Treat sciatica at home

The patient with sciatica complaining of the following symptoms: pain and stiffness, tension in your spinal muscles, absence of sensation. Modern medicine can easily help the patient, which produced a lot of medicines and ointments, the purpose of which is performed only by a physician.

Sciatica is a disease that can bring a lot of hassle and trouble. The cause of the disease – the compression of the nerve fibers between the vertebrae as a result of osteochondrosis and other diseases.

But now we want to talk about traditional medicine or how you can help yourself at home. Of course, it is better to start treatment after visiting a physician and in combination with drug treatment, then the treatment effect will come faster.

Help yourself

For sciatica destructive heat, so the first recipe is the use of simple procedure of warming up.

Warm the affected area is possible by means of the heated salt. Hot salt are placed in the rag bag and they warm up the affected areas of the body. On the basis of salt can be prepared a kind of ointment / 1 kg of salt 2 tablespoons of mustard powder, ¼ Cup of water. The entire mixture to heat until hot. For greater viscosity and density add crushed or breadcrumbs. Smear the ointment directly on the back cover package. Keep the ointment should until, when it cools down and then wash off. After the procedure to keep the peace for 2 hours and not to go outside.

Excellent effect gives a warming compress of honey. Applied to the skin layer of honey on top should cover it with a double-cloth. Then on napkins put mustard. For heat retention as long as possible all this construction is covered with foil and wrapped with a warm scarf. The procedure is quite pleasant, but if the poultice will start to cause discomfort and burning, then it should be removed.

It is also recommended to use as hot compresses infusions of herbs: chamomile, thyme, elderberry, St. John’s wort. In grief than the infusion moisten a piece of natural fabric, is applied to the affected area and a well-insulated similarly to the above method.

Severe pain during a flare-up is a compress of gruel of a black radish, which is applied for 8 hours. Have mush between two pieces of linen cloth and apply to the affected area. Top should pave the parchment and woolen shawl. To achieve the desired effect enough two procedur due to active warming up impact.

Good effect gives a warm, but not hot baths with infusion of horseradish. The water temperature should be comfortable. Cores must consult a doctor. This treatment lasts two weeks. Similarly, you can take baths with mustard powder – 150 grams powder to be diluted in bath with warm water. Baths are recommended for chronic disease. After the adoption of the procedure, you should wrap yourself in a blanket.

In recent times talking about the benefits of copper with sciatica. This recipe is tested many times and is really effective. You will need a coil of copper wire that is wound around the waist over the thin clothes that she crashed into the leather. And to go a week. For reviews of people check on a validity of the method, it relieves the symptoms after a few days.

It is important for sciatica stick to food recommendations. The diet should be fruit and vegetable. It is useful to eat cauliflower, lettuce, radish, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and spinach. For Breakfast you can eat dairy or dairy products. It is forbidden to eat fatty and fried foods, sweets, coffee or tea.

Do not forget about physical activity, massage. It is useful to take a course of acupuncture and physical therapy.

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