What is dangerous “age sandwich”

“The age of the sandwich” – it is only when began to live a normal life, stood up, gained knowledge and experience, the money is there – and you need to become at the same time to take care of their own children and elderly parents. And it is a heavy period. And sometimes it is absolutely impossible to explain to an elderly parent that it is killing us. And destroys our lives.

Moreover, the surrounding mercilessly go on about the duty to an elderly person. And sometimes a parent complains that others that they neglect – although it is absolutely not true! Begins judgment and condemnation, especially by those who had not been in such dire Straits. Whom God spared, as they say.

“The age of the sandwich” and guilt

And good, responsible people fired from their jobs sometimes, to devote himself to the care of the old man. And if you do not quit to live because no matter what, is doomed to a hard life, fulfilling all the whims and desires of older parents. Forgetting that he himself no longer young, and not very healthy.

There are very difficult situation, difficult, painful and full of trials and suffering – I know. But the worst is the guilt.

When scientists began to examine the health of those who lived together with the old and sick people found a huge number of diseases. Moreover, relatively young people suffered an old man’s disease because the organism itself operates and does not always reward us for good deeds in good health…

Sometimes quite the opposite happens. The reason – the unbearable guilt; it appears after natural frustration and anger, which are inevitable in close communion with an elderly parent, especially if he was a character, and even how!

And it is not necessary to devote himself fully to the older man, although sometimes very hard to resist. While you can do something yourself to do it! If nothing can – it is necessary to divide duties with a professional or another family member, otherwise you will bring yourself to perdition.

And it would be good if there were such laselki for old men – that’s how we were taken in childhood. We, too, were left in yaselka parents have to work! But there is only a terrible institution or fabulously expensive sanatoria; and it is not our fault.

But “the age of the sandwich” – it is very dangerous. And should take care of yourself. And remember that everything depends on you – including your own life. And excessive guilt often leads to the death of the one who cared for an older person in quite a short time after the departure of the man…

So it’s not easy, of course. And the duty should be carried out. But will certainly cherish and regret...

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