Is it possible to have honey in gastritis

Honey has been used medicinally since time immemorial, including for the treatment of gastric pathologies. It improves the digestion process and absorption of nutrients. Supplementing the diet with sweet bee products in gastritis with high or low acidity greatly accelerates recovery.

Role in the fight against gastritis

Honey restores and maintains the protective forces. Having a strong immune system, the human body is easier to cope with various diseases. Anti-inflammatory and healing properties used to treat gastritis of various etiologies. Disease may change the acidity. Inflammation of the mucous membrane is chronic or acute.

Acidity – a term used to describe the amount of acid (hcl) in the gastric secret. The surplus, as the lack of, negatively affect the condition of all the organs of the digestive system. Suffer stomach. Often increased acidity causes gastritis and sometimes is a result of. In this situation, treatment is directed primarily at normalizing the composition of gastric juice. This is achieved through diet and appropriate drug therapy.

Honey in gastritis with high acidity in pure form is contraindicated. It causes irritation of the stomach and provokes the intensification of secretory activity. This increases the acidity and, as a consequence, leads to heartburn. But the mixture at the same time, reduces inflammation in the stomach and helps to restore its mucosa.

A relatively recently discovered another cause of the disease – the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. She lives in the stomach and in some cases provokes inflammatory processes. Honey, having antibacterial properties capable of destroying or suppressing pathogens. At the same time, being a natural antibiotic it does not cause resistance of pathogenic microorganisms to its effects. This broad spectrum medicinal qualities makes it irreplaceable biological medicine in the fight against inflammatory diseases of the stomach. In the presence of gastritis with high acidity use caution, applying for the treatment of this product of beekeeping.

How to use anti-inflammatory, healing and antibacterial properties with minimal irritant, and know how folk and traditional medicine.

Honey in folk recipes

Biochemical composition of different varieties have significant differences. For the treatment of the digestive system is best suited chestnut, acacia or lime. Honey is a biologically active substance. When heated (above 40 – 45 °C) it will lose its medicinal qualities and will not be a cure, but will become a basic sweetener. In the treatment of stomach diseases with high acidity you must neutralize the irritating effect. This is achieved by dissolving it in water or herb broth.

Remember that gastritis during the exacerbation to do medolechenie is not recommended.

Healing honey drink:
  1. 1. Chamomile tea. For its preparation you need to pour boiling water over dried chamomile flowers (1 tbsp. on 0,5 l of water) and allow to stand for 30 minutes. Tea strain and dissolve in it 1 tsp of honey. Drink 0.5 St 3 times daily between meals. This drink has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. 2. A decoction of calendula flowers. Cooked and consumed similarly to the previous recipe. This infusion accelerates the regeneration of cells of the mucosa.
  3. 3. Peppermint tea can reduce pain.
  4. 4. Honey decoction of Valerian root will help to relieve the spasm.
  5. 5. To help in the inflammatory process in the stomach is able and simple honey water (30 % solution). You can use boiled water or mineral water is recommended in the acidity (Borjomi or Essentuki №1).

All of these beverages (they alternate) drink warm between meals They dilute gastric secretions and do not have a strong irritating action, while retaining all their positive qualities. Honey for gastritis can and should be used in conjunction with dairy products that contain Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). It significantly accelerates the healing of the mucous membrane. The lack of this substance in the body causes an increase in acidity.

A glass of milk or 200 – 250 grams curd (prepared independently) with 1 tsp of honey – a great snack and at the same time the medication is to normalize the composition of gastric juice. Irritant effect neutralized with mucous decoctions (oatmeal, rice) and jelly (especially milk).

Soothing and anti-inflammatory effects aloe Vera juice. It is mixed with honey (1:1) and taken in the morning on an empty stomach (1 tsp). It is advisable to drink warm water. This treatment should continue for at least 2 weeks.

The honey will strengthen the immune system and nervous system of the body. The only reason it is contraindicated, is allergic.

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