Grippol plus, vaccination features

From an adult who is to be vaccinated against influenza, no special preparation is required. He came on the appointed day and made a small injection. But if we are talking about child vaccination, everything is different. Training is highly recommended by pediatricians.

How to prepare your baby for flu vaccine:
  • For 3 days, stop adding all new products to the diet in order not to provoke an allergic reaction. Among the usual products for the same three days it is better to refuse fish, fish oil, seafood.
  • If a child takes a water-soluble vitamin D or a multivitamin complex that contains this substance, you should stop taking them for 4 days.
  • If the child is prone to allergies, before being vaccinated for a couple of hours, give him an antihistamine at an age dosage. Better – Claritin or Fenistil.
  • Do not overfeed the child on the eve of the vaccination so that he can go to the treatment room lightly.

On the morning of the day of vaccination, you need to measure the child’s temperature, look into his throat, assess the condition of the tongue, make sure that the stomach does not hurt, there is no cough, and the nose breathes on its own.

If the temperature is above 37.0 degrees, the vaccination will have to be postponed. At this temperature, a medical professional who also measures it before the injection will simply refuse to administer the vaccine.

What to do after?

After a couple of scary (from the point of view of the kid) minutes will be left behind, do not rush to immediately drag the child home. Sit with him in the corridor away from the queue of patients (in order not to catch the viruses), walk along the street near the clinic’s porch.

There is no need to retire further, because a lightning allergic reaction is possible. This happens very rarely, but if it happens, it is not always possible to deliver the child to the hospital even at the ambulance with flashing lights from home. You will need quick help on the spot, and it can be provided in the clinic.

The first signs of a lightning reaction are:

  • blanching;
  • perspiration and sweating;
  • restless behavior of the child;
  • the appearance of shortness of breath;
  • puffiness of lips, nose.

In this case, urgently need to grab the child and out of turn to fly to any doctor’s office.

For most, nothing of the kind happens, so in half an hour the child goes home. Can I swim after vaccination? If there is no elevated temperature, then you can. Is it allowed to walk? Allowed, but again, provided that the child has no high temperature (above 38.0 degrees).

It is not necessary to feed the baby hearty and tight after he received the flu vaccine. For a couple of days, it is advisable to have light meals, rich in vitamins, but not fat. Immunity will work actively, it just needs a little help.

Application features

After receiving a dose of vaccine, the body takes time to create an immune barrier and develop protection, and therefore it is recommended to begin vaccination with this drug before viruses attack, that is, in September – early October. In some regions, where the cooling starts earlier, the vaccination campaign starts in August.

All children can be vaccinated from the age of six months.

The smallest category of patients (from 6 months to 3 years) are  vaccinated at a children’s clinic in the community. It is completely free. After the introduction of the first part of the vaccine in the amount of 0.25 ml, another similar dose is administered in a month.

Children over 3 years of age are given a one-time flu shot. This happens with the consent of the parents in kindergarten, at school. A single dose, according to the instructions for use, for these children differs from the dose for infants – 0.5 ml.

If the child suffers from immunodeficiency states, he, regardless of the calendar age, is vaccinated according to the scheme of infants – two injections of 0.25 ml.

If a child is already large – school age, and he has never been vaccinated against flu before, then a double vaccination in the age dose is indicated for him. The second vaccine needs to be done exactly one month after the first one.

Pregnant women can receive the vaccine at any time, but the second and third trimesters are considered the safest.

Adults, especially those at risk, receive Grippol Plus once. This group includes employees of medical institutions, teachers, public transport workers, draftees and military personnel, workers in the housing and utilities sector, the elderly.

Contraindications and side effects

Since the vaccine is purified and free from preservatives, its application is practically not limited.

But you should know that even this safe means of vaccination is not carried out if the child has signs:

  • acute respiratory viral infection that has already begun – runny nose, cough, fever;
  • exacerbations of any chronic disease (children with kidney pathologies are vaccinated, but during an exacerbation the vaccine is contraindicated, the same rule applies to all diseases;
  • allergy to chicken protein (vaccine obtained by infection with viral particles of chicken embryo cells).

Usually, parents, frightened by the stories of supporters of anti-vaccine sentiments, are wary of a flu shot, for fear of side effects. As for Grippol Plus, according to clinical trials and pediatric practice, such effects in this vaccine  are usually not very pronounced or not expressed at all. These include a runny nose, general malaise, a certain soreness and unpleasant induration at the site of the vaccine. The child may slightly rise in temperature (above 37.0 degrees). Very rarely, vaccination causes allergies or causes the development of a neuralgic lesion.

Fearing moderate side effects is not necessary.  Without any treatment, the symptoms go away on their own within 1-2 days after vaccination.

If the child feels very bad, he has a high fever, rash, nausea or other signs of trouble, you should call the doctor.


There are other flu vaccines. In Russia, in addition to Grippol and Grippola Plus, vaccines Sovigripp, Vaksigripp, Ultrix, Influvac, Grippovac are widely distributed.

The need to pick up an analogue may arise if the child has an allergic reaction in the history of Grippol Plus. In this case, another vaccine will be selected.

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