How to ulcer

There’s only one way in which such an act is partially justified – a serious form of gastritis in combination with the nature of the asthenic type.

A constant depression coupled with a high physical activity and a questionable power supply is guaranteed to lead to the development of ulcers in the service, so it may make sense to get it under controlled conditions. In all other cases, only arguments against.

Although in order not to go into the army, rather than 1 ulcer or scar, there is no way to control their development. When you have ulcer symptoms, they sometimes affected the whole stomach.

For the treatment of ulcers may take more time and money than you have lost for life. The lady’s finger for life remain limitations in the field of nutrition and physical activity, reduced body reserves total life expectancy.

All conscripts who do not wish to give a year of army life, sooner or later it becomes known that the law in Russia is not taken into the army with an ulcer, even if it is not extensive and in stable remission. A after receiving the agenda are resolved quickly earn yourself a stomach ulcer, despite the dangerous consequences. The worst in this way to hang is that a young healthy guy can not live up to the medical Board or becoming an invalid.

How to get the ulcer?

Quickly earn a stomach ulcer will help two types of advice: harmful and self-destructive. The first “help” to ulcer natural, relatively safe way, but will take some time, depending on the health of your stomach and heredity. Suicide recommendations can ruin the stomach and health in a matter of hours, but it is extremely dangerous to life.

Bad advice:

  • Need more to simultaneously Smoking and drinking, preferably on an empty stomach. Alcohol damages the epithelium of the stomach and provokes increased formation of acids, nicotine constricts the small blood vessels and triggers hypoxia mucous membranes. In this regard, the main thing is not to overdo it – alcohol-nicotine therapy can quickly cause a perforated ulcer, liver cirrhosis or acute pancreatitis. Anaesthetic effects of alcohol to muffle the pain the first symptoms, so when the pain to go to the hospital it is too late.
  • To the ulcer will help the stress. Need to be nervous on any occasion, at work to do everything by force, in his spare time with horror to think of how bad it will be to get into the army, at night, almost no sleep, drinking and lighting a cigarette your grief.
  • Absolutely contraindicated sports and other physical activities. It is better to sit for days on the Internet and look for tips on how to avoid the army.
  • You need to change your diet. In the morning – strong coffee without milk and a sandwich, sour fruit juice, no food. Lunch – noodles or a trip to McDonald’s. Then the whole evening to finish the sweets, chips, crackers, beer, soda, spice, pickles, smoked products, marinades.
  • The final chord should be the absorption before sleep a large number of fried foods with hot spices and pickled snacks. You need to completely eliminate milk, cereals, soups, or any cooked foods. If after a heavy meal plagued by unpleasant sensations in the stomach and will help lemon juice. One big BUT – the problem with the pancreas or the bile ducts in this diet quickly will save you from the army and lives forever.

If diligently to fulfill all of the bad advice at the same time, quite quickly over the week to earn a stomach ulcer. Some suggest to find a way to get from the patient the bacterium Helicobacter pylori – not worth the hassle. Helicobacter pylori causes a transition in the chronic relapsing form, which does not necessarily have to not taken in the army.

How quickly may have an ulcer

Long known izyaslau the action of non-narcotic analgesics. Regular intake of one of them on an empty stomach will accelerate the sores. The traditional and most effective is a simple aspirin 3 month of taking one pill per day will help to make the plague even to those who didn’t want to. If there is time, experienced recruits are advised to drink 4 pills in the morning and not eat at all until the second half of the day. Large doses will most likely cause liver failure and kidney damage, impaired hematopoiesis and brain than anthrax.

More dangerous and faster way is to combine the aspirin with vodka. Even small doses of this cocktail can be enough to cause irreversible changes in the oral mucosa. Better to drink in the premises of the hospital, because even a perfectly healthy stomach that drink turns into a leaky bag.

There are also more extravagant and fast ways to lose health, and sometimes life – drink vinegar, take a tablet of chlorine. Since no one can predict how a particular dose of these substances will affect the stomach and the esophagus, these methods are akin to drinking sulfuric acid.

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