Subatrophic gastritis

Subatrophic gastritis is polietiologic disease that is the causes of this ailment are many, and one specifically to highlight just can’t.

The term “atrophy”, in fact, indicates a loss as the function and structure of living tissue. The prefix “sub” means that the process has not yet emerged fully, but in General practice with respect to gastritis, the term “subatrophic” have practically ceased to use.

Under it in any case means the classic atrophic gastritis, which is a progressive inflammation of the mucosa.


The culprits of this disease are:

  1. 1. family history (presence of someone from the family history of any chronic gastritis);
  2. 2. iatrogenic consequences (incorrect administration of drugs affecting gastric mucosa);
  3. 3. excessive consumption of alcohol;
  4. 4. concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (cholecystitis, enterocolitis);
  5. 5. autoimmune processes in the mucous membrane of the stomach;
  6. 6. infection with Helicobacter pylori.

The last reason is the most common. Approximately 90% of all cases.


Clinic disease always depends on how pronounced changes in the mucosa of the stomach. In General, it includes the common symptoms of gastritis and a few specific features.

Conventionally, all signs may be divided as follows:

  • pronounced;
  • poorly expressed;
  • the initial changes.

As a rule, when the initial changes in the symptoms of gastritis are virtually absent or poorly expressed so that patients are simply not paying attention. Initially pathological shear most often occurs on the bottom and body of the stomach (where the largest concentration of parietal cells). Already can appear the first symptoms. Further, as the progression of the disease, begins to suffer the entire mucosa of the stomach.

Reducing all the important components of gastric juice:

  • pepsin;
  • hydrochloric acid;
  • and biermerin.

Actually low concentration of these substances in the stomach and are caused by the signs of the disease. Also this may give indirect symptoms even violated some of the processes of hemopoiesis (decreased production of vitamin B12).

The subatrophic symptoms of gastritis are as follows:
  1. 1. periodic or constant pains in the epigastrium (the intensity of the pain usually increases after meals);
  2. 2. the unstable stool (diarrhea alternating with constipation, and Vice versa).
  3. 3. flatulence (flatulence);
  4. 4. plaque white in the language;
  5. 5. nausea and even vomiting (usually after eating);
  6. 6. loss of appetite;
  7. 7. heaviness in the left hypochondrium;
  8. 8. belching with an unpleasant odor;
  9. 9. excessive sweating;
  10. 10. pallor of the skin;
  11. 11. lethargy, weakness;
  12. 12. in the analysis of blood anemia mild;
  13. 13. prolonged lack of adequate treatment appears weight loss.

Due to poor absorption of vitamins in the long course of chronic gastritis may appear bleeding gums and decreased visual acuity.

Diagnosis of the disease

It is no secret that in order to cure the disease, it is first necessary to correctly diagnose. Specific clinical picture only helps to assume subatrophic gastritis.

To put the final diagnosis, it is necessary to conduct the following studies:

  • analysis of gastric juice (obtained by sounding);
  • radiography of the stomach (with the suspension of a barium salt);
  • fibrogastroduodenoskopiya with a fence of histological material.

Traditional therapy

Treatment of gastritis begins with mode selection and diet, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is concerned in the first place. In the acute period required patient stay in the hospital. Strict bed rest is not necessary, on the contrary, it is recommended to walk more. In remission is quite normal and dynamic observation in the clinic. The main thing – to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations. Patients undergoing treatment with gastritis, are on the dispensary account.

Diet for gastritis is almost a key aspect. Accuracy in food can easily wipe out months of successful treatment and cause aggravation. Best of all, when the diet is made individually competent expert (a dietician).

First of all, from the diet will need to exclude the following products:

  1. 1. preservation;
  2. 2. chocolate and generally an excess of anything sweet;
  3. 3. mushrooms;
  4. 4. bold;
  5. 5. fried;
  6. 6. sharp;
  7. 7. salt;
  8. 8. smoked;
  9. 9. marinated;
  10. 10. coffee;
  11. 11. alcohol.

Of course, you can terrified this list, but otherwise to cure disease will not work. Such a diet is considered strict enough and therefore will be uniquely effective. Very much in the selection of products and the way they are processed is determined by the status of the gastric mucosa. If it’s not running, then the diet may not be as strict.

Medication subatrophic gastritis provides for the appointment of the following types of therapy and groups of medicines:

  • substitution;
  • eradication;
  • antacids;
  • anticholinergic;
  • vitamin (mostly12 for anemia).

Perhaps the most important form of treatment is eradication. He appeared relatively recently and, in fact, a new word in the treatment of gastritis. This therapy includes antimicrobial drugs aimed at the destruction of Helicobacter pylori, without which, in principle, impossible to cure gastritis.

Antacids need to reduce the aggressive action of hydrochloric acid on thinning the gastric mucosa. The most popular:

  • Almagell;
  • Gastal;
  • Maalox.

Anticholinergic drugs reduce the secretory function of the mucous and eliminate spasms of smooth muscles of the stomach. Most often used:

  • Atropine;
  • Metacin;
  • Putilin.

Replacement therapy provides for the appointment of digestive enzymes, easing the work of stomach digestion (Mezim, pankreatin, Holenzim). In the presence of anemia must require the preparations of iron and vitamin b12.

Unconventional treatment

Folk methods of treatment of atrophic gastritis quite a lot. As the main substrates for recipes often use:

  • potatoes;
  • cabbage;
  • blueberries;
  • propolis;
  • apples;
  • med.

Of herbal remedies is very good for the stomach are:

  • wormwood;
  • seeds of fennel;
  • sage;
  • Helichrysum;
  • Daisy.

One of the most effective folk methods is the treatment with tincture of propolis. This tool reduces the acidity in the stomach and heals the damage of mucous membrane and relieves spasm of smooth muscles. I have to take it 30 drops, diluted with a little water, once a day for a month. Of course, cure atrophic gastritis in only one propolis does not work, but it is a very good drug to maintain remission. Also it is used in the complex therapy.

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  2. of course like your web-site however you have to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts.
    Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very bothersome to inform the reality however I’ll definitely come again again.

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