Osteochondrosis of 1 degree

The role of protecting the vertebrae from abrasion perform intervertebral discs. Thanks to them, we go straight, raise varying severity and can perform complex movements, putting a strain on different areas of the spine. In normal condition the intervertebral discs are constantly regenerated, but it happens that the process slows down and gives rise to such disease as osteochondrosis of 1 degree. It develops in three areas: cervical, thoracic and lumbar. This is due to many reasons: obesity, metabolic disorders, weakened immune system and so on.

Complaints of pain in the neck and the shoulder region occur in many patients. The vast majority of cases, this suggests that begins to develop such diseases as osteochondrosis of the cervical 1 degree. Unfortunately, the instability of such pain affects that many people neglect going to the doctor at this point and trying to cure the pain yourself. For this purpose, ointments and a variety of rubbing the sore spot. But this is the biggest mistake. Because osteochondrosis of the first degree can be cured quite easily by contacting a good technician and performing a number of simple steps.

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is the most common type of spinal diseases. This is due to the fact that moving the cervical vertebrae located adjacent to the fixed vertebrae of the thoracic. The appearance of osteochondrosis of 1 degree felt a rather sharp pain in the neck. If ignored, the extent of the disease will rapidly progress and grow in degree 2, to cure which will be more difficult.

The first 2 vertebrae of the cervical of the 7 available to perform a support role directly to the skull. Due to this we are able to turn your head to the side and tilt it back and forth. The vertebrae are connected by joints and ligaments, and between the vertebrae are cartilage that does not allow them to RUB against each other.

Work the vertebral column provide the back muscles attached to the spine that create a corset of muscle.

The spine runs smoothly until, until you see any changes: inflammation or trauma to the ligaments and other problems.


The first pain allow us to conclude that low back pain starts to develop.

He is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  1. Sharp pain in the neck and shoulder joints. This is due to the fact that there is a pinched nerve endings and starts a spasm in the muscles. As a result, it deteriorates the blood vessels that nourish the ligaments and tendons of the spine.
  2. Radicular syndrome is a pinched nerve, which occurs due to the reduction of individual vertebrae. Moreover, any head tilt or rotation in the direction causing noticeable pain.
  3. Sometimes the pain in osteochondrosis of 1 degree gives in the region of the heart, which it seems that there are problems in its work. If these feelings appear, must be checked by a doctor to rule out diseases of the cardiovascular system. If no problem identified, then we can talk about cardiac syndrome, which is manifested on the background of osteochondrosis.

Of course, pain when turning head is not a reason to make the diagnosis “osteochondrosis”. It is very important to undergo a full examination by a specialist in this area. As a rule, the doctor prescribes procedures such as MRI, CT and x-rays to identify where strong localized muscle tension.

Consider the basic methods of treatment of osteochondrosis of 1 degree:

  • the first thing prescribed by a doctor – is a special therapeutic exercises to eliminate stagnation in blood vessels and the muscles return to its former mobility;
  • physical therapy – this procedure reduces pain and relieves inflammation;
  • therapeutic massage – stimulates blood supply to the muscles and tissues;
  • inflammation and swelling relieves this procedure like acupuncture.

All these procedures complement taking special drugs designed to relieve inflammation and eliminate pain syndromes. At the early stage of osteochondrosis are also used topical preparations such as ointments and gel. They warm up the skin and improving blood flow to the muscles, relieving spasm.


The vast majority of people after 40 years of suffering from osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine. While modern medicine is able to cure degenerative disc disease at the first stage of development quite easily.

Found effective remedy for pains and for the treatment of joints:

  • natural composition,
  • with no side effects
  • efficiency, proven expert,
  • a quick result.

Only a small fraction of people, when faced with neck pain, call the doctor, but because the vast majority of patients comes to the clinic only when the disease progresses and prevents live. However, in this case, the forecast has been disappointing, sometimes without surgery is not enough.

Causes of

Often the appearance of osteochondrosis of the thoracic contribute to:

  • weight – the shock to the spine, and deforms it, the intervertebral discs are destroyed, the vertebrae are vulnerable;
  • increased physical activity – people are constantly exposed to heavy labor (e.g. porters), such activity has a detrimental effect on the spine;
  • smokers – they have a very narrow vessels of the spine, hammered tobacco products, which they are not getting enough nutrition, blood supply of the spine becomes unstable;
  • sedentary lifestyle – on the spine there is a strong pressure to bend it, the blood flow to the muscles is disrupted, which negatively affects the condition of cartilage and vertebrae.

Diagnosis of osteochondrosis of 1 degree – no easy task, since this disease has several symptoms similar to diseases of other organs.

The main symptoms of osteoarthritis include:

  • sharp pain in the back;
  • when driving the pain is concentrated in my chest;
  • frequent sensations of tingling in the chest or a slight numbness.

No different from the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease or lumbar. The most important thing here is to determine the degenerative disc disease at the initial stage of its development and to find the right therapies. Then to cure it you can literally 1.5-2 months.

For healing from degenerative disc disease apply massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture. After completing this course, you must consult a doctor when you improve you can do gymnastics at home. It will help to prevent the occurrence of osteoarthritis again.


Osteochondrosis of the lumbar is in second place after a neck. In this disease become irreversible degenerative destruction of the intervertebral discs and spaces between the vertebrae. If you do not think suddenly in time and to see a specialist, a month later the disease reaches the second stage, and soon threatened to develop.


In this area appear quite bright. Be confused with other disease quite difficult.

The main symptoms include:

  • acute lower back pain;
  • sometimes crosses into the lower limb;
  • in the morning, immediately after awakening, you may experience the crunch of the joints and feeling of stiffness in the lower back.

Symptoms of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar transmitted to the legs, later the pain is getting worse. With timely treatment the symptoms go away on the third month of therapy. Then needed another six months of physiotherapy exercises for full recovery.


Causes of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar lot.

These include some basic:

  • sedentary, sedentary lifestyle;
  • poor quality and bed uncomfortable – it is important to sleep on a pillowtop mattress and a low pillow, then remove the extra load from the spine;
  • wrong position at the table – this problem is typical for students who spend a lot of time at their desks, students or office workers who sit all day long at the computer.

Cure stage 1 osteoarthritis of the lumbar is much easier than 2 or 3 stages. The doctor is a long-term scheme of complex therapy.

It includes:

  • receiving vasodilators;
  • the purpose of chondroprotectors, which activate the regeneration of injured tissues and cartilage, these drugs are indispensable in the recovery period of the body;
  • use of analgesics – relieve pain in inflammation;
  • the course of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs not more than 10 days for 1 degree of degenerative disc disease.
Therapeutic procedures

The first thing prescribed by the doctors, when the diagnosis of osteochondrosis is a massage. It improves blood circulation, helps reduce pain in the muscles, relaxing them and relieving tension. The course is usually appointed for a period up to 2 weeks.

In addition to massage, you must perform special therapeutic exercises, which is a doctor specifically for each patient based on which area of the spine affected.

As a restorative procedure used physiotherapy, which works well in combination with drugs, as it serves as a catalyst for immediate action. She is assigned after the acute illness. The course duration is individual for each patient.


To maintain health is not an easy task. She requires discipline.

The main factors, causing low back pain:

  • bad habits;
  • sessile or sedentary lifestyle;
  • a strict diet;
  • obesity;
  • the high-heel shoes (for women);
  • carrying heavy loads.

It is important that the diet was attended by a large amount of protein, the main Builder of muscle and collagen fibers. For bone conditions important in abundance to calcium, contained in milk, eggs, yogurt and cheeses. Of course, you need to consume plenty of vegetables and fruits, as they contain large amounts of vitamins.

At the first signs of osteochondrosis manifestations, the most important is time to see a doctor. After all, any disease cure is much easier if you diagnose it in early stages. To rely only on traditional ways of healing impossible. Than the neglect case, the longer and harder the treatment will be.

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