Give birth in contact lenses

For any woman, childbirth is a real test, so to speak, “baptism of fire”. Expectant mothers are exposed, both at the physiological and psychological levels. In this regard, and as a precaution, some future mothers who wear contact lenses are wondering: is it possible to give birth to them? And will it cause any complications?

Each expectant mother should visit an ophthalmologist at least two times during the entire period of pregnancy: at the initial stage and before the birth itself. This is necessary, since pregnancy is accompanied by a violation of the hormonal background of the female body, and this can contribute to visual impairment. In some cases, the retina may exfoliate.

Examination implies a routine eye examination, but the fundus is examined without fail. And if nothing serious is found, then the next examination is scheduled a month before the estimated time of delivery. But if the doctor detects any changes in the retina, then appropriate treatment is prescribed. In this case, a pregnant woman should visit an ophthalmologist every month.

In other words, if there are no eye diseases, then giving birth in lenses is not particularly prohibited. Another thing is if there is any disease. Here you should be more responsible and follow the recommendations of an ophthalmologist.

Lens complications during childbirth

It is worth noting that many contact lenses, even of the highest quality and the most expensive, help to limit oxygen access to the pupil. The eyes of any woman in childbirth are a problem in the body. It is no coincidence that one of the serious contraindications is various eye diseases. Here it is worth noting that even the most healthy woman during pregnancy can experience a decrease in vision, albeit slightly.

In addition, there is another kind of complication, which truth does not happen often – it is dry eyes. It usually appears in old age, but recently this complication can be observed in young people who spend a lot of time at the computer. As a rule, it is accompanied by a feeling that there is sand in the eyes. Often you can also observe irritation, burning and pain. To eliminate dryness, special drops are usually used with a lubricating and moisturizing effect.


Clear recommendations regarding whether contact lenses can be worn during the entire period of pregnancy and directly during childbirth are not given by any doctor. You can wear something that a woman is already used to and that does not bring a feeling of discomfort. Some women may still experience discomfort while wearing a baby. In this case, it is better to resort to glasses as a temporary measure. After giving birth, you can return to the lenses again.

If preparing for childbirth, there is a need to take lenses with you, then you should also visit an ophthalmologist and consult on this issue. In addition, you will need to bring a special solution and storage container with you to the maternity hospital. Or pick up disposable lenses that are worn for 1 day.

Good lenses will be those with high oxygen permeability. Such lenses can be worn daily for 12 hours.

Of course, the lenses are good in that they do not create any interference in the process of childbirth, unlike glasses. As some women in labor note, the presence of lenses in no way affected the birth and they went well. However, before giving birth in a lens, consult your healthcare provider. Also, alert the maternity staff.

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