Where to teach motherhood to expectant mothers

During the period of pregnancy, each mother sooner or later begins to worry about this. A variety of thoughts begin to prevail, questions arise like: will everything be fine with me and the child? How does he feel there? How will I look after childbirth? Will I experience severe pain? There can be many such issues and it is not worth focusing attention much on this, since there will be no benefit from it, rather, more harm. In such cases, classes are provided in schools for expectant mothers, which every woman is simply obliged to attend.

In the old days, when our great-grandmothers still gave birth, pregnancy was perceived as a gift of God. At that time, special traditions and customs existed to prepare the expectant mother. In our modern time, all this has long been forgotten and many doctors, especially women themselves, now perceive pregnancy as a serious illness. Some unprepared women are generally afraid to give birth due to the risk of various complications. And in order for each woman to have the correct idea of ​​childbirth and there are special courses for pregnant women.

What are schools for moms for?

The main task that such institutions solve is to help every woman in a positive mood during pregnancy. While there are courses for pregnant women, a woman will relate to childbirth without fear, perceiving them as a natural process.

In addition, modern schools allow each woman to find out what are the options for childbirth today. They can take place naturally, with partial use of anesthesia, or they will have to resort to such extreme measures as cesarean section.

In such schools, an individual approach to each pregnant mother is made, in addition, the future father can also study. This allows you to more closely deal with the woman in labor and find out all the points that may cause anxiety in future parents.

Free or paid?

Today there are free and paid schools for moms and dads. However, what to choose? Usually at any antenatal clinic or at the maternity ward there are free courses for pregnant women. Courses are divided into thematic blocks and last from approximately 4 to 6 classes. Although they offer to attend such courses in the 3-4 trimester, it is advisable to do this a little earlier, since they include a proper nutrition program for the mother.

Of course, for such a period it is impossible to fit the entire volume, so there are paid courses that will be able to fully reveal all the issues and you can attend them for the duration of the pregnancy.

If you have access to the Internet, online maternity courses for free will be a good alternative.

What are taught in schools for mothers?

As a rule, courses for expectant mothers are divided into two parts: these are lectures and practice. At the lectures, the theoretical part is presented where video films regarding the intrauterine development of the child can be shown. In some cases, they show videos of real birth to see what the mother expects in the future.

Practical exercises include special exercises, gymnastics. Prospective parents, while attending school, can learn about different periods of pregnancy. And mom herself will be able to prepare her body and state of mind for the upcoming birth.

By the way, their husbands are also worth attending school for expectant mothers. After all, the presence of the husband positively affects the condition of the woman, since he is not so much an observer of everything that is happening, but an active support group to alleviate pain during contractions. When the husband is nearby, he will be able to hold the woman in labor by the hand, massage her, encouraging her at the same time. In addition, a prepared future dad will be able to send a pregnant wife to the hospital on time, call an ambulance, or provide any other support to his beloved.

In addition to the theoretical and practical part, the school provides psychological preparation for childbirth. For this, special trainings are conducted, the purpose of which is to help a pregnant woman get rid of fear of pain. According to experts, if there is fear, then it can significantly increase pain. And the more a woman will be afraid of the birth process, the more difficult she will have at the most crucial moment. And vice versa, if a woman properly prepares for them, learns everything about them, the easier it will be for her to give birth.

Currently, you can find courses for pregnant women in any major city, such as Moscow and Yekaterinburg. However, in many small cities, finding a school for expectant mothers is currently not difficult.

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