Aching pain in the abdomen

Ache localized in the stomach, is no less weighty than the reason for going to the doctor, than the thrill. Always tense the stomach – the reason for conducting a thorough examination, the results of which will be selected for effective treatment. To help you to visit a specialist to conduct an independent therapy using medicines and folk methods.

Causes discomfort

Aching pain in the stomach appear for a number of reasons, the most common – gastritis, symptoms of which include sour belching, heaviness, nausea, heartburn. Provoking gastritis factors include severe trauma, stress emotional tension, the inner Allergy, getting in the gastrointestinal tract bacteria Helicobacter Pilory. Cramps can also be associated with atrophy of the mucosa.

Often discomfort associated with acute gastritis, bother women during pregnancy. This is due to degradation due to morning sickness, which worries many expectant mothers during the first three months of carrying the baby. Hormonal changes in the body lead to disruption of the gastric mucosa, which begins to react with pain successfully used on earlier products.

Constantly there is a dull pain is often the result not only of acute gastritis, and malnutrition:

  • After drinking the milk at its intolerance.
  • The result is overeating when the stomach is unable to cope with digesting large amounts of food.
  • Due to irregular meals.
  • After eating foods of low quality.

Considering the reasons, it is necessary to note the possibility of combining the dulled sensations with cramping seizures, as these symptoms are typical of peptic ulcer of the duodenum.

Another possible reason is the diffusive family polyposis of the large intestine that often develops on the background of disorders of gastric motility and secretory activities. Also aching and dull pain – one of the signs of appendicitis, especially in children.

Treatment of an inflamed stomach and eliminate discomfort effectively and in the shortest time possible only under condition of correct diagnosis, since the absence of adequate therapy turns in the development of ulcers or even cancer.

Before the visit to the doctor pain can a little easier for pharmacy drugs or traditional medicine.

Anesthesia with the help of pharmaceutical drugs

The choice of suitable tools depends on the nature of sensations. If you have persistent aching pain after food, the most likely cause uncomfortable condition is gastritis. In such a situation to seek the temporary relief allows the reception Polifepan. At high pH, when the spasm appears on an empty stomach and accompanied by sour eructation, a good effect gives the application of Almagell, Maalox, Ranitidine, Omez. They also help to cope with consequences of overeating.

Sometimes to achieve relief is possible by taking Bisabolol drug, the main active ingredient of which is extract of belladonna. It not only relieves the spasm, but also lowers the acidity, preventing the next attack. Counterparts – Bellastezin and Bellalgin. In order to avoid side effects before taking the medication it is advisable to consult a gastroenterologist.

Another effective group of drugs that eliminate pain in the stomach, are antispasmodics. These include Baralgin, Duspatalin, Vikair. Last resort, along with the anesthetic provides antimicrobial action, especially if the pain is caused by the ingestion of infection. Also Vikair coats the walls of the mucous membrane, relieving irritation, and promotes the removal of harmful substances, acting as a mild laxative.

You need to remember and enzymes, the lack of which affects performance by stomach their functions. For quick and easy digestion used Mezim, Festal, Pancreatin, and increases the flow of bile Allohol. If joining symptoms such as vomiting or nausea, use Motilak, cropped unpleasant impulses and accelerating gastric emptying.

When feeling a nagging pain, radiating to the back, should be regarded as causes beyond inflammation of the stomach malfunction of the pancreas, the development of pyelonephritis or renal colic. If you suspect kidney problems, you can take a pill shpy, which for some time will relieve spasm. And people’s medicines in this situation are often ineffective.

Traditional medicine

Aching sensation effectively eliminated and with the help of a number of folk remedies recommended for the treatment of gastritis and other disorders:

1. Nettle. The medication is prepared in advance, if painful aching sensations disturb you regularly and require constant relief. Use fresh leaves of the plant, which is folded into a three-liter bottle to half, poured a kilo of sugar and pour cooled boiled water. After a month of steeping in a dark place for infusion filter and drink 2 tablespoons three times a day 30 minutes before each meal.

2. St. John’s wort. Prepare the infusion by pouring a few tablespoons of herbs with a glass of just boiling water. After cooling to the strained take a daily teaspoon. Good effect gives the infusion of herbs in alcohol: 4 tablespoons of dried leaves pour half a liter of vodka or alcohol and insist for a few days. Daily infusion up to 3 times 25 drops.

3. Plantain. It is recommended to chew on the washed leaves of the plant. Especially noticeable effect is achieved if the stomach pain is given in the back.

4. Mint. To alleviate and eliminate the signs of disorder brewed mint tea. You can use both fresh and dried leaves.

5. Daisy. Tea made from chamomile flowers is used as an alternative to the usual black or green tea. For the preparation of medicinal drink tablespoon of flowers pour a glass of boiling water and leave for insisting. Then strain the tea and drink at least three times a day for 100 ml. If desired, you can increase the number of tea parties.

6. Calendula. This plant is used in the form proposed in the pharmacy of tincture, quickly and effectively eliminates disease. For the relief of the attack in a glass of warm water dissolve about 40 drops.

7. Valerian. Good relieves spasms, if the pain has developed on the back of strong emotional shock. To eliminate discomfort used infusion pharmacy.

Good effect and give a warm, moist compress on the stomach. This method is especially recommended for use in pregnancy when most medicines and folk remedies (e.g., in the form of alcohol tinctures) is absolutely contraindicated. As for homeopathy, analgesic effect without any negative impact on the tiny growing body already mentioned chamomile decoction, not only relieving the spasm, but the inflamed and regenerating mucosa and the microflora of the digestive tract in General.

If the spasm is accompanied by severe heartburn can be symptomatic of to use the drug Rennie. When overt violations of the gastrointestinal tract, with a tendency to constipation, unpleasant symptoms helps to eliminate Lactulose. If there is a clear link aching pain in the stomach with stress, it is recommended that short-term treatment with taking Valerian tablets, which not only relieve spasm, but will also calm the nervous system.

Stomach pain during pregnancy requires a revision to the usual diet and nutrition. To prevent cramps, heartburn and belching it is advisable to eat little and often, eliminating all 9 months (and preferably after birth crumbs), heavy, oily and fried food, conservation, spicy seasonings, creating conditions for irritation of the mucosa. Among the preferred products must be fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish, which is prepared by boiling, stewing or steam.

If the independent elimination of the disease doesn’t provide lasting results, and attack again, you don’t need to self-medicate. To consider hiding under the guise of indigestion more serious diagnosis as only a doctor, so at the first opportunity to visit a special institution to receive qualified advice, treatment selection, which will allow if not forever, then forget about arising in the stomach unpleasant symptoms.

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