How many live at 4 degrees cancer

The symptoms of the disease at stage 4 include the features common to all previous stages.

What is the pathology?

For the last stage of the cancer process, characterized by the distribution of metastasis via the blood and lymph with the subsequent formation of secondary tumor lesions, even in remote organs. Therefore can affect the liver, lungs, lymph nodes, bones, brain structures, resulting in continuous deterioration and the forecast.

As the prevalence of stomach cancer is one of the leading positions among cancer entities, conceding superiority only to lung tumors. It is noted a severe form of the disease in the absence of obvious signs of the cancer over a long period of time.

Answering the question, how much live with him, it can be noted that the prognosis in this situation depends entirely on the stage of the process, location of the tumor and the nature of education, and therapy. The most dangerous and adverse in terms of Outlook becomes cancer of the stomach fourth degree.

Often arise following changes in the functioning of the body:

  • Anemia due to reduced hemoglobin levels.
  • A poor appetite.
  • Fatigue.
  • Blanching of the skin.
  • A feeling of bloating and heaviness in the stomach and abdomen regardless of the nature of power.
  • Soreness when swallowing.
  • Rejection of products that previously prevailed in the diet.
  • The regular pain.

In addition to these symptoms, which accompany the first two stages of the guidance, stomach cancer in its final stage is accompanied by signs of irregular bowel movements with diarrhea or constipation, occurring systematically by nausea and retching. On a serious condition evidenced by the presence in the vomit bloody scarlet of inclusions, confirming the development of ulcers.

Among the special manifestations are the following symptoms of stage 4 stomach cancer:
  1. 1. Sudden weight loss. Sometimes there is not just the weight loss, and apparent anorexia.
  2. 2. Unbearable pain, which is unable to remove even the strongest analgesics.
  3. 3. Abdominal enlargement in size with a total lack of body weight. To explain this phenomenon is the accumulation of abdominal fluid, which causes swelling, which is called in the medical environment, ascites.

All the described processes at the last stage of cancer can Supplement the increase in temperature to 38 degrees.

Feature of therapy

If stomach cancer is diagnosed at stage 4, treatment can and should be based on the patient’s age, location of primary education and the localization of secondary tumors. Is also important overall condition of the body. The main aim is the reduction of pain and normalization of work of digestive system.

With the aim of maintaining the vitality and relieve symptoms in patients who live with end-stage cancer, is occasionally performed surgery to reduce the size of tumor, if it completely closes the lumen of the stomach or pressure on the arteries. Also, the operational method shown in excessive bleeding requiring a stop. Applies endoluminal laser therapy, through which restores the lumen of the stomach without conducting a difficult abdominal operation can aggravate the condition and worsen the prognosis.

What can you expect?

How many live at 4 degrees cancer? Statistics show that in many cases the first visit to the oncologist is already at the last stage, as manifested prior to the development of acute signs similar to the usual symptoms of gastritis.

Stage 4 cancer is considered as most dangerous because of the difficulty of predicting the outcome due to high internal lesions tumor lesions and metastases. To achieve radical results in such a situation is impossible, so death is inevitable. According to the statistics for this diagnosis survive for 5 years not more than 15 % of patients. To improve the prognosis and live as long as possible helps a positive attitude, adherence to recommendations for treatment and sparing diet, not load the digestive tract.

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