Belt for posture correction

Belt for posture supports your back muscles, thereby strengthening the muscular corset. Also this device allows you to prevent the process of offset segments of the spine.

Curvature of the spine today is a very popular problem, and it can lead to various diseases. Therefore, people often recommend to wear a belt for posture correction. Pick them individually, as they are for different types of problems.

If the belt is chosen correctly, it can relieve a person from problems with the spinal column in a relatively short time. Better to find the right model specialist.

Indications for wearing

Orthopedic clamps are assigned in a few cases:

  • kyphosis is the pathological type;
  • scoliosis;
  • during the recovery period after injuries and surgery;
  • violation of posture, due to incorrect body posture (slouching);
  • the wing-like blades, and the difference of pathological type.

Scoliosis is when the axis of the spine shifts to the side, while the deformed vertebrae.

Kyphosis is when the spine bends towards back. Kyphosis most frequently occurs in the thoracic and sacral spine, as this localization is physiological protrusion. In pathological kyphosis orthopedic belt is needed to stop the progression of the disease and to help the spine properly distribute the load.

Postural, usually appears due to the long stay of the body in the wrong position and, therefore, asynchronously develop muscles. Namely, on the one hand the muscles are hypertonic, and on the other they are in a relaxed state.

The stoop of the back of a man with the divergence of the scapular bone leads to deformation of the vertebral segments to offset them.

A feature of pathological conditions of the spine is the fact that single drug therapy is not enough. Since the spine has the ability to remember the position in which the body often is. And distortion, which consequently formed, can be adjusted only by wearing special belts and corsets, and physical therapy.

Thoracolumbar posture corrector helps a person to keep your back straight, thus preventing the development of various pathologies. When a person with kyphosis or scoliosis wears a belt for posture, the spine gets used again to the normal location. So it turns out using this method to correct the curvature that is already there. But of course, a belt will not help in advanced stages, there is already need surgery, after which you will need wearing the belt.

Chest concealer can assign when the above pathologies, and also in osteochondrosis, with a stoop at any stage, and in other diseases, localized in the thoracic and cervical spine.

Thoracolumbar corrector

This belt is used for kyphosis, lordosis, when you stoop distinct form, and osteochondrosis. The corrector has a tall and stiff backrest, and loop for better fixation. This design keeps your back in normal position and this allows you to gradually align the spine. In this muscular system is strengthened and with it removed the excessive load.

With thoracolumbar corrector the man has a smooth posture, it does not matter what position it is lying, standing or sitting. It helps to remove discomfort, to facilitate human life, prolonged wearing of this device back function of the spine.


Belt for correct posture can be 2 types of dependent functions:

  • The support belt allows you to release tension of the muscular system and, consequently, excessive load on certain parts of the spine. It is prescribed for various violations of posture to prevent the development of pathologies. It has a softer action to align posture.
  • Corrective belt already prescribed under certain pathologies, as it is able to correct curvature of the spine. Such models often prescribed to be worn for 6 months or more.

Models can be made of different materials, and this depends on their price. Belt can be made of leather, cotton, rubberized or laminated materials.

The rigidity of the belts for the back can also be different, since the curvatures are different degrees.

Hardness are distinguished:

  1. Easy degree. These models, usually made of cotton material or leather, without any seals.
  2. The average degree of rigidity. These belts are fitted with a special padded inserts.
  3. A strong degree. These scissors have a special plate that can be made of metal or plastic.

For rectifying the posture belt can be therapeutic or prophylactic. The first type has medium and strong degree of rigidity. The second type has a softer action.

Preventive models can be worn not always, but only when the spine is increased.

For example, when a person is a long time in a sitting position (sitting at the computer, TV, reading). Quite often such belts need to wear teenagers, as they do not control the condition of the spine.

Rules for choosing and wearing

With regard to preventive belts to the back, then you can choose them yourself, only that you need to do is pre-measure their parameters. Healing belt should choose a podiatrists. As you will need to establish what degree of rigidity is suitable and what size. Do not forget that any belt to maintain the posture is a medical device, so you need to check when buying a certificate is a belt and is there any license from the manufacturer.

Belt size should definitely suitable, as otherwise the therapeutic effect will be. To align the posture model corrector have to completely repeat all the curves of the body. The best option is that people could try on the belt and make sure it suits him.

To choose the right model is very important, as it should be worn continuously for a long period.

A prerequisite for selection of the corrector back posture is a natural material that people feel no discomfort and have not experienced an allergic reaction.

But you can’t wear a healing belt for a long time. The back needs to get used to, especially if it is a model with strong rigidity. First you need a belt to wear for 15 minutes a few days, and then every day increase the wearing time.

Spinal curvature was gradual, and its correction requires time and, most importantly, patience.

Usually the belt for the posture is prescribed for daily wear, no output can not be done. The belt should be located on the man about 7 hours.

Sometimes the doctor prescribes first wearing the same model, and after a few weeks the stiffness change to a more soft or hard. All depends on what the pathology is and whether there is a positive trend.

Belt for posture correction for children

Today, there is a belt for posture, which are designed for children, with an electronic element of the “Master of posture”. This device is able to emit a sound signal when the position of the back of the child is wrong. Some new models can be set to the desired angle. If the back deviates from this level, the belt makes a sound. It works effectively, as it is a constant reminder to the child. And as evidenced by the reviews, it is much better effect than the parent reminders.

If the child has not been diagnosed complex pathologies, the parents belt for posture can purchase, in order for the child exactly was sitting at the table doing homework or at the computer.

If you worry about such a prevention in advance, it is possible to protect the child from development of various pathologies of the spine. First and foremost is osteoarthritis, which is now younger, and already apparent in many Teens.

For children use:

  • Elastic waist – it is necessary for preventive measures or in the first stages of scoliosis. In this model, there is no hard inserts.
  • Hard – it is prescribed when the diagnosis of pathologies of the spine, to correct the zone enclosing plate.
  • Lumbar – it is often prescribed for rheumatic disorders.
  • Individual belt is a device that is done in order for the individual measurements given the characteristics of the curvature of the spine. It is made from a special plastic plates, elastic, and prescribed for scoliosis.
    Doctors say that the most appropriate age for wearing an individual belt is 11-14 years old.

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