Abdominal pain and back

The stomach can be accompanied by sudden pain around the dorsal area and the abdomen. At once it is difficult to determine a causal relationship, the patient is better immediately to visit doctors: internist or gastroenterologist.

Uncomfortable condition is sometimes disturbing and almost healthy person, this is especially evident when lifting weights, performing heavy physical work.

The cause of the discomfort

The reason for back pain are:

  • injury of the abdominal region or back;
  • the aggravation of diseases; power of feelings is determined by the spread of inflammation and the location in the abdomen;
  • permanent pain affecting other patients organs located in different areas of the body: abdomen or back;
  • saturated fat food in the diet exerts its pressure on the stomach;
  • the formation of large stones, obstructing the bile ducts.

Almost all of the ailments in the stomach characterized by radiating discomfort in the back. But the lead on the pathology of the pancreas. It gives the state placed on the area of the upper abdomen and shooting in the scapula or interscapular area. The main symptom is a nagging and increasing pain after a meal.

The gallbladder is the second zoster attack. Almost all back pain is given in the lumbar area and subscapularis. A sick person feels dry mouth and bitter taste, as a rule, at night or morning.

The localization of the pain

1. Congestion in the bile ducts. Occur due to the tension of the peritoneum, are putting pressure on the stomach, causing it reduces impulses. Fits encircling pain in the stomach and back can result in diarrhea, then the health of the person improves.

2. Cutting feeling in my stomach suddenly felt in right side of abdomen and back. It is an alarming sign and it is urgent to begin treatment.

3. The gallbladder may cause sharp and sudden encircling pain in the right side of the abdomen. This is due to the liver, where bile is formed, containing enzymes necessary for the grinding and absorption of food. Excess bile is stored in gallbladder, then falling in the 12-duodenum.

1. The cholecystitis.

Signs of distress are expressed cutting pain in the stomach, turning into the back, forearm, right shoulder and scapular region. The person feel sick and vomit possible phenomena. The skin can become yellowish and itch. Often the course of treatment ends surgery.

Chronic cholecystitis is caused by dull pain at night. Eating causes nausea, there is yellowness of sclera of eyes and skin. Drug treatment involves the use of antibiotics, antispasmodic and choleretic drugs, special diet meals.

2. Biliary dyskinesia.

Stomach pain whining character accompany comprehensive disorder of the stomach and the entire biliary system arising from the failures of the functioning of the organs, but without organic changes.

In psychosomatic nature origin there girdle pain characteristics in the region of the scapula, with other parts of the back; bitter taste in mouth, weakness of body, lack of mood, loss of appetite, weight loss. In this state, a person believes that suffering a serious illness, so it is necessary to pass the examination and get the full treatment.

3. Pancreatitis.

Stomach pain gives back. Attacks of zoster character literally stifle the whole movement. There have been frequent urge to vomiting with a small amount of bile, constant nausea, diarrhea, bloating in the abdomen, fever. In chronic pancreatitis, there is discomfort in the lumbar region, there is a lack of enzymes.

Treatment-specific, focusing on hunger and an empty stomach, application antifermental funds, antispasmodic drugs, cytostatics. With the worsening of the therapeutic course is carried out in stationary conditions in order to avoid complications. Be treated at home by yourself is extremely dangerous.

4. Pathology of the kidney.

Biting sensation in the lower back are observed when inflammation in organs of the abdomen. Pyelonephritis and kidney stones cause discomfort in the right side, radiating to the stomach.

Signs are:

  • fever;
  • vomiting;
  • physical weakness;
  • poisoning of the body;
  • pain when urinating;
  • increase the stone to a considerable size.

Treatment is conservative, based on the bactericidal, spasmolytic and cleanse the stomach, liver and other organs of toxins, sometimes the operation.

5. Ulcer of the duodenum.

Skirted night pain or occur after eating, so-called “hungry” characteristic of ulcer. Accompany these signs of regurgitation, vomiting with bloody fibers flatulence. The pain is usually a sharp stabbing type, dizziness and General malaise tells about a perforated ulcer. Here it is necessary urgent medical intervention.

6. Appendicitis.

The Appendix may be located in any region of the abdomen, pain may radiate to the back.

7. Inflammation of the lung.

Shortness of breath, pain during deep breath disturbed in inflammatory process in the right lung.

8. Cancer of the pancreas.

Usually catches up with the man at the age of fifty years, and men have much more common. The tumor is actually a continuation of pancreatitis, or other chronic disease can resemble the symptoms of diseases of the stomach. In old age, metastases occur very rarely.

Early signs:

  • the pain, turning into the left hypochondrium;
  • regardless of eating encircling pain in the morning;
  • the possibility of jaundice;
  • diarrhea or persistent constipation;
  • belching, nausea;
  • severe weight loss.

When the tumor in the pancreas there is a violation of carbohydrate metabolism. General analysis of blood and urine shows an increase of sugar. To diagnose from the diagnosis difficult. Play the role of even the most subtle signs of cancer. If you make ultrasound examination of the prostate or other organs – stomach, liver, and tomography, it is necessary to put the correct diagnosis.

9. Other reasons:

  • Tumor.
  • Abscess.
  • Ascarides, tapeworm, lambliosis.
  • Cardiac cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Colitis.
  • Cholangitis.
  • Hepatitis.

If you notice such signs, for any reason, do not use warm compresses or heating pads. It is better to apply ice to the arrival of doctor or ambulance. Do not take painkillers, otherwise they will be smeared with common pathological pattern that can make the correct diagnosis.

When the pain in the stomach, surrounding the whole abdomen, take place, you must contact the clinic to a gastroenterologist, do tests and take a full patient assessment.

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