Who should be forgiven and protected

To cherish and to forgive on those who are able to bring us the transfer in the prison and the hospital. All the rest come and go; and maybe it nice and kind people, and they have to be good. But to cherish and we must forgive those who come to us with the transfer.

Who should be forgiven and protected…

And what’s the difference – we made there mistakes in the upbringing of the son of Akhmatova, if half a lifetime later, she petitioned for his release and we were kept in terrible prison queues with a bundle, parcel, itself is poor and harried?

And Tsvetaeva’s possible to forgive everything – all teaching errors – because it dried on batteries carrots, daughter to the camp to send. At least some vitamins. And ridiculous questions in letters: whether it is necessary at the same time to send silver bracelet in jail – can also be forgiven, it doesn’t matter.

And uneducated Nekrasov wife sat at his bedside all night when he was moaning in pain, turned to the old woman from the flourishing women. But I nursed him until the last day.

And one doctor said is true: patients in a hospital, fighting with those of their visits. And angry with loved ones – rarely come, not the products, brought the wrong medication. And I miss those who to them does not come, call, write – after all, the reason for quarrels is only loved ones.

And conflicts often occur between close. They and angry.

And we did not need at all; they like something we have, but it is unlikely they will sit by the bed of sickness and to listen to our grumbling. They have their own business and their own lives.

Need to communicate well but to those who will not abandon us in difficult times, it is necessary to forgive. In advance, wholesale and retail.

And one writer went to prison for their political antics. And there he had time to think. And here’s what he has in mind: he talked with the wrong women. But the prison was old need parentsthat his beliefs are not shared, but continued to love and care for. And the woman he is now chosen according to this criterion: can she visit him in prison or not.

And in old age was released, got married and started children – must have found what you need. But before all about the beauty wrote, about feet, about the Breasts… The Breasts are good on which to cling in difficult times.

And these people should be protected. And to forgive them.

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