Treatment of sciatica with medicines

Lumbar radiculitis is a disease of the nervous peripheral system. The ailment causes serious discomfort to the patient, so treatment must begin immediately. For treatment use conservative method, and also operative. In the first case, medicines are used, and in the second surgery.

Treatment of an acute period of the disease

With regard to the appointment of medications for treatment, this point depends entirely on the stage of development of radiculitis. The acute stage implies the presence of serious pain, which must be eliminated in the first place.

Therefore, initially prescribed pills from radiculitis, which discomfort minimizes and contributes to the early recovery of the patient.

The main purposes for the acute stage are as follows:

  • during the first seven days, the patient must comply with bed rest;
  • use medicines that are prescribed by a doctor;
  • apply blockades;
  • to use hormonal means;
  • reception of nonsteroidal drugs.

Feature of the use of non-steroidal agents

Nonsteroid drugs, such as Revmoxicam, are good because they can quickly and effectively remove the inflammatory process, and hence acute pain. However, doctors do not recommend using these drugs for too long. This is due to the presence of serious side effects: nausea, pain in the stomach.

Such tablets with radiculitis have serious contraindications. For example, they can not be used if the patient simultaneously consumes drugs that contribute to the dilution of blood. In the worst case, non-steroid medications can increase the coagulability too seriously, which can lead to bleeding. This also applies to such a drug as Revmoxicam. Also there is a ban on the use of people who suffer from heart and liver diseases. The drug should help, but not show a side effect.

In the event that the patient has very serious and severe pain, then the patient is prescribed anesthesia with the help of blockades. In this case, special means are used, for example Novokain, with the help of which the site of pain is formed. It is worth noting that this method perfectly eliminates discomfort, but only everything. The problem remains unresolved, which means that it is necessary to continue serious treatment of radiculitis.

The specialist, after the pain is removed, must determine the cause of the appearance of radiculitis, and also prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Use of steroids

In order to relieve the patient of severe pain in the lower back with radiculitis, steroid drugs are used by specialists. Among the most common, which support the drug method of treatment – Diprosan, Kenalog, Metipred and others.

These medications are excellent in combating unpleasant sensations, but as for the side effects, the latter will not take long to wait, but will manifest as unpleasant sensations in the stomach, weight, edema and osteoporosis may appear.

Preparations for getting rid of sciatica


Preparations of a group of analgesics, will perfectly help to relieve pain in the lower back, and thus the patient can easily lead an ordinary life. To buy such drugs with radiculitis is not a problem, since they are sold in pharmacies. Among the most common are Analgin, Baralgin, Paracetamol and others.

Preparations for the removal of inflammation

Anti-inflammatory drugs help to effectively eliminate puffiness and stop inflammation. The most common drugs from this group are Diclofenac, Naproxen, Butadion.

An effective remedy for pain and for the treatment of joints has been found:

  • natural composition,
  • without side effects,
  • effectiveness, proven by experts,
  • quick result.
We remove muscle spasm

In order to treat effectively radiculitis, special attention is paid to the use of those drugs that help to quickly and effectively relax the muscles. Drugs of this kind are often called an analgesic with a narcotic effect, so you can not buy them without a doctor’s prescription. The most common drugs of this type are Cyclobenzaprine, and also Methocarbamol. However, in many countries, experts do not recommend using them to treat radiculitis. This is due to the presence of serious side effects.

Use of injections

For treatment, injections are also very successful in the area where pain is felt. Basically, for a shot, Cortisone is used – a steroid drug. Such injections successfully influence the process of recovery.

Initially, before the procedure, the doctor determines the place where pain is most concentrated. For this, the method of tomography is used. In the most disturbing area and the drug is injected. However, this method is considered unsafe by many specialists.

Use of medicines with a local form of treatment

Ketonal – an anesthetic cream

With radiculitis, inflammatory processes are particularly activated. This is due to the fact that the tissues begin to secrete prostaglandins – special substances that cause increased sensitivity in pain receptors. In this case, the patient can be completely at rest and at the same time experience severe pain, not to mention the fact that painful sensations are sharply manifested during touch and with the slightest mobility. It is extremely necessary for the patient to take a remedy, for example, Revmoxicam, which would help to relieve pain and effectively treat the lower back.

In order to significantly reduce pain, Ketonal can be used as a cream. The main substance ketoprofen, penetrates through the skin and has blocking prostaglandins. As a result, pain is significantly reduced.

You can buy Ketonal in the form of a gel, which is quickly absorbed and does not allow the remnants to appear on clothes.

Ointments anti-inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory ointments, such as Fastum gel, also demonstrate great effectiveness. It perfectly penetrates through the skin to the inflamed area and relieves swelling, creating an anesthetic effect, and the lower back feels calmer. The peculiarity of such drugs is that they can not cause irritation, and therefore can be used by people who are prone to allergic reactions.

Also, in order to effectively reduce pain and inflammation, you can use as a means for rubbing the following:

  • preparations containing poison bees or snakes;
  • formic alcohol;
  • comfortable alcohol.

Very popular with radiculitis uses tincture Alor. Its main composition implies the presence of menthol, aloe juice, eucalyptus oils or castor oil.

Tincture, as a medicine, is applied for 2 weeks with the help of rubbing in that area of ​​the lower back where pain is observed. Next is to take a break for 2 weeks. It is important to take responsibility for the use of the drug. It can not be used in cases where the skin is damaged.

Another very effective preparation for rubbing is Kapsitrin. It consists of the following components:

  • green soap;
  • ethanol;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • ammonia;
  • tincture of chilli pepper.

Do not self-medicate. The emerging lumbar radiculitis will treat the treatment with medicines positively only when the only correct medications are used. All medicines, even the most harmless, at first glance, have side effects and can seriously damage the skin. Therefore, even at the very first stage of treatment, all funds should be appointed exclusively by specialists. Also do not forget that this therapy is the very first stage in the long and serious treatment of lumbar radiculitis, which has serious features.

Pregnancy and treatment of sciatica

Radiculitis sometimes occurs in pregnant women. Because of the serious burden on the lumbar region, painful sensations manifest themselves quite often. But the future mother can not always use all drugs that fight radiculitis. This is due to the presence of risks to the fetus, when using medicines.

It is better to completely abandon the use of drugs. Specialists recommend pregnant women to use bandages and special corsets, which can create effective support for the waist.

But sometimes bandages and corsets can not completely remove unpleasant sensations. In this case it is necessary to use special medications:

  • Indomethacin is a drug that should only be used as directed by a doctor, and it is contraindicated for admission during the last trimester.
  • Also Ibuprofen is contraindicated in the last trimester.
  • Paracetamol. It is extremely cautious to use it, carefully watching your condition. And the reception must be done solely on the prescription of the doctor.


Currantil. It is used to improve placental blood flow. In the treatment of radiculitis, the drug will help the blood to better flow to the affected area.

In order to effectively produce lumbar radiculitis treatment with medicines and injections, a huge number of drugs can be used. However, in order to choose the right treatment, you should always seek help from specialists.

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