The causes provoking the crunch of the spine

Every healthy man sooner or later faced with a crunch in a backbone. With this you can experience when you exercise or after prolonged sitting.

To the question “why crunches the spine” to answer simply: the reasons lie in its anatomical structure.

This element of the human skeleton consists of small pozvonocna specific forms. Between them there is a gap filled with synovial fluid needed to lubricate the joints.

When a person moves, there is an increase of the gap, which causes a decrease in the pressure of the synovial fluid. It bubbles, emits a rustling.

Predisposing factors

If a person is healthy, the crunch of the spine during exercise can only be heard within two or three minutes.

Crunching in the spine can occur during manual therapy. In this case, the crunch of the spine suggests that the actions of the chiropractor was right.

Cracking the spine is the alarm bell only if it is accompanied by pain syndrome. Not to delay a visit to the doctor should when constantly crunches the spine.

The reasons for having a specific sound, you can be in the progression of such pathologies of the locomotor apparatus:

  1. Curvature of the spine.
  2. Intervertebral hernia.
  3. Spondylitis (ankylosing).

The crunch of the spine, disturbing the elderly have their own specific reasons:

  1. Impaired metabolism.
  2. Genetic predisposition.
  3. Incorrect nutrition (the deposition of salts promotes the consumption of salty and fatty foods).

Sometimes the reasons for the emergence of a particular sound may be due to progression of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar or cervical spine.

The crunch of the cervical

One of the most common phenomena of our time is crunching in the cervical spine. He often appears on the background of degenerative diseases.

To serious symptoms that occur due to pathology of cerebral vessels includes:

  1. Atherosclerosis.
  2. Vertebral artery syndrome.
Pathology of cerebral arteries

When the blood is under pressure in the cerebral arteries, produces the characteristic noise taken by the man behind the rustling in the relevant Department.

In case of detection of such symptoms, should immediately consult a doctor. Normalization of blood supply to the structures of the brain able to provide only a special therapy. Otherwise, people might face with hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke.

The destruction of the tissues of the spine

The implementation of a large number of movements of the neck and neglect the special exercises that strengthen neck muscles, often leads to destruction of the tissues of the spine.

The result is the formation of reduces the elasticity of the cartilage fibers osteophytes and disc protrusion.

On the background of reinforced sprain is an increase in pressure (articular intracavitary), which leads to osmotic involvement of air bubbles. During movement of the neck is pushing air and there is a distinctive sound.

Nice, but bad

The crunch of the spine that occurs when the gym is a main indicator of the mobility of the joints.


It is also believed that the crunch of the spine that accompanies large amplitude motion reducing elements around the joint and muscle block and the relief of pain, associated by some people with something pleasant and even useful.

It is important to remember that this effect is short-lived, and after some time muscle spasms appear again.


Experienced specialist on the question “is it harmful to crack your spine” will respond positively. The reason is that the specific cracking occurs in the event of a power hinge movement, excess muscle and ligament resistance.

Regular crunching of the spine may indicate that the muscles are in constant tension, fail in their basic functions.


The correct answer to the question “why crunches the spine” can give only an experienced orthopedic surgeon.

If the crunch of the spine is the consequence of a particular disease, then the scenario of the treatment are obvious:

  1. The use of drugs for the relief of pain (important for the acute period).
  2. LFK.
  3. Therapeutic massage.
  4. Physiotherapy.

It is important to know what to do if the crunch of the spine occurs due to incorrect nutrition:

  1. excluded from the diet of harmful products;
  2. to take in food products rich in vitamins and fiber.

If specific sounds are the result of degenerative disc disease, then you need to do all that recommend doctor.

In most cases, given oral anti-inflammatory painkillers medicines and medical massage.

If cracking occurred on the background of protrusion of the spine, then you need to do the same as in the case of a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease.

If the clicks are localized in the cervical region, it is necessary to immediately start rehabilitation therapy.


The crunch of the spine never going to bother the person in the case, if it is clear to follow simple rules. To preventive measures include:

  • careful monitoring of diet;
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle;
  • weight correction;
  • to avoid a prolonged stay in one position;
  • respect to the spine (it is important to avoid heavy loads);
  • correction of posture;
  • the rejection of high heel shoes;
  • timely treatment of infectious diseases.

Spine snap will sound a lot less if you carefully monitor your health and to avoid hypothermia. It is also important to do exercises.

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