Chronic gastritis superficial form

Gastritis is an inflammation of the mucous lining of the stomach. Pathology, goes through several stages and the first is superficial gastritis. In this form of inflammation affects only the surface lining of the stomach.

The deeper layers are not affected. In the absence of adequate therapy, the disease is delayed and it is already possible to say that developing chronic superficial gastritis.

There are two forms:

1. Surface. One of the easiest forms of the disease. The inflammation only affects the upper (lining) layer of the stomach mucosa. Treatment requires not only medication, but compliance with the diet. In the absence of adequate therapy, the disease becomes more complex shape.

2. The initial stage of inflammation of antral. Pathology diagnosed in the antrum of the stomach that is responsible for the neutralization of gastric juice processed food coma. For a superficial antral gastritis is characterized by the scarring of the inflamed mucosa, which causes constriction of the Department. Signs of disease in this case are similar to symptoms of gastritis with high acidity.

What inflamed mucosa of the stomach?

The causes of gastritis are quite numerous and diverse. The main factors are:

  • incorrectly filled menu, including a large amount of bold, spicy food;
  • the rough quality of the food;
  • too hot/cold food.

The reasons may be due to the poor condition of the teeth, the abuse of alcohol, Smoking.

Other likely factors:

  • the intake of certain medications;
  • frequent stressful situation;
  • the defeat of the gastric mucosa by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

Quite frequently chronic gastritis is a complication of other diseases of the digestive system.

The symptoms may be different. One of them – the emergence of pain in the right hypochondrium, occurs immediately after a meal. The reason is that after getting food in the stomach, begins active development necessary for the process of digestion enzymes. This has an irritating effect on the inflamed mucosa. Especially strong stomach reacts to fatty, smoked and spicy dishes. The pain at this stage of the disease does not cause much concern.

There is a certain discomfort – heaviness in the abdomen, bloating. Such feelings a person experiences after a meal. Signs of fermentation and stagnation of food in the stomach manifested as belching and nausea, sometimes ending with vomiting.

The symptoms of chronic gastritis with the defeat of antral appear in the form:

  • high acidity;
  • problems with a chair (alternating constipation/diarrhea);
  • intensive gas formation.

A characteristic feature of superficial gastritis with the defeat of the body of the stomach – a feeling of heaviness in the epigastric region (upper abdomen) that occurs after eating. Chronic gastritis of obvious signs does not, because the disease’s symptoms typical of many pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. That is why an accurate diagnosis can be established only after conducting complete diagnostic examination.

Superficial form of inflammation is characterized by pathological changes only in the epithelial (top) layer. The deeper layers of the mucosa are intact. But in the absence of adequate treatment generated more severe forms, in particular, gastritis with focal atrophy.

Features of therapy

The treatment of superficial gastritis (exacerbation) can be carried out at home according to the scheme chosen by the doctor. Remission of the pathology involves only the compliance with diet.

Drug treatment involves supplementation of the following groups:

  1. 1. If the cause of the disease is infection with bacteria Helicobacter pylori, that is assigned to antibiotic therapy (Tetracycline, Amoxicillin, Sumamed, Macmiror). Duration 10-14 days, the dosage of the drugs depends on the severity of inflammation and is selected individually.
  2. 2. Further treatment consists in receiving blocker histamine receptor – Omez, Rabeprazol, Omeprazole, Famotidine.
  3. 3. The increased acidity of gastric juice eliminate antacids – Maalox, gaviscon, Gastrogel, Almagell.
  4. 4. Therapy at low pH involve administration of Etimizol, Pepsin, different enzymatic means.
  5. 5. To enveloping drugs include bismuth, Calm, Alanton, sea buckthorn oil.
  6. 6. Treatment for reflux-gastritis is with antacids containing aluminum.

Remission is the best time for supportive physiotherapy. Here can be assigned paraffin baths, microcurrent therapy, balneotherapy.

In addition to these drugs the treatment of chronic gastritis include the following:

  • antispasmodics – Papaverine, no-Spa;
  • a sedative (sedative) – Novo-passit, Nazepam, Piracetam;
  • analgesics – Ketorol, Spazmalgon.

Traditional medicine

Treatment of folk remedies by physicians is allowed, but you must consult with your doctor.

1. A decoction of rose hips – a great folk way to cure the aggravation of the pathology rather quickly. You need to take:

  • rose hips (two tablespoons);
  • water (a liter of boiling water).

Pour the product with water and boil for fifteen minutes at minimum heat. Leave to infuse for two hours and filtered. When the broth has cooled, add the honey (3 tbsp). This volume of broth to drink during the day.

2. Another well-proven method of folk – therapy with honey. Using the product allows you to cure the damaged membrane of the stomach and quickly remove the aggravation.

At high acidity of gastric juice used warm water solution of honey – 250 ml of warm water does the scoop. Make the tool always two hours before Breakfast and three hours after dinner. This helps to reduce the high levels of acidity.

But this traditional method is contraindicated in the disease, accompanied by decreased production of hydrochloric acid. Here you can drink cold honey water (for cooking is taken the same proportion as in the previous recipe) before eating.

3. Another effective method is fresh potato juice. You need to take in the morning (on empty stomach) at ¾ of the glass. The duration of therapy is 10 days, and then have to do the same for the duration of the break. The tool allows not only completely cure the initial shape, but also to quickly remove the aggravation of the disease.

4. The good folk treatment for gastritis – course reception healing collection. To prepare you need:

  • inflorescences mother and stepmother (two large spoons);
  • the color of calendula (V. l);
  • grass sage (tsp).

The mix of herbs used as welding for tea. To sweeten the bitter drink, it is recommended to use a little honey. Drink this tea throughout the day.

Diet is one of the stages of treatment

The remission of the disease, as well as the period of exacerbation, requires adherence to special diet. But diet after decrease in symptoms will not be as strict as in the acute phase.

Based on the following principles:

  • exclusion from the diet foods that may irritate the inflamed mucosa (selenaselena/sharp/acidic/hot foods);
  • prohibited products which contain artificial dyes and preservatives;
  • you also need to eliminate alcohol, coffee and all drinks with gas;
  • fractional (reusable) food in small portions.

Diet for gastritis, especially in the beginning of formation of pathology, can contribute to a complete cure of the disease.

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