Stabbing pain in the abdomen

If you feel stomach discomfort, then the location of the called epigastric. You need to hold a conditional horizontal line that will pass through the navel and below the ribs of the chest.

Our digestive tract experiencing some of the biggest loads in the body. Pain in the stomach becomes a “first call” to the fact that this organ can be some problems.

In medical terminology, cutting pain in the stomach is called “gastralgia”. Usually, this refers to the spasmodic discomfort that arise in the course of certain diseases.

Pain in this area is characterized by the following features:

  • the intensity of the appearance;
  • character;
  • localization of the place where stabbing sensations.
The intensity options

This aspect has different manifestations – the stomach will be “torturing” their master as often as expressed in one or the other health problem. Doctors often assess this information from words of the patient, and further based on information about individual characteristics of the organism and the portability of human pain.

Often the picture of pain in the stomach is aggravated by the fact that such a state lasts for a very long time, and the patient will not attach importance to what is happening. In this case, the reasons lie in the chronic gastritis, ulcer or even cancer nature. There is another point: if a person was operated on the stomach, he may not even feel that he was concerned some cramping.

If the condition is characterized by extreme discomfort, it is usually under suspicion taken all the same peptic ulcer disease or duodenitis. Reaching maximum height, the spasm can cause a painful shock (this happens when the ulcer). Medical staff must take emergency measures.

If a person has a stomach ache, it indicates not only the presence in the body of disease, but also its accompanying complications:

  • Burning and annoying spasms talking about the fact that here the probability of the presence of peptic ulcer or gastritis, and the emergence of solar plexitis.
  • And even the dull aching abdominal pain in the umbilical region indicates chronic gastritis (when the stomach retains secretion), if she’s stabbing something on the ulcer.
  • In terms of cutting and spasmodic becomes a frequent companion of ulceration.
  • Bursting the stomach and nausea? One can suspect that a person is sick with chronic gastritis with reduced function of the secret.
  • Sharp sharp and cutting feeling is the exacerbation of chronic duodenitis.
  • If the attack gives back, it means a serious “failure” of many internal organs (ranging from pancreatitis and to cardio-pulmonary diseases).

The location of the

The body gives you signals that something is wrong.

To decipher them is easy, knowing the place where cramps are:

1. If the “forward” and sends to the chest (and is localized in the center), she is accompanied by the feeling that the abdomen as if bursting. The most obvious reason is gastritis. Call it micro-organisms called Helicobacter pylori. Such stabbing pain very often appear due to stress.

Often similarly disguised two more dangerous illness which is not related to the stomach. One of them is myocardial infarction (if it can be given in the left hand), the second – appendicitis begins with a vague pain from the epigastric area, and then proceeds to the right side.

2. If a sharp and acute pain in the stomach starts from the left hypochondrium and only worsens over time, causes can be bleeding, which usually occurs when the ulcer. When increasing the symptoms it is best to call an ambulance – sometimes need emergency surgery. But if the cramps occur after every fatty meal or alcohol, it is possible to suspect pancreatitis, which violates the outflow of enzymes from the pancreas. It will help a special diet and eating small portions.

3. The reasons may be trivial. Sometimes the body just can’t cope with the loaded huge amounts of food – in this case in the coming bloating, flatulence, diarrhea and cramping (which will be short-term and aching). You need to purchase the appropriate medications at your local pharmacy.

4. Stabbing pain below the navel is evidence of the poisoning. If simultaneously raised the temperature and started vomiting, urgent need to call an ambulance and take chelators (they can help to flush toxic substances). Here also, there are satellite – diarrhea.

5. But if you are experiencing pain above the navel, it is quite possible to suspect cancer causes (only after confirmation by the relevant tests).

6. Stomach may catch the “flu” which is accompanied by sharp and abrupt spasms of continuous long-lasting nature. They increase with pressure and decrease with exposure to heat. Another symptom confirming guesses will pale tongue patient and a deep tense pulse.

Traditional methods

The most common reason was the lack of enzymes, without which it is impossible to imagine the process of digestion. Many of them (such as enzymes) must develop and the stomach and some will do “their business” only under the influence of certain partners (vitamins or minerals).

If there is a lot of fatty and salty food, you body will change the acidity, and when the food consumed is healthy, but not in large quantities, the usual dose is simply not enough in order to digest it. In this case, observing the doctor will prescribe a special diet and a supplementation of enzymes in tablets. However, traditional medicine should be careful, because some medications can cause the opposite effect (strengthen cramps or have diarrhoea).

Young children can often disturb cramps, sharp pain, nausea, diarrhea – companions and children of school age. Often this is because the body and nervous system are interrelated.

The doctor prescribes treatment only after an appropriate examination. Most efficient modern method is EGD (esophagogastroscopy), which is carried out with the help of special gastroscope. Also in the hospital can aim to do an ultrasound diagnosis. In extreme cases, will be taken biopsy – a very painful process. Medication is only administered after receiving the results.

Traditional medicine

Pain there are many medications, but all of them dangerous to take it without prior medical consultation.

Even experienced doctors advise to apply this treatment to remove the primary sensations:

1. One of the most common methods, which will help adjust the pH level and promote healing of the walls, is propolis. Use it in oil or alcohol (you can use both in pure form and brewed for the collection of herbs).

2. Pain is relieved with honey, sauerkraut juice, infusion of birch fungus. The patient must know whether the increased acidity (to exclude from my diet milk products, which do not relieve discomfort, and make the opposite effect).

3. Uncomfortable feelings will pass if you take the teas blueberries, gooseberries and currants. To obtain them a tablespoon of any of these berries you will need to boil at least ten minutes in a glass of water.

4. The spasm will quit if used in small amounts Bay leaf. He is a cultivated plant, and to help with extensive ulcers and tumors capable of even his fellow poisonous (Aconite, Sophora, Colgan). The last patient should take only after appropriate consultation with a specialist who will suggest and the correct dosage and course of treatment.

If we are talking about the emergence of stomach pain after eating, doctors recommend a special diet and take balanced vitamin complexes.

The emergence of cutting pain in the stomach in any case should not be ignored with the hope that she still held. The outcome of many diseases depends on how quickly experiencing stabbing pain the patient asked for medical help. This is especially important for people in elderly and senile age, when every hour of delay might be fatal. Very dangerous if cutting pain will be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Sharp unbearable pain is often the source of serious problems, including perforation of the walls due to ulcers. To remove it yourself will not work, and complications can occur literally in the next few hours that only make the provision really necessary surgical assistance.

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