For what reasons can “firing” in the back

Most often shoots in the lower back on one side only. Suddenly, a sharp pain suddenly occurs in the back is called lumbago or lumbago.

The essence of pathology

Called lumbago irritation of the nerve roots of the spinal cord, which occurs from hypothermia, inflammatory process or because of damage to vertebrae or muscles of the lumbar region. From any, even the slightest stress, such as coughing or sneezing, and also from any movement occurs unbearable shooting pain, limiting mobility in the spine.

Sometimes backache in the lower back can happen from physical stress or failure of rotation of the body, in this case, the immobility of the back remains in a rather uncomfortable position. The feeling that shoots in the back, felt every man at least once in your life. Up to 90% of people of any age periodically experienced back pain, so you need to know why such feelings arise and to be able to render even myself first assist in alleviating this unpleasant condition.

Lumbago is characterized by sudden-onset back pain. Each person has the degree of pain is different, but in all cases the pain with lumbago in the lower back does not subside, but only gradually increases. After each attack of tearing pains of trying to choose the most convenient body position in which the pain and does not disappear completely, but a little is retained the power of movement.

Causes of lower back pain

Sometimes the appearance of pain can trigger a sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work. Also provocateurs of the cross can become chronic injuries and concussions. Infectious and inflammatory diseases can cause pathological changes in the spine, causing the person starting to bother shooting, constantly increasing pain. Shoots in the back and on the cause of osteochondrosis at which the intervertebral discs of the lower part of the spine like a “crack” and lose their mobility. In this situation, you need immediate access to a doctor.

At the place of occurrence of shooting pain can be determine kidney disease, inflammation of the Appendix or a pathological disorder of the urinary system of the body, and sometimes the formation of herniated discs and the development of sciatica.

In women lower back pain can be signs of gynecological diseases, which include adnexitis, endometriosis, uterine fibroids. Painful menstruation and disturbance of the natural cycle also cause shooting pain in the back. Pain and lumbago in the back, combined with the violation of urination, sharp pains and a burning sensation in the bladder, the appearance of swelling in the legs, fever, and worsening health can be indicative of more serious pathological diseases that need to be properly diagnosed and carefully treated.

Sometimes shoots in the lower back during pregnancy, this is because in the second trimester, the uterus increases significantly, it moves the center of gravity of the body, aggravated chronic diseases. A pregnant woman throughout the period of carrying a child need constant supervision at the doctor-gynecologist, especially in periods of exacerbation any unpleasant symptoms. The shot in the lower back, the expectant mother can be alleviated by wearing a special brace.

The treatment of “lumbago”

Sharp, shooting pain in the lower back can surprise any person in any situation completely. It is important to know several rules and methods used in this state, which will help the person a little to relieve pain and restore mobility. The main rule of treatment of lumbago – observance of complete rest, you should try to lie down. The main thing in this state – not to do sharp movements and not to strain. In bed, it is recommended to take the most comfortable position, you can put some pillows. When the lumbar lumbago is considered to be the most comfortable posture lying on your back, with bent knees, feet, under which enclose pillow.

If possible, you should not hesitate to ask for help from loved ones. This is because the unnecessary self-motion in lumbago can cause more obvious pain as well as greatly extend and complicate treatment. Definitely need to call a doctor, because sometimes lumbago develops as a consequence of any disease in the body. In some cases, patients are advised hospitalization, but, in principle, this disease can be cured at home.

You can apply special creams and ointments, possesses antispasmodic properties. Worth at the time of treatment of lumbago in the back to stick to your diet: give up salty, spicy and smoked, Smoking and alcohol consumption. The duration of treatment depends on the person. If the patient complies with all recommendations of the doctor: bed rest, maximum comfort, apply all of the medications, recovery occurs within a few weeks. The effectiveness of the treatment cannot be predicted only in those cases where the lumbago was caused by diseases of the spine.

During the treatment of lumbago, especially at night, it is recommended to wear a special orthopedic belt or to replace it with a sheet tightly wrapped the lower part of the waist and upper pelvis. This contributes to some limitation of movement and provides comfort in the field of pain. You can use ointments, irritating the nerves, or a warm heating pad. Is strictly prohibited to massage, hot warming, ointments with a strong warming effect, physiotherapy, visiting the baths and saunas. Of the methods of folk medicine the most effective is a wrap birch leaves, which impose a sore spot and on top wrap a warm scarf.

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