What does a pregnant woman feel before giving birth

Bearing a child is a long and emotionally stressful process. By the end of the term, a pregnant woman may experience a variety of sensations. Ahead is the main point – birth day. It is usually preceded by physiological and psychological changes. The body is gaining strength before childbirth and suggests itself that soon everything will be done.

The psychological state of a woman

Usually, before childbirth, emotional sensations are inhibited, the woman becomes distracted, drowsy, and forgetful. Frequent mood swings: one wants to cry, then laugh with happiness. Accumulated fatigue and a long wait leads to the desire to bring the onset of labor closer.

Many expectant mothers before childbirth are embraced by a strong desire to equip their homes, clean everything to shine and wash, rearrange furniture. This is due to the subconscious desire to bring a newborn baby to a clean and comfortable home. And also to engage in some kind of work and drive away fears and bad thoughts. Indeed, the course of the birth itself largely depends on the emotional state of a woman. It is known that fear enhances muscle spasm and complicates the opening of the cervix.

Physiological condition

1-2 weeks before birth, prolapse of the abdomen occurs. A woman can see it herself, looking at herself in the mirror. The fetus descends lower to the pubic part, the pressure on the stomach and diaphragm becomes less. Before giving birth, it becomes easier to breathe. But now unpleasant sensations in the pubic area and numbness in the bend of the thigh and legs may appear. A woman’s gait the week before birth can change – it will become more awkward.

The grown child is getting too crowded. Its activity decreases. Since his head is flush against the cervix, he can only move his arms and legs. Sometimes the day of birth begins immediately after the abdominal prolapse.

The fetal pressure on the bladder before childbirth is increased, and the woman experiences frequent urges to urinate. Another sign of the approaching birth is the frequent and thinning of the stool.

The imminent vaginal discharge indicates the imminent approach of labor. The surest sign is cork discharge – a colorless lump of dense mucus, sometimes with a small amount of blood. The condition of the cervix changes, it is prepared for disclosure.

Before the onset of labor, a woman may lose a couple kilograms in weight. The body gets rid of excess water. Weight loss may not be, but its set before delivery stops.

Pain foreshadowing childbirth

A few weeks before the day of birth, pulling sensations in the abdomen and lower back, characteristic during menstruation, may appear. This is due to sprains and muscles.

Weak labor contractions are also characteristic before childbirth – but they are usually painless and irregular in nature. Sensations with them are like petrification of the uterus.

What sensations can be the day before birth?

Most often, a lull occurs before childbirth. All their precursors subside. When asked about how a woman felt on the day before childbirth, they often answer: nothing!

On the day of childbirth, there may be weak pain – this indicates the beginning of labor. They can be time-consuming. If they have a growing character, you can’t hesitate – you must immediately go to the hospital.

Nobody is given to know exactly the day of birth. A pregnant woman should listen to her body. His physiological changes and emotional sensations will tell you when an important moment is close.

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