Neurologists recommend 5 methods of prevention of herniated discs

Among the many neurological problems leading place is intervertebral hernia. In this case there is a serious deformation of the fibrous ring of the intervertebral disc, where there is a gap. Through this gap some part of the bulges of the nucleus pulposus, and, as a result, the person feels sharp pain and discomfort.

Mainly described the disease occurs in people 25 years and older. In the years and decades to live with this problem and not know about its existence. It is considered that such deformation is one of the most severe forms of osteoarthritis. Among the complications of intervertebral hernia is partial or complete disability, and even disability.

Neurologists are unanimous: the main danger of this disease is narrowing of the spinal canal, causing can become inflamed sheath of the spinal cord and nerve roots. As a result, there is paralysis of the muscles of the lower extremities, disruption of the pelvic organs, reduces the sensitivity. Modern neurological centers in most cases, patients with herniated discs is already at an advanced stage, when people are incapacitated and can’t perform basic actions. But, turning promptly to the expert, these problems could have been avoided!

Prevention of herniated discs

Among the main methods of prevention of herniated discs the experts there are 5 main.

  • Method # 1 – moderate and regular physical activity. Banal exercises will help to keep the axis of the spine in the right direction. Also recommended to regularly “extend the spine”, hanging on the bar, or using the navigation. Experts in the field of physical therapy insist that for people aged 30+ regular exercise is a must. To select the desired sports, in consultation with the neurologist, which You will find on the website DocDoc.ru. The timely assistance of a expert is the basis of prevention of any disease of the spine!
  • Method №2 – the right mattress. You must choose a mattress with a medium or high degree of rigidity in which the muscles of the back will settle evenly. To sleep on the leather sofas, old beds is strictly contraindicated. Saving once on a quality mattress, in adulthood, can seriously to pay his own health.
  • Method # 3 – the optimal consumption of foods high in calcium and vitamin C. Milk, cheese, citrus fruits, apples, natural juices will help to establish the water-salt metabolism in the body and ensure optimal functioning of muscle tissue. It is not recommended to abuse coffee, but better – to replace it with herbal teas, which are much more useful and no less delicious!
  • Method # 4 – regular preventive massage. To choose the therapist and type of massage, as a preventive measure to consult a neurologist. The expert will make the course of preventive therapies and give good recommendations.
  • Method # 5 – the rejection of bad habits. The liver synthesizes collagen, that is, the fiber included in the composition of the intervertebral discs. Therefore, Smoking, alcoholic drinks, poor diet – all this sooner or later leads to damage to the discs of the spine.

Experts also recommend regularly to boost immunity, avoid stress, do not be a long time in the same position (for example, sedentary work or driving a car), wear quality shoes with good arch supports (wearing shoes with high heels provokes the development of diseases of the spine).

You should pay attention to the condition of the spine of our children. Early prevention of scoliosis in schoolchildren will help to form a correct posture when the cartilage tissue of the vertebrae more supple and amenable to correction. Healthy sleep, good nutrition and optimal physical activity is the basis of prevention of herniated discs and many other diseases. Be healthy!

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