Winter shoes for children, boots overview

Let’s talk about the choice of boots. This is about the bottom of the most important parts of winter gear. Earlier, I gave general recommendations on the topic of how to choose winter boots? By reference, everything related to insulation, size, material, etc.

The boots should be warm enough so that the feet do not freeze, and universal at the same time – go to school and ride a sled. My children at school often go for a walk with plates, ice cubes and sledges. And in our family we often have spontaneous outings. It’s not always possible to change clothes.

The boots should be waterproof – for puddles, slush and snow. They should be light enough so that their legs do not get tired. And the child should easily put on / take them off.

Waterproofing and warmth are necessary, but the shoes that children will wear in winter also need good grip on the sole so as not to slip on ice or on melted snow.

Canadian brand Sorel

The brand has been over 100 years old. These are functional, comfortable shoes for extreme conditions. Who-who, and Canadians know the cold no less than ours.

These models are rude, in my opinion.

There are more elegant models in stock.

However, all of them are united by common qualities. All shoes are made of good materials, wear-resistant, waterproof. Their distinguishing feature is a leather upper and a vulcanized rubber sole, as well as often a removable felt felt boot (InnerBoots). Withstand up to -40 ° C. Cold winter weather will not be an obstacle to adventure this season! This is my favorite. I wear the same?


Another Canadian brand. High-tech shoes at affordable prices! Kamik boots are durable enough for all winter adventures, easy to put on and do not get wet. Made of 600 den waterproof nylon and synthetic nubuck.

Your child’s feet will always be warm and dry, no matter how long they remain in the snow. Nominal low temperatures are -40 ° C. These boots are ideal for children who do not want to sit at home in winter.

What else are Kamik-i good for. In their collections you can find winter boots. Boots are sometimes not a good option for festive events. in the winter.


Great shoes! Sewn from the innovative patented Croslite material. It is durable, water-repellent, soft, very! easy. Easy to put on shoes. And the cast toe part I especially like. Do not absorb odors, like models on a natural sheepskin.

However, their nominal temperatures are slightly lower. Use recommended in dry frosty weather and light slush.

Finnish brand Reima

Their boots are gorgeous, have excellent grip, maximum waterproofing. Sold in a wide range of colors. There are models for adults.

The North Face American Brand

Comfortable, high-quality shoes. Although the appearance of the model I do not like much. Warm, dry, reliable.

American brand Muck boot

Very cool brand. I receive only the best reviews about them. Most of the models are 3-season – autumn, winter, spring. Not hot in autumn, not cold in winter. The temperature regime of the warmest Angara model is up to -25 degrees.

The boot itself is made of foam rubber, and the boot is made of waterproof 5 mm neoprene, inside there is a soft fleece lining (increases comfort and provides long-term warmth). The shoe is cushioned on the foot, adapts to the contours of the foot. Some models have a reinforced sole for increased strength, rigidity and torsion resistance. Just fantastic. Very, very light, lighter than Crox.

Choose the option that suits the conditions of your life.

Italian brand Relaxshoe

In the manufacture of boots using various materials – leather, plastic, rubber, nylon. Wear-resistant, frost-resistant (up to -20 C quietly), do not get wet.

The inside is natural stuffed sheepskin. Woolen insole with aluminum insert.

The only negative is the specific smell of natural sheepskin. Better not to sniff ?or just get used to it. At first we looked very suspiciously at the cat?

Tip: models with a light boot are very poorly wiped. Better to take with the dark.

I understand, you will say: “There are also Ecco, Columbia, Geox, etc.” Yes there is. I’m sure they are good, I heard a lot of rave reviews. However, I did not see or touch them in my work. I recommend it only on the basis of my own experience.

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