Winter overalls for children

Niche membrane overalls. They are light, warm, do not constrain movements and are great for active children for the whole 3 seasons.

German brand Eat ants by Sanetta

Eat ants is the Sanetta brand of outerwear. German brand, German quality. In Germany, these overalls are even more common than Finnish Reims. However, their assortment is not too wide.

Winter models are sewn from wear-resistant and waterproof fabric; insulation can be different – holofiber or polyester. Need to watch the label. The membrane is usually 5000 (water resistance in mm of water). Inside, at the top of the jumpsuit and the hood – a nice soft fleece.

The jumpsuit has a long zipper, which is closed with a strap on buttons and Velcro – it will be easier to put on a child. Adjustable drawstring at the waist. Velcro cuffs, there are dowels. For greater safety in the dark, inserts of reflective material on the sleeves, legs and back.

Finnish Lappi Kids

Finnish brand, exists since 2010. Great clothes for Lapland children (such a translation ?) The clothes belong to the Premium class.

Pluses: a high-quality membrane, synthetic insulation ISOSOFT or Valterm (most often 300 g, which corresponds to a temperature of up to -30), a windproof bar above the zipper, reflective details (in Europe, manufacturers are simply obligated to sew them), elastic at the waist, knitted cuffs, seams glued with a special tape for extra strength and tightness, additional fleece lining (except for sleeves).

Things are a little cheaper produced under the brand name Taika by Lappi Kids. The main differences in parameters, Lappi Kids – 5000 g / m / 24h and 5000 mm (breathability and moisture resistance, respectively) and 3000 g / m / 24h and 5000 mm – at Taika.

Finnish Remu by Travalle

Travalle Oy has been operating since 1969 and specializes in the production of children’s outerwear designed for use in difficult northern conditions.

The company sells its products under the brand names Remu® and SuperRemu® (for older children).

Remu stands for REAL MULTY PROTECTION UNIVERSAL. This is a true universal multi-protection and an excellent choice for those who value strength, moisture protection, warmth, safety and functionality in children’s outerwear. Travalle outerwear for children is really not wet and not blown, minimally subject to pollution. In winter models, insulation is used 160 grams, 200 grams and 340 grams. This gradation allows you to choose a suitable jumpsuit for all regions of Russia – from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk.

The clothing material of Travalle REMU is a windproof polyamide, microporous polyurethane treated from the inside. It does not let water droplets inward, but it passes moisture through the fabric outward. Therefore, REMU not only protects against water, but also breathes. Thanks to the double fluorocarbon treatment, this fabric effectively repels dirt. Two types of fabric are used for the collection: a dense trouser fabric of increased strength and a soft elastic jacket fabric of increased comfort.

Overalls have sealed glued seams, a leg without an inner seam – no wear, a secure removable hood, a soft lining on the cuffs, a collar and a hood made of warm fleece helps to retain heat, a lot of reflective details, straps on the legs, durable high-quality zippers, a double protective pad protects against wind and moisture, a protective anti-storm valve closes the zipper from the outside, Isosoft insulation creates a warm air cushion inside, which prevents heat loss 3 times more efficient than a regular synthetic winterizer.

Danish brand Color kids

In 1997, the Danish company Active Sportswear launched the production of its own brand of children’s clothing, Color Kids. Their principles are colorful drawings, good quality and functionality of clothing. Thanks to this, overalls became popular throughout Europe, however, the main market share is the countries of Scandinavia.

The main part of winter models have Isosoft 300 g insulation, moisture resistance value of 5000 mm, air permeability of 5000 g / m2 / 24 h. The seams are fully glued, there is a fleece lining of 180 g. A membrane fabric with a special moisture- and dirt-repellent impregnation of a German company is used RUDOLF GmbH. Temperature conditions up to -30 degrees.

But there may be other options for fillers. For example, reinforced Oxford 5000/3000 membrane fabric made using Air-Flo 5,000 technology with a polyurethane coating, or slightly more modest – as in the picture below.

Of the other pluses – elastic at the waist, reflectors, windproof strap with Velcro, but Velcro itself is rather weak. Chin protection, removable hood, silicone strings – all as expected!

Swedish brand Didrikson

The Scandinavians know very well what cold is. Therefore, Finnish, Danish, Swedish winter clothes are in great demand. Didrikson is another confirmation of this. Since 1913, they have occupied the niche of technological functional clothing – raincoats, overalls for the off-season, winter outerwear.

The design of overalls has the following features: ergonomic fit, reinforcement of “problem” places (knees and buttocks), removable trousers at the bottom of the legs, loops for attaching mittens, reflective inserts, additional trimmings, zippers for ventilation, etc. A big plus is the “growth system”, the models “grow” with the child (the length of the sleeves and trousers can be adjusted).

The company’s products have their own designations. The “ Dry Level” indicator tells about the water resistance of the product. To find out what temperature a thing can withstand, you need to pay attention to the indicator “ Heat Level “. How functional the clothes are, how many useful details there are, the “ Function Level ” indicator will indicate, and the “ Breathable Level “ will tell about the “breathing” properties.

In the manufacture of clothing DIDRIKSONS use a variety of innovative materials and technologies. Not only membrane fabrics, but also other modern ones, such as Oxford fabric, Galon®, high-tech material SoftShell, Cordura® and others. Using Outdry® waterproofing system, reliable fittings (Aquaguard® zipper and buttons with technology “ Wet stop® ”) and water-repellent coatings (PLAZMA DWR +, DWR +, DWR, WR) make the brand’s clothing incredibly reliable and of high quality.

What I personally like about the Didrickson brand is its design, it is laconic and minimalistic in a Scandinavian way – no extra decorative elements. Only functional, thoughtful details and a monophonic, but pleasant and stylish coloring, from calm and conservative to brighter colors. This is very important for me, a red jumpsuit can easily carry a daughter at first, after 2 years – a son.

Lego wear, Denmark

LEGO Wear is the sequel to the LEGO toy universe. Today it is one of the most popular and sought after children’s brands. After all, quality, functionality, comfort and aesthetics play well together.

The clothes are created on the basis of the “I CAN ITSELF” concept, specific details of clothes for different ages are applied – buttons, hooks, zipper belts, easy fastening buttons, a wide collar so that it is easy to put on and take off the child yourself.

The label says about the tightness of the seams, moisture permeability (8000 mm), wear resistance. Very strong fabric (much stronger, for example, Reima-Lenne, with which I was able to compare live), very resistant to abrasion (exceeds 50,000 cycles, Martindale test), does not crack in frost up to 30 degrees. Thick elastic at the sleeves, patches, a removable hood, reflective trim, high-quality Japanese zippers and YKK runners, wind protection bar above the zipper, glove holder (such as gaiters).

Just bombing colors! They measure a lot more. From my own experience on growth of 98 in 3 years, size 98 is great for just a couple of years:

Valianly, China

This is factory China (since 1976), and therefore such a democratic price. But the quality of clothes is much higher than the price, there is no terrible smell, protruding threads, etc. And the design of clothes is generally being developed in Finland, by the way, often consumers are deceived by this, selling them “Finnish” products.

Gore-Tex waterproof membrane over 10,000 mm, filler – thinsulate (frost to -25), glued seams. Thinsulate is a very light material, but warmer than natural fluff. Products dry quickly and do not sit down after washing. Models are larger.

There are very few reviews on Valianly overalls, but many are satisfied with the quality of the clothing at a price half that of its competitors.
Killtec, Germany

Exists since 1981. It specializes in the production of sportswear for everyday life and active activities. A distinctive feature and advantage of Killtec clothing is its multifunctionality, the use of technologically advanced modern fabrics, the huge presence of additional trim parts and a quite affordable price.

Clothing is presented in several series, the basic collection of Tech-Line Level 3 – for daily training on slopes and outdoors, and the more advanced line of Level 5, Level 10 – for professional use with neoprene technologies.

Key indicators: water resistance 3000 mm, vapor permeability 3000 g / m2 / 24 h, maximum wind resistance.

Other features: glued seams, zip with chin guard, side pockets with zippers, reflective elements on the sleeves for better visibility, built-in snow protection skirt, Protherm dirt-repellent coating.

Lenne, Estonia

The Estonian company Lenne was founded in 1991 and they specialize in the production of children’s outer (!) Clothes. Their main range is overalls, jackets, trousers, hats and mittens. About 350 different models are manufactured per year. Overalls are sewn in Estonia. Therefore, it was in the field of tailoring winter outerwear that Lenne achieved certain significant results.

Their advantages are high-tech fabrics, windproof and warm, breathable, water-repellent. Bright colors, very remarkable design.

There are two winter collections – Active and Active Plus. The differences are in the pictures.

Finnish Reima

These overalls are on everyone’s hearing. The main advantages of membrane clothing Reima: waterproof, breathable, protects from wind, glued seams, there are reflective elements, the hood / plucks come unfastened, pockets are closed with a zipper, knees and pope often have inserts made of high-strength material.

Reima has her own developments – durable Cordura® material, super strong Duraplus®, Reimatec® membrane.

For models from the Reimatec series, the top is made of Cordur and Reimatec (high-strength polyamides), the insulation is polyester. The water resistance of the membrane is 10,000-15,000 mm. Temperature conditions while observing the principle of layering up to -25.

For parents, special labels with snowballs and droplets are sewn onto overalls.

0 snowflakes – this is clothes for the off-season, without a warm lining. It is designed for spring and early autumn.
1 snowflake denotes a synthetic insulation material weighing up to 100 grams. This is a warm and light clothing for the cool off-season.
2 snowflakes report synthetic insulation weighing up to 180 grams. This is our largest category, designed for temperatures from 0 to -20 ° C.
3 snowflakes mean that the composition of the insulation is artificial fluff or natural fluff and feather, which is designed for the coldest weather – up to -30 ° С.

Droplets indicate various degrees of protection of the membrane from moisture and dirt:

1 drop – the clothes withstand light rain.
2 drops – suitable for games during rain and snow.
3 drops – the child can sit quietly in the snow or in a puddle without fear of getting wet. Ideal for sports and long active games in the yard!
4 drops – clothes for children who engage in winter sports.

However, Reima also has disadvantages. For example, the external seams are glued, it seems to be good. But this is their weak point, just a couple of months later the socks are wiped clean. ?Although now there are already models without an inner seam on the legs (they have increased wear resistance!)

Danish brand Molo

Exists since 2003, it is very popular in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and England. Even Danish kings and queens were noticed in Molo’s clothes. ?A distinctive feature is a bright palette and funny prints, which, combined with quality and original design, distinguishes the clothes of this brand from the rest.

Winter overalls boast a water resistance of 10,000 mm, breathability of 8,000 g / m2 / 24h, 3M Thinsulate ™ insulation, 3M Scotchgard ™ PFC stain protection. Recommended t ° mode from +5 to -20.

Of the pluses: glued seams, a warm soft fleece lining, a removable and large hood with a fleece, cuffs from snow, a safe zipper for the neck and chin, durable adjustable rubber boots on the boots, reflective trim for better visibility.

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