7 myths about oxygen and its effect on the body

1. Man gets enough oxygen if breathing

Lack of oxygen is bad for the work of all organs and systems: respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and Central nervous (CNS).

If you are breathing without difficulty, it does not mean that the body gets enough oxygen. Lack of oxygen can cause several factors.

  • Smoking. Compared with non-smokers, smokers brain poluchaemogo oxygen. Moreover, when a smoker decides to stop Smoking, the brain gets even less oxygen and its metabolism is reduced by 17% in the first 12 hours after the failure.
  • Living in areas with a poor environment. Carbon monoxide from combustion of the fuel causes poisoning of the organism. Carbon monoxide binds with hemoglobin the result is that the body is experiencing oxygen starvation, symptoms of poisoning: headaches, nausea, weakness, dizziness.
  • Inflammatory diseases. The lack of oxygen in the tissues may occur because of inflammatory processes, such as infectious diseases and certain types of cancer.

2. Oxygen is useful in any dose

In the air we breathe, only 20.9% is oxygen. The remainder consists of nitrogen (78%), carbon dioxide (0,03%) and argon (1%).

The lack of oxygen causes health problems, but an excess is also dangerous. In mice 30 minutes of inhalation of 100% oxygen causes brain damage and problems with coordination. Too rapid consumption of large amounts of oxygen can lead to the formation of free radicals, which damage and kill cells of the body.

A small increase in the dose of oxygen is useful. Inhalation of air with 30% oxygen for 10-20 minutes a day normalizes metabolism, lowers blood glucose and helps to lose weight.

Oxygen can be taken in the form of oxygen cocktails and oxygen-air mixture, consistency like foam. In them, the oxygen concentration is higher – usually about 90%. It is not dangerous because the oxygen from the cocktail does not pass through the lungs and enters the blood through the walls of the stomach and intestines. Oxygen cocktails evoke a sense of saturation and suppress appetite, thereby reducing weight.

When receiving oxygen cocktail accelerated metabolic processes in lymphocytes – cells responsible for immunity. They increased the density of mitochondria (power plants of cells) that speeds up metabolism and in the long term improves the immune system.

3. Oxygen cocktail is the cure

Oxygen cocktails are often prescribed in hospitals to compensate for placental insufficiency or spas for podderjaniya. Despite this, an oxygen-air mixture is not registered as a medicine, so it is legal to sell in shopping centers and fitness bars.

4. Oxygen cocktail can not be prepared at home

Home oxygen cocktails can be done with a portable concentrator. Such devices produce up to five liters of oxygen-air mixture per minute, almost does not require maintenance and take up little space. For example, one-litre model the hub “Armed” the size is not bigger than a toaster and will fit in any kitchen.

The noise level of such devices is comparable to normal conversation (45 dB), but the oxygen-air mixture in the same way as in more powerful professional hub – the same 90% oxygen. To take care of the home hub is not harder than a coffee maker: after each session, you need to change the water in the humidifier, and every six months to buy a new filter.

Mixes for oxygen cocktails are sold in finished form with healthy additives and different flavors. Everything you need for cooking, is to fill in a special kokteyler basis in the form of juice, fruit drinks or plain water and cover the mixture, and the kokteyler to connect to the hub.

5. The oxygen may be allergic

Allergies can arise for oxygen and for components of oxygen cocktail, such as to egg protein, licorice extract, or gelatin that are added to lather.

Powdered egg whites can cause allergies, and licorice is contraindicated for people with cardiovascular disease and may cause kidney problems. Gelatin should not be taken people with impaired water-salt balance and kidney diseases.

Allergies can cause the Foundation of cocktails, juices, herbal extracts, milk. Therefore, before drinking a cocktail, find out what’s in it, and whether you have allergies to these components.

6. Oxygen cocktail can cause burns of the mucous

Oxygen cocktail given to pregnant women and children, so the risk of ingestion is minimal. As its foundations are usually used juices and herbal extracts that should not cause irritation. But to keep this risk to a minimum, to drink it the right way.

Oxygen drink will benefit only if you correctly use it. Therefore, doctors recommend not to drink oxygen cocktail, and eat it with a teaspoon. It is also not recommended to consume the drink on an empty stomach and at a fast pace, as it irritates mucous membranes and may cause burns.
7. Oxygen concentrators are dangerous and can explode

Oxygen bottles can actually explode if exposed to open fire, but modern hubs are not used. Portable hubs “Armed” is set zeolite adsorbents sticks of natural mineral, which is commonly used in the food industry, included in soft drinks and nutritional Supplements.

Zeolite works as an adsorbent: filters the incoming air, nitrogen delays and enriches the final product with oxygen. When this nitrogen is released back into the atmosphere, but the amount is too small to make the air unbreathable. If you follow all the guidelines for installing and using the hub, it is safe for you and for the environment.

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