To get rid of abdominal pain alone

Before you decide what to do, don’t make your stomach hurt, you should try to determine the cause. The most common and benign cases are severe overeating, consumption of too salty, very spicy or fatty foods.

Therefore, in order to avoid pain in the abdomen, doctors recommend properly and to eat regularly. Also the problem can be caused by severe stress, for example, separation from a loved one, illness of a close, a move, a conflict with anyone. In this case, the pain goes away and you don’t even have to take pills. Enough to calm down, lie at home a few hours or even sleep.

Stomach pain is familiar to everyone, and it is considered one of the most unpleasant. The spasm can occur suddenly and last from several minutes to a few days depending on the cause. At this time, human performance is greatly reduced, since due to spasms in the abdomen and the patient has to stay in bed and cancel everything. When stomach ache, you should immediately call a doctor, as it is a symptom of severe poisoning or serious illness. If you do not get to turn for help to professionals, you should try to get rid of discomfort in the abdomen at home.

Features of different diseases

If the stomach often aches, this symptom should not be ignored, as it indicates the emergence or worsening of the disease.

  • Gastritis.

It is presently found in many people, because of active lifestyle nutrition is impaired and often have to experience stress. Gastritis abdominal pain is not very intense and is aching in nature. It occurs immediately after meals, and appears regularly. Also symptoms include belching, heartburn, heaviness in the pancreatic area and an unpleasant taste in the mouth after eating.

  • A stomach ulcer.

This disease is not always easy to diagnose yourself, as the pain is mild, although in some cases it is intense. Could also be indigestion, nausea and vomiting after eating, sudden weight loss. If there is a sharp pain in the stomach, which kharakterizuyutsya as cutting or stabbing, then it indicates the formation of holes in the wall of the body. This condition is life threatening, so to treat it at home is impossible.

  • Polyps.

They are rare and do not have any symptoms, so they are often diagnosed accidentally during routine examination. For they are characterized by aching, dull pain as well as bleeding and vomiting.

  • Cancer of the stomach.

Non – malignant and malignant tumors of the stomach are considered a common cancer. Mild pain occurs regularly and for no apparent reason, decreased appetite and during a meal quickly the feeling of satiety and even of overeating. It is also noted anemia, weight loss and aversion to meat. In the later stages of cancer can be observed vomiting blood. When you have at least several of the above symptoms are recommended to immediately consult the doctor, as cancer in the home are not treated.

  • Infection.

This disease is also called “stomach flu”, it is called a viral or bacterial infection. If you have a stomach ache, appeared fever, vomiting and diarrhea, and cramping pain is noted, it is likely that the cause is intestinal flu. The person should clean the stomach.

  • Poisoning.

If the stomach hurts in the middle at the top or bottom, the discomfort is sharp and is observed vomiting, sweating and General weakness, it is likely food or chemical poisoning. The main condition for successful recovery is bed rest.

  • Allergic reaction or food intolerance.

This problem is congenital, but may first manifest themselves in adulthood. Symptoms of lactose intolerance include bloating, diarrhea, stomach pain and vomiting. If you are allergic to possible same signs and in addition heartburn and belching. Will help to overcome illness special pills or folk remedies which are made at home

  • Pancreatitis.

It is chronic, acute and reactive and occurs in many people. It is characterized girdle pain in the stomach or the pancreas and bloating, nausea, increased heart rate. To ease the symptoms or get rid of them, you need to follow a diet and to drink medicines prescribed by your doctor.

This is only part of the illnesses that trigger abdominal pain. There are many less common variants is extremely difficult to diagnose in the home setting. That is why, if you get a sore stomach, you should immediately contact your doctor and not wait until the problem will be solved.

What pills can I take?

To date, the pharmacy sold a variety of drugs, pain in the digestive tract. However, not all of them are effective, so you should know that you need to drink in the first place, and what kind of pills are generally not recommended.

One of the most secure means – But-shpa. It is used at a cholecystitis, a stomach ulcer, gastritis, appendicitis, and other ailments associated with the gastrointestinal tract. The drug can be used during pregnancy and lactation. It is quite effective if you get sick stomach after drinking alcohol.

Another good pills Allohol. Considered natural, almost harmless and effective. However, they do not help with gastric ulcers, but when overeating or poisoning quite effective. In chronic pancreatitis, intestinal infections, diarrhea and overeating, it is recommended to drink Mezim. He has to take it either before meals or directly after.

Traditional medicine

Not all people trust pharmaceutical drugs, so when a stomach ache, you might need to cure it at home using folk recipes. Such measures are permissible only if there is no high temperature and frequent vomiting.

Several tools that can make at home:

1. The rice water. It is effective in indigestion and pain of medium intensity. Half a Cup of rice to boil in 6 cups of clean water for 30-40 minutes. Once ready, the broth is drained and cool, add 1-2 tablespoons of honey and drink the mixture.

2. Soda – good folk remedy for abdominal pain, which can be done at home. It is able to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms and bring relief. 1 teaspoon of baking soda should be dissolved in a full Cup of warm water and consume immediately. Another option is to take half a Cup of water, add the lemon juice and 2 tsp of baking soda, then stir and drink. If after that there will be burping, then that’s fine.

3. Ginger. If soda didn’t help, then try to swallow the ginger or cook him tea. The drink is prepared out of purified root from which to cut 2 small pieces and grind them with a knife. They need to boil in 2 cups of water and let stand for 3-5 minutes. Drink should be warm.

4. The mint tea. Made from fresh mint – you will need 1 handful per Cup of water. Leaves should be boiled and then left to stand for about 10 minutes. After drinking the tea, you can feel the pain slowly disappears.

If a stomach ache and refuses to go away even after use of folk remedies, drink pills, and it is better to consult a doctor.

A diet for stomach problems

People who have regular stomach aches, you need to follow a certain diet. It will help to improve intestinal health and prevent the onset of the first symptoms. The main condition is to eat 5 times a day in small portions. So the body is easier to digest food, and not be feeling hungry.

Not to have a stomach ache, you need to give up alcohol, Smoking and other harmful habits. Also it is not recommended to eat salty, spicy, fatty and fried foods. The best option is to eat more vegetables and fruits, boiled chicken meat or beef stew, dairy products. The essence of the diet is that the diet should be varied and not include heavy food in the form of flour products and non-natural products.

It is important not to overeat, otherwise, then it is not surprising that the stomach is sick. If forced to participate in the feast, where it is impossible to refuse to eat, it should be in front of him to drink a special pill, for example, Mezim. However, doing so is extremely rare.

It is recommended in the diet include herbal teas from peppermint, chamomile, ginger, and other plants. Each of these tools will help to keep the digestive tract healthy and prevent problems.

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