Sore pelvic bone during pregnancy

A large number of women who bear a child are sick of the pelvic bones during pregnancy. This is particularly evident in the last trimester. They disappear after childbirth but during pregnancy there are chances to get rid of the discomfort. Sometimes painful torment even in a period of six months from the date of birth of the child.


During pregnancy the woman’s body has to adapt to heavy loads. For the nine months, the uterus increases several times. Why hurt the bones of the pelvis? The main reason is stretching of ligaments of the uterus.

Ligaments are formed with connective tissue, it also promotes the formation of tendon and ligament in our body. Connective tissue has a difference, a small degree of stretching, fixation organs, strengthening of the joints.

The uterus is growing and as a result, it is observed stretching of connective tissue. In the blood vessels of the pregnant woman, there is a large amount of the hormone relaxin, with the help of it the efficiency of the function of stretching of the tissue increases. But it also affects other ligaments of the body, so pain in the lower extremities during pregnancy is normal phenomenon.

Pain for sprains haunt in the whole period of pregnancy, appear on the left or right side and disappear when you change the posture in which the woman was before.

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The role of calcium

When a woman already on the 8-9th month, she becomes accustomed to these unpleasant sensations and not paying attention to them. Initially, the expansion of the pelvic bones able to change only the gait, the corps has to cut back, but the discomfort is not yet disturbed, it becomes difficult to wear shoes with high heels.

The pelvic bone in no way change, but the amount of calcium may decrease. It may also be a cause of pain. If you consume calcium in large quantity, then the child will have very dense bones of the skull.

The development of simpatie a significant role having a lack of calcium in the body. Pregnant a medical expert prescribes a drug that contain calcium to reduce pain. Such funds should be consumed in moderation, because a huge amount of calcium in the body entails bad consequences.

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The symphysis and the diseases associated with it

The pelvis can differ due to the fact that you are changing the structure the soft tissues, is the symphysis and dense cartilage that joins the pelvic bone in front, in the pubic region. Differences of bone are not uncommon in this disease.

The girls are not carrying the child, the distance in the region of the narrow part of the pelvis only eight and a half inches, and the narrowest part of the skull of a child nine and a half inches. This is the cause of pain in these areas.

Pain in the pelvis can be so powerful that to be in standing or sitting position, due to the divergence of the bones difficult.


The problem is in the process of carrying a child affects and coccygeal division of the vertebral column. This small bone has poor dynamics with the sacrum and a large deviation inside. During the childbirth it prevents the appearance of the child, and the coccyx the result breaks down. It should be noted that pregnant the coccyx backwards, so it does not interfere with the baby during childbirth.

Growing belly rests on the pelvic bones, which must be adhered to and the child’s weight. Frequent urination and trouble with gastrointestinal tract.

The human changes the center of gravity, this causes changes of the working conditions of the motor apparatus. If the birth occurs without medical specialist, the woman intuitively adopts optimal for this process pose. In hospitals there are pholstery is a special pillow that are needed in order to straighten the birth canal.

Too much activity of the joints before birth causes pain, especially in those cases when the back muscles are very weak or previously the patient had disease of the spine.

If you previously had inflammation of the genital organs, pelvic adhesions may be present – connecting jumpers between the bodies. They can cause problems with conception of the fetus, deliver the unpleasant feelings that are very difficult to handle and the elimination of them is possible only through surgical intervention, as the growing uterus will begin to stretch them. But pregnancy hormones can make them more flexible, this will allow the expectant mother to give birth.

In a certain number of women the fetus can cause varicose veins, which will serve as a problem only during the caesarean section. This increases the risk of bleeding. The disease subsides after birth of the baby. Varicose veins is a feeling of heaviness in the pelvis in pregnant and swelling of the labia.


Quite often sore pelvic bone after giving birth. After the birth of a baby can cause microtrauma. Should carefully monitor the level of calcium in the mother’s body, since some time will feel its lack.

In pain in pelvis during walking need to consult a doctor podiatrist. A medical professional will prescribe a special device that will reduce pain in the postpartum period. Mothers who are taking pain medication, harm the body of the baby.


Prevention should start before conception. To strengthen the musculoskeletal system, to strengthen the back muscles, to eat right, to get the body in the right amount of calcium and vitamins needed for good fetal development.

During pregnancy you should carefully monitor your body and respond quickly to the manifestation of any symptoms. To reduce pain, use bandage or gymnastics.

Do not overdo the calcium and do not take drugs without consulting to the gynecologist.

Medical experts strongly recommend to abandon shoes with high heels. Do not expose to excessive bone loads. Excess body weight also can negatively affect pregnancy. Try as little as possible to strain the muscles of the legs, use the Elevator instead of the stairs. Poses no symmetry can have a negative impact, the pregnant woman is recommended to make the least possible movements.

Do not raise your knees above the pelvis, in the case of pain use a hard surface for sleeping. Also for pain in the pelvis, shoulder turn initially, and then the pelvic region. If you for some reason suspect that you have a divergence of bones, it is better to consult a specialist.

Painful sensations can be reduced by putting something soft under the pelvis. Try to observe all recommendations of a medical professional. Do not take any medications, as they will negatively affect the baby’s health in the future. Should often consult with your doctor the gynecologist. Under his supervision, any irregularities will be noticed quickly, thus the baby’s health will not be jeopardized.

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