Why hurt the pelvic bone

Osteoarthritis can be diagnosed in Mature people. The signs can be recognized at an early stage. Painful sensations arise in the joints of the pelvis on both sides during the movements of the body, any movement or attempt to get up.

The muscles in the area of defeat is always in tension, even at a time when a person sleeps. Pain can increase in the muscles, if the patient relies on the injured side.

At pelvis directed the largest load of the entire body, so often people have pain on the right and left side. To understand, why hurt the pelvic bone, it is necessary to consult a medical professional.

Bones, as the most important part of the entire body can stop its normal functioning due to various disorders in the body. The most common reason for sore pelvic bones in old age is arthritis. In this case, the affected inguinal region, then the disease passes to the lower limb and sometimes comes up to the knees. Pain in the pelvic area becomes stronger, if the person making the supports on the injured leg or when changing the sitting position to standing.

The people who do constant hard physical work, the tendon can become inflamed. This is quite common among sports fans. Pain bring discomfort when turning torso and under high loads on the pelvis. At low loads, pain does not bother me.

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Common causes

A huge physical stress during doing sports can often cause pain on both the right and left side joints. This pathology is present in people, constantly involved in sports and thus emit a small amount of time to rest the body. This disease often appears to beginners, having a strong desire as soon as possible to learn the sport. If there is a constant load on the bones of the pelvis, pain taking regular.

Pain occurs during sleep. To prevent them, you need some time to forget about any exercise. Soreness will help special pain ointment. Pain in the lumbar area appear when, fractures, bruises. In the case of a fracture changes the style of gait, it affects the position of the body. In case of too big load on the pelvic bones, people feel uncomfortable.

Often painful sensations appear due to a wrong metabolism. Lack of vitamins such as D and B1, the increase in the number of hormones in the thyroid gland can cause discomfort.

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Common cause of the disease of the hip bones becomes a tumor. Often it can appear as a result of injury during a fall. Pain in the pelvic bones appears in the spread of metastases along the entire foot. In the first period pain begin to disturb at night and during physical overload. Many attribute this to a simple bruise, though in the case of amplification of painful sensations and distribution business not in it.

After a certain period of time, the unpleasant pain occurs more frequently, interfere with the movements. Additional symptoms of getting a fever, weight reduction and deformation of the joint. With bone marrow failure hurts the pelvic bone continuously.

Rare causes of

Various inflammatory processes can be painful on both sides. Such symptoms are characterized by a rather serious disease, namely osteomyelitis. In the bones there is pus, there is a sharp pain starts to ache. Venereal disease is also can cause discomfort in the pelvis.

There are diseases that can be transmitted by heredity. Initially, pain occurs in the knee, then in one of the joints. Bones lose their strength.

In leukemia with the acute course of pain may arise in different departments, there is General weakness and fever. When the survey was conducted by a medical specialist, reveals the significant increase in the size of the spleen. In chronic myeloid leukemia painful feeling spread throughout the body.

Pain can occur when damage to the bones of the pelvis. To figure out the problem at the initial inspection. The position of the frog is caused by the fact that the pubic bone may be displaced. Swelling and hemorrhage associated with trauma to the washer in the groin. At fracture of the pelvic bone, the patient is unable to move. In some cases the cause of pain is the misalignment of the pelvis. The offset may be a result of disturbed balance of the muscles. Physical overexertion can also cause displacement.

The influence of hormones

This aspect should especially pay attention to those who have pain after sex. According to medical experts, the relaxin is having a big enough impact on the changes of the ligaments in the area of various joints.

This hormone has the greatest concentration immediately before delivery, in the middle or at the end of the third trimester. Relaxin is responsible for the preparation of the pelvis of the mother for childbirth. This is done by weakening of the pelvic ligaments joints behind him. This ensures protection of the head of the newborn during childbirth. Also, this hormone has a strong influence on the cartilaginous disk located between the bones of the pubis.

In some cases, the relaxin may be too active, is a defeat of the symphysis, then developing such pathology, as the symphysis and sarolahti. In most cases, these diseases develop in the body at the same time. The pain may be in groin, hip, lower back pain is also not uncommon. The greatest severity of symptoms at night or in the morning after sleep. Once a pregnant woman is a bit like, the pain subsides. Too rapid muscle fatigue is the one symptom that doctors can ignore. However, muscle weakness is a consequence of the above pathology.

The symptoms of displacement and fracture of the pelvic bone

There are three signs of a fracture.

  1. Strong painful sensations by relying on the affected area.
  2. Pain aggravated by pressure in the iliac bone.
  3. If the dynamics of the iliac bones the pain becomes brighter.

Painful sensations in the region of the symphysis in the majority of cases the cause is its gap. Find hematoma and bone fragments. In order to ensure the correct diagnosis, prescribe a vaginal examination. The displacement of bone fragments is made by palpation through the vagina. The causes of pain in region of hip bones in women other.

Quite often, pain can appear in the case when varicose veins in the bones of the pelvis widen. The disease is difficult to detect because of the visible absence of gynecological pathologies. Varicose with a weak vascular walls. Inflammation of the ovaries may also cause pain sensations. Complaints of pain in the pelvis may occur in diseases of the genitals. In most cases there is cyst, then the goal of treatment is elimination of the tumor. Pain right and left concerned about ectopic pregnancy, you need to soon go to the hospital. At different stages of the menstrual cycle becomes perceptible throbbing pain. The process of inflammation can affect the fallopian tubes or the uterus. The formation of scars. They cause pain.

If the doctor did not find the woman any violations in the field of gynecology, this problem can be bowel disease. Acute pain is characterized by the presence of kidney stones. Treatment should be immediate.

How to get rid of pain

You first need to understand the reasons why there was pain and begin a course of treatment. Treatment at home is not recommended, as there is a risk of deterioration of the General condition of the patient. If you notice the first symptoms, you should immediately consult a medical professional, in order to prevent further complications, to achieve as soon as possible full recovery.

In identifying the causes of the disease, the specialist assigns a course of drugs, physiotherapy, exercise therapy. Also you can resort to folk remedies. If the disease is at an early stage, in this case, the treatment can be carried out with the help of ointments and compresses. If the inflammation is severe, it is necessary to take special medication to get rid of bags under.

In case of arthrosis it is necessary to take drugs that contain the ingredient chondroitin. Medications help to restore cartilage. Funds to expand the blood vessels and slowing the degenerative process in the affected location to improve blood circulation in the pelvis. Hormonal drugs relieve pelvic bones from inflammatory processes. Effectively act on the affected area. Therapeutic exercises, therapeutic massage and cryotherapy to effectively relieve pain.

The destruction of the hip joint specialist gives appointment for surgery. There is a replacement of the affected joint.

Which doctor to be contacted when pain in the pelvic bones

Each reason is a separate doctor. If the pelvic bone is injured, it is necessary to consult a surgeon. If the injured part of the outside has no damage, you should consult a physician, after examination, the specialist sends to medical professionals specializing in the problem.

After a more thorough examination, the doctor assigns the patient to the gynecologist, or nephrologist. The duration of rehabilitation depends on what could get people, and also due to the age and physiological characteristics of a person. People in old age, the healing process lasts much longer. When joint replacement is required daily consultation with the doctor, otherwise there may be problems with the restore function of movement.

It is necessary to begin the physical movement in a short time since the end of the operation, but strictly on a special schedule so as to immediately perform the physical load on the prosthesis is prohibited. Sick for three months for home-made regime. Follow all recommendations of the doctor and forget about the pain!

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  2. Hello there, My name is Aly and I would like to know if you would have any interest to have your website here at osvilt.com promoted as a resource on our blog
    We are updating our do-follow broken link resources to include current and up to date resources for our readers. If you may be interested in being included as a resource on our blog, please let me know.
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