Ways of treating stomach ulcers

These and other unpleasant phenomena can be addressed through many means, but to cure so the disease of the stomach will fail because you need to eliminate not only clinical symptoms but also the cause.

Modern treatment of ulcers is aimed at:
  • the eradication (destruction) of the bacterial infection Helicobacter pylori;
  • the suppression of the production of aggressive components of gastric juice (hydrochloric acid, pepsin);
  • stimulation of own protective forces of the gastrointestinal tract.

These tasks solve by simultaneous use of non-pharmacological and pharmacological methods.

The first group includes:

1. diet is an important factor in the treatment of gastric ulcer and its prevention as proper diet, selection of foods and method of cooking accelerates the regenerative processes in the affected area and prevent exacerbations;

2. physiotherapy – in most cases, if the character is not complicated, doctors recommend heat sessions, for example, paraffin-ozocerite applications, warmers, UHF (detsimetrovom treatment); to reduce the severity of pain can be used the amplitude of pulsation, magnetic field, electroanalgesia;

3. psychotherapeutic techniques – necessary when pathology of the stomach wall caused by emotional exhaustion.

Peptic ulcers (pus) is an inflammatory process that developed on the inner surface of the stomach and leading to violation of integrity of tissues of the mucous membrane, and sometimes the muscular and serous. This pathology manifests itself in different ways, based on the shape, neglect the patient’s condition and their individual anatomical features of the body. But in almost all cases, patients complain of the occurrence of excruciating pain in the epigastric area, and dyspepsia.

Pharmaceutical preparations

Means of pharmacotherapy is the basis not only of the treatment program of gastric ulcer, but also rehabilitation.

This includes:

  • H. pylori antibiotics;
  • locally-acting drugs aimed at extinguishing agents aggressors digestive juice;
  • drugs with cytoprotective and reparative properties;
  • drugs affecting neurohumoral mechanism of regulation of the gastrointestinal tract.

After mass clinical studies the feasibility of a microbicide from a pathogen is not in doubt: the combined treatment of gastric ulcer with antibiotics accelerates the process of scarring, decrease in the acute course of the disease and its complications. To standard drugs in this group include: Clarithromycin, Amoxicillin and Metronidazole (if allergic to penicillin of the patient a range of antibacterial medicines). These drugs are acid, so widely used in practice, what can be said about the Tetracycline. This antibiotic is used much less often as well is valid only in weak acidic microflora.

Therapy allowing to cure ulcers in 96-98 % of cases, may look as follows: Amoxicillin + Clarithromycin + protivokariesnoe tool. If the patient has not observed the desired effect, the doctor prescribes 4 component: Tetracycline + Metronidazole + bismuth drug + blocker hydrochloric acid. The course is 10-14 days, but the specific time of medication, as well as the treatment regimen determined by the physician individually, based on the state of the patient, his age, hypersensitivity to the ingredients and the existence of other diseases.

A list of funds that suppress the secretory function of the inner lining of the stomach:

1. drugs anticholinergic (anticholinergic) farmgroup non-selective nature that have protivomigrenoznoe and dissuasive evakuatorno-motor activity of the digestive system action, and also contributing to the decrease in the severity of dyspepsia and pain attack (Metatsin, Platifillin, Atropine);

2. selective (selective) blockers of acetylcholine receptors M1 – drugs, leading to the inhibition of hydrochloric acid and pepsinogen in the stomach (Pyramin, Pirentsepin, Gastrozepin);

3. antacids – medicines, providing the neutralization of gastric acidity (Gastrogel, aluminium phosphate gel, Gel – medium gel-like consistency or a tablet form – Rother, Vikair, Vikalin);

4. antagonists of H2-histamine receptors, a property antisecretory (Cimetidine, Famotidine, Ranitidine);

5. inhibitors of the hydrogen-potassium transmembrane ATPase (proton pump), for example, Esomeprazole, Lansoprazole, Pantoprazole, Omeprazole (used more often).

Because drug treatment must be directed at improving the protective properties of the mucous, gastroenterologists are required to appoint ulcer drugs reparative (regenerative) and cytoprotective action. It can be Likviriton, Pentrexyl, Methyluracil, Solcoseryl. They accelerate the healing of ulcerated defect by enhancing cell proliferation – growths of glandular epithelium cells.

The list of the most common cytoprotection (they gastroprotectia) are Sucralfate, Venter, Antepsin which are based on anionic sulfated disaccharide, which contain bis-Muth funds (De-Nol, Tribunal). Medicines this profile help to cure pus by covering the wound with a protective layer and adsorption of pepsin.

Modern ulcer treatment also involves the use of drugs acting on neurohumoral mechanisms of the gastroduodenal system.


1. antagonists of dopamine receptors (Eglonil/Sulpiride, Raglan, Reglan, Primperan) is affecting the deep structures of the brain, these drugs selectively act on the motility of the gastrointestinal tract;

2. ganglioblokiruyuschie (Kvateron, Decalin) and Central holinoliticheskoe funds (Metamizol, Amizil) – inhibit the work of the salivary and digestive glands;

3. medicines adrenergic class (e.g., Obsidian), which have protivomigrenosny effect with the further suppression of gastrin;

4. preparations of psychotropic action (Tazepam, Amitriptyline), struggling with insomnia, irritability and other signs of neurosis, if any, the patient ulcer.

When you can not avoid surgery?

To cure the plague with conservative methods is not always possible, so the only chance for the recovery of the patient, and sometimes on saving his life, surgical intervention remains.

Experts have divided the indications for surgery are relative and absolute. In the first case, a surgeon is required if the pathology is not complicated, but:

  • has a long existence with very frequent relapses;
  • treatment with medicines does not bring the desired result;
  • ulceration scarring for 8 weeks.

Absolute indications for surgery are ulcer complications such as perforation, profuse hemorrhage, penetration in hollow organs (bile duct, pancreas, lesser omentum), stenosis of the failed evacuation of the stomach, and suspected malignancy (malignancy) of the defect.

Surgical treatment of ulcers may be based on one of the following ways:

1. resection – partial excision of the stomach to two-thirds or Subtotal (leaving only the cardia and fornix) and total (complete) removal of the organ;

2. gastroenterostomia mapping gastro-intestinal anastomosis and bypass of the pylorus;

3. pyloroplasty – widening of the lumen of a hollow organ;

4. vagotomy is a surgical procedure associated with dissection of branches of the vagus nerve going to the divisions of the stomach.

Unconventional therapies

Self – treatment is dangerous, however, approved by a doctor prescription sometimes can have quite a positive effect. Especially effective alternative medicine in the prevention of relapse.

To date, the most effective are:

1. Potato decoction from ulcers.

5-6 unpeeled, washed potatoes of smaller size need to boil in a liter volume of water that should be systematically add to the extent of its evaporation. Next, the broth must be poured into a jar and drink it before each meal half a Cup not less than 1 month.

2. Tincture of aloe.

To achieve the desired effect the leaves of the plant a few days before the preparation of the drug is better to put in the fridge. Then frozen the agave you have to scroll through a meat grinder and add honey in the ratio 1:1. This mixture is heated and poured red wine, after which all insist in a dark place for 7 days. To drink the healing liquid before eating a tablespoon for 3 weeks.

3. Sea-buckthorn oil.

This tool has been successfully used in the treatment of gastric ulcer, as it helps the defect to heal faster. With this purpose, use sea buckthorn oil in the amount of one big spoon 5 times a day in between meals. Duration of reception – 1 month, six months, repeat the course for prevention.

4. The collection of herbs.

In equal parts take fennel, Linden, licorice, chamomile, Althaea officinalis and mixed. From the resulting composition then it is necessary to take 1 tablespoon and pour it with 250 ml of boiling water. Tightly closing the container lid, the tool should be left for 15-20 minutes. Before use, the infusion is filtered. Drink it 3 times a day, depending on what’s cooked in this recipe the liquid is for single use only.

Is it possible to cure peptic ulcer permanently?

In cases where pus has arisen acutely, for example, due to injury to the wall of the digestive organ aggressive chemicals, after adequate treatment it is prone to a traceless disappearance. However, the pathology of a chronic nature tend to occur with periods of exacerbation and remission, what about the full recovery difficult to say. To permanently cure the ulcer does not have possible, if you do not follow the rules:

1. timely visit of specialists for the prevention and treatment of pathological conditions;

2. eradicate bad habits, especially Smoking tobacco products and drinking of alcoholic beverages;

3. lead a healthy lifestyle with optimal motor mode, full sleep and rest;

4. follow the diet, considering not only quality products but also methods for their preparation, the temperature of the dishes, ready to serve;

5. avoid stressful activity;

6. strictly observe the hygiene of the body and the mouth;

7. avoid unnecessary or uncontrolled reception of the medicines, can trigger the development of sores and other ailments.

It is worth noting that to follow the advice better and at the moment of clinical manifestations of the disease and during remission and prevent.

Diagnostic features of the disease examination of the stomach ulcer is the endoscopic approach, which is the material…

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