The symptoms and treatment of syndrome straight back

Impaired posture, like a flat back (straight spine syndrome), reduces physiological curvatures in the vertebral axis. Cases can not a long period to hold in one position the body, they have developing quick fatigue.

Due to the reduced cushioning of the spine can occur mikrohromatichesky damage to the spinal cord and brain that can cause headaches and rapid fatigue.

Clinic disorders consists of pain in the femoral, inguinal areas, and upper third of the back. To keep the posture of the patient is forced to bend and straighten the lower limb at the knee and hip articular joints. These symptoms can lead to disability and limitation in the implementation of motor acts necessary to apply strong painkillers (narcotic until the origin).

The straight back syndrome is characteristic of:

  • long neck portion;
  • straight stand-up head;
  • the shoulders are lowered and displaced in a forward direction;
  • flat abdominal and gluteal area, the rib cage;
  • the “wing” of the blade, i.e. behind the dorsal surface.

The consequence of palastine speaks scoliosis.

In the normal spine, there is curvature to maintain upright posture and bipedalism. In the case of slightly pronounced or straightened bends formed by the straight back syndrome.

Still ecofactor can become degenerative disorders of the intervertebral discs, their rapid wear. This pathology may occur due to compression fractures in vertebral body, osteoporosis, ankylosing spondylitis.

Often, this atasteanime occurs in childhood the body physically weak after prolonged bed rest. The disease can also develop in combination with flat feet and other diseases of systems and organs.

In addition to lagging physically children the symptom complex can be formed in the case of rapid growth the child’s body, the delay in the development of the muscular system from the bone.


At the time of the diagnostic procedures, the specialist collection of anamnestic data of the patient (pain, discomfort, postponed surgery), with the obligatory account of the manifestations of prolonged standing in one position.

Determining a diagnostic event is rentgenissledovany in the lateral projection. Also information about the status of the components of the spine and spinal tissue can give MRI and CT.

Therapeutic tactics

To determine the therapeutic scheme of correction of the vertebral axis requires a thorough study of the organism for the presence of causal andfactory.

  1. General treatment.To the General therapeutic measures include:
    • Timely and thorough selection of footwear for the formation of posture. In children even back can develop as a result of different lengths of legs, the mismatch wearable shoes age.
    • Sleep on semi-rigid surface. In the case of any child complaining of pain after sleep, you should change a hard bed to a soft and pillow to pick up on width of shoulders.
    • With the aim of strengthening the muscular frame of the spinal area you should be in constant movement, complete figurante.
    • In between training sessions at the Desk are necessary to sustain a correct posture, not to stand long on one foot, wearing backpacks are recommended interchangeably replacing the shoulders.
  2. The use of drugs.
    The specialist will prescribe drugs aimed at the normalization of gamesarena, muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory meds. With the aim of relief of severe pain shows the corresponding blockade anesthetic.
  3. LFK.

The selection of medical gymnastic exercises in each case carried out individually. They aim to increase the mobility of the spine at the time of tilting forward and back, strengthen the shoulder and chest muscle groups.

Objectives of therapeutic exercises are the adjustment deformirovanii, increased mobility and relief of the spine, increased stamina, firesuite and normalization of psycho-emotional condition of the patient. Bending with tension are prohibited in the presence of pain at the time of oblique movements of the torso.

Some experts figurante combined with procedures on the Board Evminova, gymnastic wall for the purpose of strengthening biomassy torso. Complement gymnastics with mechanotherapy, respiratory games and massage.

With the aim of stopping the reduction of lung capacity when straightening of the thoracic kyphosis to figuranten join classes Strelnikova and Meal. In Pediatrics also recommended that outdoor games with a ball, walking, and swimming pool.

Therapeutic exercises therapeutic exercises according to the method of the Field Bragg

Practical orthopedics argues that this technique is able to eliminate postprocess for 6 months. The basic principles of the technique is the exercise, respectively, physical abilities, while avoiding making sharp motor acts.

Start physical therapy is required with shaking movements, a smooth way rushiraj the amplitude of figuranti:

  1. To stop cephalgia, pain in the upper area of the body is obtained by performing pisupati: take a starting position – lie face down on the floor, hands palms placed under the Breasts, lower limbs set at shoulder width. Slowly raise your torso upwards with arching of the back, resting the Palmar surface of the fingers to the toes. The pelvis is placed above the head, the limbs straighten. Повторить12 from 2-4.
  2. The strengthening of the lumbar muscle groups, to improve the functioning of the renal system, gallbladder and liver contributes to the exercise: starting position as in the previous exercise, but during the raising of the pelvis should rotate it alternately to right and left.
  3. To reduce the load of the muscular system of the body in the following way: sit on the floor, place upper limb behind the back and stretch them further to raise the pelvis up, pushing his arms and legs to a horizontal position, return to the starting position.
  4. Strengthening the spinal region helps: lie down on your back, clasp the breast area hands simultaneously touch the chin area of the knee. Maintain this position for about 5, repeat 2-4 times.
  5. Recommended to move on all fours, with my head down, arching his back to raise the pelvis.

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