine the tactics of diagnosis and therapy.

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