Why can’t I conceive a child

When a young family decides to take such a serious step as the birth of their first child, all her attention switches to solving the only issue of how to become 100% pregnant. In this case, almost any advice and recommendations will help, but it is best to use truly proven in practice and not risk it.

After all, it is such a factor as time that plays an important role, and therefore lost precious years can be worth a lot.

First of all, you need to thoroughly try all the methods and check all the options. If both partners are healthy and have no complaints, then the issue of fertilization is just a matter of time.

But what if all the tests are normal? If the doctor has accurately assured that there is absolutely no problem with the medical side, a clearly worked out scheme of actions for both family members will help. You can influence the process of conception and accelerate it yourself if you know and use special rules and some secrets of experienced couples.

There are a number of factors and reasons why conception may not occur. Experienced specialists distinguish such as:

  • For natural reasons, the female body is guaranteed to be ready for conception only on certain days of the menstrual cycle. This means that even if sperm enter the woman’s body, they cannot always “reach their destination” and fertilize a mature egg.
  • The formed egg simply cannot get into the uterus. The causes can be hidden in adhesions in the fallopian tubes, which are formed as a result of various infectious serious diseases. The same reason can lead to the appearance of an ectopic pregnancy, which is life-threatening for a woman and a baby.
  • For a number of medical factors, a woman may not ovulate. Various hormonal disruptions and disorders in the cycle, as well as diseases lead to the fact that ovulation is disturbed, which means that the probability of fertilization is minimal or impossible in principle.
  • It often happens that a fertilized egg cannot be implanted into the uterine wall. Thus, another failure of a possible pregnancy occurs.
  • Infertility in a man. This factor is often ignored. But it is important to remember that the body of the future dad can also very often be the reason for the impossibility of conception.
  • Infertility can also occur due to stable mental anxiety. When a woman constantly thinks “I want to get pregnant”, when her desire to give birth to a child is so great and intrusive that on a subconscious level she is completely unprepared or is afraid of something. In such cases, a real lifesaver will be a reception from a professional psychologist. An experienced specialist will help to understand the causes and conduct high-quality psychoanalysis to solve this problem.
  • Rarely enough, but still it happens, a woman may experience an allergy to a man’s sperm, antiphospholipid syndrome, or a blood group conflict. In such cases, special treatment is prescribed and a long period of observation by professionals.

Quick tips for quick conception

First of all, it is important for both spouses to know exactly what days you can get pregnant. This method involves careful monitoring of ovulation in women and calculating the most favorable days for conception. The female menstrual cycle consists of different phases in which the so-called fertile period is most favorable.

At this time, the egg is already fully ripe and “went in search.” If in these couple of days a male reproductive cell meets on its way, then in most half of cases, fertilization carries a positive outcome.

How to calculate the favorable period for conception

The favorable period lasts about 6 days – 5 days before ovulation and 1 day after. Most likely, conception in the first two days before ovulation and the very day of ovulation. After making the correct calculations, it is important to refrain from sexual intercourse several days before this time. This will help several dozens of times increase the chance of pregnancy.

Menstrual periods in women

As you know, the female menstrual cycle consists of certain periods, which, in turn, are more or less favorable for conception. But in each case there are always some exceptions, which means that too. Many couples are worried about the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant before menstruation, because in fact, taking into account the peculiarities of female physiology, the egg has already gone its own way and, in fact, is not suitable for fertilization.

However, there are many cases where conception occurred precisely on these days and ended in a favorable outcome for the birth of a child.

No less sensitive issue: is it possible to get pregnant after menstruation? There is no definite answer, but the probability of conceiving a child during this period is quite high.

Two main reasons:

  • when the egg does not mature properly or ahead of schedule;
  • since sperm can maintain excellent viability in the female body up to 3-4 days, and in some cases up to 8 days, the likelihood of conception increases dramatically during this period.

Moreover, you can get pregnant even during menstruation ! The first few days, it is difficult for sperm to overcome the conditions in the vagina, but in the last days of menstruation, the possibility increases dramatically. From this, the main conclusion should be made that there are no consistently favorable or inappropriate days for conception. Since all organisms are individual, in each individual case the process can differ significantly and proceed in different ways.

The surest and most effective way

Quite effective advice on what to do in order to become pregnant is to fulfill one important condition. For rapid conception, sex must accurately match the ovulation period. The “happiest” in this regard is the 10th and 18th day of the menstrual cycle in a woman (the first day of menstruation is considered as the 1st day).

Choosing the right pose is half the success

According to large couples and experienced specialists, choosing the right posture increases the likelihood of becoming pregnant dozens of times. And often the very possibility of fertilization depends on it. Of course, this fact cannot be ignored.

Despite the fact that sperm cells are very active by nature and can quickly move and achieve a “goal” in any position, a number of several factors must be taken into account:

  1. Individual features of the location of the uterus, such as a deviation from behind, a bend, and others can affect the possibility of conception. In this case, the ideal position will be in which the partner is located behind;
  2. The pose, with legs pressed to the stomach, provides maximum contact of male sperm with the cervix;
  3. If you lift your hips immediately after ejaculation, then sperm will flow much less. Therefore, its main part will “continue to work”;
  4. A small cushion under the female hips and rest after sex for 10 minutes increase the likelihood of conception. In addition, the birch stand on the shoulder blades on the bed is also effective when the woman’s legs are raised up.
Interesting occasions

Many women are faced with the question of how to get pregnant the first time after an abortion or after prolonged use of contraceptives. In medical practice, it is generally accepted that the day of abortion is defined as the first day of the menstrual cycle. Therefore, purely theoretically, after two weeks a woman can again become pregnant. But in this case, it is better not to rush and give the body some time to fully recover.

Doctors recommend protecting at least 3 months after a miscarriage, because a new pregnancy may very likely end in no less sadness. The main part of miscarriages does not happen due to poor female health, but due to chromosomal pathologies of the embryo itself. Therefore, one should only try more often and not lose hope.

Fulfillment of the above condition on temporary protection significantly increases the likelihood of a positive outcome, so do not neglect this little advice.

Between the first and second child

If the question arises, what is needed to get pregnant after childbirth. As a rule, such a desire arises from parents who want to have weather children. This method also works and is very effective. Provided that the female body is given some time to rest. Modern doctors recommend a pause of at least two years after childbirth, so that the uterine layer can fully recover and prepare for the next conception.

But in some cases, when both pregnancy and childbirth proceeded without complications, the birth of a second child is not an obstacle. If a woman feels great and is ready for a second pregnancy, her body will be able to fertilize much faster. It is especially important that the young mother is psychologically ready for a second birth and not be afraid of repeating the whole process anew. It is best to undergo a small examination by psychologists and medical specialists, on the basis of the conclusions of which it is already planned to plan a second pregnancy.

Modern technology as an option

In fact, there are much more options, but the proposed methods of becoming pregnant are the most effective and proven over the years. In addition, each couple is purely individual, and therefore these principles must be considered when choosing a method of fertilization. But even if all efforts were unsuccessful, there is no need to despair, the medical institution will always help and suggest additional ways to resolve the issue.

Artificial insemination is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. This is a process when a mature egg under the control of the ultrasound method is removed from the follicle using a laparoscope, by suction in the syringe along with follicular fluid. Then it is placed in a nutrient medium and sperm are introduced. After the fertilized egg reaches a certain maturity, it is returned to the uterus for implantation and subsequent growth and development.

This option saved many families and finally helped to find happiness in the face of a tiny, but so dear to the heart of the baby.

Whatever method a married couple chooses, it is important not the process itself and the “technique” of its application. It must be remembered that the unborn child is, first of all, the little man who is granted life. And a new life is energy. Everything in the world begins with energy and fantasy. To quickly become happy parents, you must create in your home all the conditions for the arrival of a little angel. And also to present it in details, to think through everything to the smallest detail. Thoughts are material and dreams are feasible. If you put maximum effort and a little faith, then everything becomes on the shoulder.

No matter how hard it was at first, console yourself with the fact that the baby is already on the way to your house and that his arrival is just a matter of time and your psychological readiness. Mutual support, respect and strong love work wonders, but the future baby is a huge miracle in the life of every family.

This material is for informational purposes only, before using the information provided it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

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