People can pursue a variety of diseases, which significantly impair quality of life. They are divided into chronic and acute. The most dangerous chronic disease of the nervous system is the syringomyelia of the spinal cord.

During its flow affects the bone marrow, cavity formed, this, in turn, causes pain and temperature loss of sensitivity, as well as a host of other manifestations.

Every day the disease progresses and new symptoms are added. Unfortunately, this disease is incurable, but proper therapy is able to completely stop its development.

Causes and types of illness

Experts highlighted two types of this disease: intrinsic and acquired.

True begins its development from birth, purchased can affect people throughout life. Was not given a precise answer on why the illness occurs, there is only theory and conjecture. The most popular theory is the disorder of neural tube development. This can occur from the beginning of human development, from the embryo.

In the end, the disturbances lead to the formation of cavities in the spinal cord. There are a number of other reasons, but they are all only theoretical, just to find out what is causing the syringomyelia of the cervical and thoracic spine is not possible. Among other theories, you can highlight the progression of the disease due to various traumatic influences or tumors.

The disease is subdivided into types, the differences of which lie in the region of the lesion, the severity and rate of progress.

Speaking of localization, it is possible to allocate losses:

  • thoracic;
  • cervical;
  • lumbar;
  • stem.

Each location has an individual manifestation, but exists when the disease occurs with all individual manifestations, this type is called mixed. Also worth noting is the appearance, which deteriorates the nutrition of the cells, it is called syringomyelia with distinct violations of trophism. Syringomyelia of various photos and pictures after the diagnosis is made to determine the disease.

The trophicity

This disease can cause so-called disturbances in the nutrition of the cells. This is a serious violation in all systems of the body. Any syringomyelia with distinct violations of the structure is about complete liberation from the service of urgent army men. Also there are some restrictions in daily life. This subspecies is one of the most dangerous.


DiagnosisThe symptoms of syringomyelia are very diverse. In the beginning everything starts with loss of muscle tone, and disappearing eastermost and sensitivity. Manifestations of even one such symptom of a serious reason to visit a specialist. With further development the following may occur: muscle atrophy and severe loss of weight, malnutrition of tissues and their roughness, swelling of extremities, prolonged healing wounds and ulcers.

These are only some symptoms in some people it may be most of them or only a small part, it all depends on the type of syringomyelia the spinal cord. When the lesion is in thoracic spine may cause considerable pain occurring in the extremities.

Faced with any of the above symptoms people should go to the doctor. To accurately diagnose the disease, necessary for a complete examination, which includes:

Found effective remedy for pains and for the treatment of joints:

  • natural composition,
  • with no side effects
  • efficiency, proven expert,
  • a quick result.
  • a full medical history, and any complaints of the patient;
  • a detailed skin examination for damage, scars;
  • check the sensitivity of the extremities;
  • General assessment of the tone of the body;
  • as the study used do an electroneuromyography;
  • performs computed tomography and MRI.

On the basis of complaints the patient can apply the additional funds. Diagnosis of syringomyelia of the cervical spine is easily carried out using CT, which allows to examine the state of the spinal cord. Neurology and neurological manifestations of the first thing that draws the attention of a doctor. Usually the purpose of the tests and further treatment involved neurologist. He may prescribe a medication to increase the effectiveness of can be used treatment of folk remedies. Each person can see photos of syringomyelia, which will see the results of tests with deviations from the norm. Treatment of syringomyelia process that is life.


Therapy of this disease is maintained throughout life and may involve a number of different ways. As the disease is incurable, you will need to use all the tools available.

Syringomyelia treatment folk remedies is a Supplement to the basic therapy, which includes:

  • therapy all secondary manifestations of the disease through the use of appropriate medicines;
  • pain syndromes analgesics removed along with antidepressants;
  • used agents that increase the contractility of smooth muscle;
  • help to improve the General condition of the nootropics;
  • General restorative drugs.

Most effective effects is the surgical intervention and excision of the terminal filament. This allows you to remove most of the symptoms and halt the progression of the disease. In the initial stages to stop the reproduction process using x-ray irradiation as well as radioactive iodine and phosphorus, these substances are able to stop the progression and relieve the symptoms, but it is not for everyone. Any treatment, including treatment of syringomyelia folk remedies aimed at addressing the symptoms and stop the progression of the disease. Serious lesions such as syringomyelia with distinct trophic disturbances can arrest only with surgical intervention.

Offers traditional medicine

The simplest thing to use every sick person is a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins. You can use broth, which increase skin sensitivity. A decoction of chestnut or clover will be able to make every, one should consume it frequently. If you add a teaspoon of chestnut bark in 500 ml boiling water, the dosage is up to 100 ml 4 times a day before meals.

It is understood that folk remedies treatment of syringomyelia is a Supplement to the basic therapy. You should not rely on them and put as the primary drug of various herbs, only serious comprehensive approach able to give a result. It is best to weaken the detrimental impact of syringomyelia with impaired trophism pronounced by means of symptomatic treatment, i.e. the use of drugs, which do not affect the process to stop development of disease, but enhance and improve the General condition.


A very dangerous accession of infection, is able to almost instantly develop sepsis. Among other complications it is possible to allocate the growth of tissue of gliomas, it can cause large disturbances in the respiratory organs it is understood that this almost always leads to death. To avoid complications use a preventive measure, a particularly effective prevention at a time when the disease has receded or completely stopped their development.

What impact will the human disease depends on its type and therapy. If you have an ailment, it has a rather long development and is docked and does not affect the quality of life. Launched the acquired disease is able to develop quickly and without any surgical therapy is not to stop. The forecast is influenced by individual traits of the person, General state of the organism and the immune system. In General, timely started therapy gives a favorable prognosis for almost full recovery of health and other body functions, including the sensitivity.


Prevention to avoid the disease does not exist, as it is still not clear causes of disease. But you can use preventative measures that will help to keep the disease in remission. Together with effective drugs appear effective preventive that a long time is able to provide the desired effect. To prevent can use the same folk remedies for the treatment of syringomyelia. It is very important to eliminate any concomitant diseases and their symptoms need to avoid physical damage in the form of injuries, scrapes, and burns. Manifestations syringomyelia with distinct violations of the trophic preparations that provide nourishment to the cells.

As with any other incurable disease, prevention is able to provide significant support and cannot be avoided. It is worth noting that preventive measures may enter the standard boards, suitable for all diseases, namely, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper diet, and regular visits to health institutions.

Especially in the treatment of

In the treatment of patients with syringomyelia with a pronounced violation of the trophic, you need to be very careful with injections and other physical therapy. If a person works in hazardous jobs, where can get burns or physical impact, it is better to find a more peaceful alternative without the dangers. With proper treatment a person can work in almost any field, the threat avoided only to enhance security. It is also worth noting that the treatment of syringomyelia folk remedies may be contraindicated for individual reasons, and if the disease is in serious stage.

At strong deterioration it is recommended to be in stationary conditions, because only there you will be able to provide expert assistance to ease the symptoms of the disease. If therapy will not bear results spend surgery.

What else you need to know

Each person has this diagnosis was made, it is necessary to undergo regular examinations, which will help to contain the disease and to identify changes. If you are faced with a diagnosis of syringomyelia with violations of pronounced trophic, you will need to additionally check the overall condition of the body.

If you only notice the above symptoms, you should not delay the diagnosis. In addition to this disease similar symptoms can be caused by other more dangerous manifestations that are more rapid and acute course. In any case, the loss of sensitivity is a serious pathology, which speaks only of serious defeats.


People affected with the disease should be as serious, because of its mood depends on the successful elimination and deterrence of all forms. Will need to examine all aspects of the disease and be able to provide primary care in eliminating symptoms. You will also need to combine in the treatment of syringomyelia folk remedies and pharmacy. If the disease has gone too far, don’t be afraid to carry out the operation, as otherwise you greatly risk their health and even lives. Early symptoms are easily restrained and pose no threat, so the success of treatment strongly depends on the person.

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