Stomach hurts in the morning

Possible causes of morning stomach pain will greatly affect the further treatment.

Preconditions for the emergence of pain

Therefore, it is important to understand the factors that provoke this symptom.

The most frequent and common prerequisites of stomach pain are:

  1. 1. gastritis is most often makes itself felt immediately after ingestion, while in the morning as a person is called satisfactory;
  2. 2. the ulcer is localized in the upper abdomen, the pain was stomach pain is characterized by constant aching intensity and does not pass;
  3. 3. ileus, in which the stomach hurts at the bottom;
  4. 4. appendicitis can some time to make itself felt pain in the abdomen, but soon the feeling will be so strong that you have to ask for help;
  5. 5. poisoning or abuse of alcohol, especially when drinking it on an empty stomach, will appear painful sensations;
  6. 6. stressful situations and nervous tension is often evident as stomach aches and morning sickness.

Pain in any part of the body is a symptom of a problem in this area of the human body, so it is impossible to ignore. Especially if you stomach hurts, it could be caused by many factors. Try to take painkillers to treat stomach and pain in the home or tolerated in any case impossible. Timely access to a physician and to identify factors that provoke pain in the stomach, and then determining the optimal therapy will help to maintain health and feel good.

Often patients complain that the pain occur in the morning, and if something to eat or drink a glass of liquid, the pain goes away, as stabiliziruemost, the belly ceases to disturb. Depending on the nature of feelings and related symptoms of pain can have a variety of causes. In order to understand them, the doctor conducted an examination and palpated the stomach, and then prescribe the necessary tests and will tell you what to do patient.

Some of these causes are temporary signs of trouble, others can be felt for many months. Thus, the treatment of some diseases can eliminate pain in the stomach, while others will require long-term therapy and significant changes in lifestyle.

Associated symptoms

In rare cases, the stomach itself, without showing the accompanying signs. Often there are other factors through which the disease makes itself felt.

Among these symptoms include:

  • bitter taste in the mouth;
  • nausea;
  • weakness and lack of appetite;
  • disorder and diarrhea, or constipation;
  • flatulence or heartburn.

The presence of certain symptoms will help the doctor quickly identify the root cause, which provokes the onset of pain. An important indicator is that the stomach ache is not only in the morning, but the concern throughout the day, as well as the factors, after which the pain goes away, for example, if you eat or drink water. A survey and examination of the patient will allow the specialist to see pockets of problems, to direct the needed diagnostics and to consider the big picture.

Features of hungry pain

If a person experiences a bitter taste in your mouth upon waking, and the pain persists until sing, it is the main symptoms of the so-called hungry pains. Most often this kind of is precursors ulcers. It is not associated with the time of day and amount of food, sometimes the stomach is bothering, and during the day, if people have not eaten. Although most often in the morning discomfort is felt.

The approximate period of time after which an empty stomach starts to hurt, is 5-6 hours. This may also be some associated symptoms, e.g., nausea, diarrhea or bitter taste in the mouth. The stomach twists, feeling muddy and aching. Often enough to drink a glass of water or something to eat to relieve the condition and soothe the stomach. However, snacking may not be a substitute for the full treatment, so to tighten the handling to a specialist is not necessary.


The process of eliminating the pain in the first place depends on the reasons for their occurrence. Only after a complete diagnosis of the body the doctor will be able to appoint a proper and competent way of eliminating the problem. The main method of diagnosis that will allow us to consider the full picture of the dysfunction of the stomach, and to understand why it hurts, is gastroscopy. Based on the results of this study determined further treatment.

To ease the condition until the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment, you can achieve a balanced diet and stick to a sparing diet. It consists in removing all fatty, smoked and fried foods from the diet, instead of to give preference to cereals, vegetable soups and boiled meat. When the pain hits, and to this is added the fact that in the morning felt a bitter taste in the mouth, the stomach need to rest from a heavy meal.

1. Treatment of gastritis therapeutic agents.

A violation of the acidity is due to eating wrong food which causes discomfort. If you eat oily and spicy, feeling worse. Therapy should include several stages:

  • medications that normalize the acid environment;
  • treatment remedies, which reduces the secretion of hydrochloric acid;
  • normalization of the diet and the exclusion of any foods that trigger the jumps of acidity;
  • the use of antibacterial drugs for the normalization of microflora.

With timely treatment to the doctor and you follow all of his recommendations gastritis can be cured completely, but in the future will have to adhere to the principles of healthy eating, so as not to provoke a relapse.

2. Ulcer.

If the morning starts with a sick stomach, nausea and diarrhea, likely to develop peptic ulcer disease. What to do in order to prevent the occurrence of serious problems should be resolved by the doctor, because self-medication can only aggravate the situation.

The main steps in the treatment of pain are hungry:

  • the pain medicine with antiseptic properties;
  • the use of medication to help normalize motility of the stomach and facilitate digestion;
  • relief of muscle spasm with antispasmodic agents;
  • a strict diet and exclusion from the diet foods that irritate the mucosa.

Most often discomfort in the morning is if something to eat, but do not think that because of this you can not go to the doctor. It is important to find the causes of discomfort.

3. Intoxication and poisoning.

Regardless of the cause, which could affect the poisoning from the evening, the morning is likely to hurt the stomach, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Thus, there is rejection by the body of toxic products. In this case, the purification of them, receiving antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs.

For several days after poisoning you want gentle power and support the body. Drinking large amounts of fluids will help eliminate toxins, and in the case of severe intoxication it must be a special cleansers. Then the stomach will recover in a short time.

4. Nervous tension and stress.

Many problems start because of stress, so the first and primary symptom of nervous strain is pain in the abdomen, especially in the morning. Such cause and effect is familiar to many. The person feels a spasm, the stomach seems to shrink, sometimes the irregular bowel movement and nausea. Most of these manifestations are of the students during the session or spouses in the divorce process.

For relief of the condition, it is better to consult a doctor instead of painkillers specialist can prescribe sedatives. However, to completely get rid of pain, you should stop nervous and try to let go of any anxiety. Then the morning will not bring discomfort, and stomach will be fine.

Thus, if you suffer stomach in the morning, but the discomfort passes after you eat or drink water, it can be a symptom of many disorders. To understand what causes pain and what to do with it, need to consult a doctor. Ignoring the sensations and delaying the visit to the doctor leads to complications and the development of serious diseases.

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