Longer to get drunk during the feast.

When people drink alcohol they go for it consciously, but there are situations (banquets, informal meetings, etc.), when a person is “forced” to drink and the refusal is considered improper, or when you do not want to spend another day in the fight against hangover.

In General, situations are many, and everyone has their own reasons do not want to get drunk. So I want to share with You a few tips: “how to drink and not get drunk.”

1. Zamora worm.

The most important thing to know is that you should never drink on an empty stomach. Before recommended meal to eat well, to reduce the intake of alcohol. Good enough helps oily or enveloping the food, such as oatmeal and semolina, raw egg, butter, lard or boiled potatoes.

The disadvantage of this method is that the film, which is formed on the walls of the stomach after eating fatty food or enveloping though and prevents the absorption of alcohol not to get drunk, but the effect is not large at the time. Therefore, it is recommended to eat during the consumption of alcoholic beverages to no longer get drunk.

2. Do not mix drinks.

It became very fashionable to make drinks several alcoholic beverages. The most common in the nation “cocktail” – a “Ruff”, but doing so is strongly not recommended, if You don’t want to get drunk. The fact that beer enhances and accelerates the absorption of alcohol from the vodka.

This applies not only to beer and other carbonated beverages (champagne, lemonade, energy). And all because the carbon dioxide gas greatly enhances the absorption of alcohol. Drink the best juice. It is recommended for the feast eat only one kind of alcohol (don’t mix hard liquor with low alcohol), but if this is not possible, in any case do not reduce the degree of alcohol can improve, for example, after a gin and tonic to drink vodka.

3. Prepare your body.

An important role in the use of alcohol are alcohol dehydrogenase – enzymes in human blood, processing alcohol. Increasing the amount of this enzyme in the body occurs when the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol dehydrogenase involved in the processing of the alcohol and neutralize it. Therefore, before the meal, you can do a little warm-up, then longer to get drunk. For this it is necessary for 3-2 hours leading up to the event to drink 100-150 grams of vodka. Then you still tightly bite to eat.

4. Drink activated charcoal.

A very good way to get drunk is the adoption of 10 tablets of activated charcoal 1 hour before meal, it is recommended every hour while drinking alcohol take 2-3 tablets of coal. Activated carbon is a sorbent (absorbing material), which binds excess ethanol and developed as a result of the intake of alcohol toxins.

5. Be active.

This method will help for a long time to get drunk only in the case if You’re not drunk. The method consists in the fact that You increased your metabolism (metabolism). For this you need to do a little physical activity, for example, just to dance, but the main thing is not to overdo it. A small exercise will increase the metabolism in the body and will help to accelerate the alcohol.

6. Vitamin C.

To get drunk from alcohol will help the vitamin C. of Course, it does not neutralize the alcohol, but the intoxication is slower. Therefore, after each drunk glasses of vodka is recommended to eat 1-2 slices of lemon to maintain good health. The important thing is not relying heavily on this method, and that can cause heartburn. Foods high in vitamin C are also very good hangover food.

All of the above methods are not 100%, they will only help to slow or reduce intoxication from alcohol consumption, but not make You completely sober. A lot depends on Your body, because all individually.

Remember that alcoholic beverages are better to drink chilled, as warm drinks are absorbed faster in the body.

Do not keep long in the mouth alcohol, about 5-10% of alcohol is absorbed in the oral cavity.

Another try during the meal to smoke less cigarettes poison the body and weaken it, giving the advantage to more rapid absorption of alcohol.

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