Option list in the hospital

You can complete the alarm bag as fully as possible so that as many really necessary things as possible are at hand. Also note that it is forbidden to take textile bags in the hospital, only plastic bags that can be washed.

Believe me, you will never make an exhaustive list in the hospital. You will definitely need additional things, and the husband or someone from a relative should be on the safety net.

A variant of the list in the maternity hospital in 2 parts – things for mom, things for the child.
For Mom:

1. Documents: passport, exchange card + all tests and ultrasound (including for dad), insurance policy, contract (if it is a private clinic).

2. Clean clothes (for example, a long T-shirt, nightgown, light bathrobe, socks) and washable slippers in the prenatal ward (for you and your partner in childbirth), a towel. Take those things that are not a pity.

3. Non-carbonated water, a light snack, charging for the phone.

4. A package in the birth hall is bought at the pharmacy at the maternity hospital.

5. In the postpartum period, you will need: bedding (your own is always better, even if they provide it in the hospital), two nightgowns, a bathrobe, washable slippers, cutlery, and hygiene items. In addition to traditional toothpastes / brushes and shampoos, buy urological pads, postpartum panties, disposable diapers, inserts for a nursing mother in a bra, nipple crack cream, a disposable razor. A bandage and a breast pump may be useful.

Wet wipes, antiseptics, liquid soap, paper towels, garbage bags will also not be superfluous.

We deliberately do not mention medicines and other medical supplies, the list is different in each case, especially if the COP is planned. And various household consumables (such as washing and cleaning powders), which are included in the list, can be considered as a charitable contribution and can easily be replaced with a cash amount.

For a child:

1. A pack of disposable diapers of size 0. When choosing a size, focus on the baby’s weight by ultrasound. For a child up to 3 kg, the 0th size (newborn) is suitable, and if from 3 to 5 kg – the 1st size.

2. A set of clothes in the Rodzal: bonnet, vest, romper suit. Scratches and socks for newborns. Everything is clean and well ironed.

3. Several sets of clothes for the first days of life.

4. Cotton and bike diapers. Lightweight blanket or plaid.

5. Disposable diapers, peroxide, cotton buds and disks, pipette, electronic thermometer, diaper rash cream, dummy.

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