Medical methods for preparing for childbirth

Recently, very often began to appoint Buscopan before childbirth. Even despite the fact that its use is contraindicated in pregnant women. What is this drug and why is it prescribed, let’s open this question in more detail.

Buscopan is a ganglion-blocking and m-anticholinergic drug. Refers to Quaternary ammonium derivatives. The active substance of the drug Buscopan hyoscine butylpromide does not penetrate the BBB (blood-brain barrier), so it does not have an anticholinergic effect on the central nervous system. Its antispasmodic effect is able to reduce the secretion of digestive glands and smooth the muscles of the internal organs (gastrointestinal tract, urinary and biliary tract).

Drug properties

Buscopan is a preparation of the synthetic group, the basis of which is hyoscine butyl bromide. It is used to relax the muscles of internal organs. That is, this drug is an excellent spasmolytic, having a beneficial effect on the structure of the uterus, softening it and preparing for the upcoming birth.

How does he work?

In the late stages of pregnancy, colossal changes occur in the body of a woman. The body is preparing for childbirth. As a result of changes in the hormonal background, the first link of which are estrogens, which are responsible for sex drive and pregnancy preservation, and prostagladids, which cause natural muscle contractions, the structure of the cervix changes completely, which determines its “maturity” and readiness for the upcoming birth.

In the last stages of pregnancy, the body has a decline in progesterone levels, which keeps the uterus muscles in good shape and protects the fetus from premature birth. But the level of estrogens and prostaglandins, on the contrary, increases several times, which contributes to the softening and shortening of the uterus, after which the process of natural birth begins.

But there are times when the natural mechanism does not work during, which leads to an over pregnancy, and this is fraught with the health of the fetus. After all, starting from 40 – 41 weeks, the condition of the placenta is significantly worsening, it is no longer able to cope in full with its duties, as a result of which the child experiences tremendous oxygen starvation – fetal hypoxia. It can lead to serious violations of the brain activity of the fetus, the work of his heart and other organs. And in severe cases, prolonged oxygen starvation completely leads to the death of the child.

Therefore, if labor does not occur during (from 38 to 42 weeks), the doctor decides on the artificial preparation for childbirth. That is, Buscopan prescribes, the use of which softens and shortens the uterus and allows the artificial opening of labor.

When is it prescribed?

Buscopan was not originally created for women in a “position”. Its use is strictly prohibited in the first trimester of pregnancy. In the second and third trimester – only if the intended benefit of the medicine exceeds the potential harm to the mother and fetus.

At the end of the third trimester, quite often gynecologists prescribe the drug to their wards. It helps to relax and stimulate the muscles of the cervix, helping it to open. Buscopan prepares the cervix before delivery and accelerates the development of the first period of the birth process.

As a rule, they resort to the use of the drug only when the process of carrying the fetus is in progress. But some doctors prescribe it as a prophylaxis, about a week before the expected date of delivery, one rectal suppository once a day.

Not all gynecologists consider the use of Buscopan appropriate. In some gynecological departments, this drug is not used at all, and in some it is used quite often.

Also, this drug is prescribed for cramping or increased motor activity of the gastrointestinal tract, gastric ulcer, spastic constipation, hepatic colic and other symptoms.

Contraindications and side effects

The drug Buscopan can not be used in the early stages of pregnancy. It is also not recommended to use the drug as a laxative, you can cope with the problem of emptying yourself by changing your diet or using folk remedies that are completely safe.

Buscapan before childbirth can be used, starting from the 38th week of pregnancy, not earlier, as a preparation of uterine muscles and facilitate the upcoming birth.

The use of the drug can cause tachycardia, paresis of accommodation, dry mouth and peeling of the skin. Also, patients taking Buscopan have drowsiness and urinary retention, usually mild and in most cases, passing on their own.

Taking the drug can also cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, weakness, constipation and allergic reactions, which are characterized by a runny nose, cough, fever, rash on the skin and itching.

The dose of the drug is calculated by the doctor individually for each case. It is not recommended to take Buscopan on your own, especially during pregnancy.

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