If I get a stiff neck how to treat

Probably almost every adult at least once in a lifetime encounter with myositis, because this disease is considered to be one of the most common, and it can provoke a variety of factors, for example, sudden changes in temperature or even a simple draught from the air conditioner.

As this disease limits the mobility and tested some discomfort, he want to get rid of. Quite often today the question is asked if I get a stiff neck, how to treat it, and what methods are most effective.

Immediately it should be said that to cope with this scourge can independently, and, if done right, the improvements will be noticeable after a couple of days.

The main reasons

Before you begin to eliminate the illness you need to find out why you have a sore neck and inflamed this site, as well as what factors could contribute to this.

According to experts, myositis occurs most often due to:

  • the subcooling region of the cervical;
  • the presence of infectious diseases (influenza, tonsillitis, colds);
  • injury and neck injuries;
  • of muscle tension of the cervical;
  • constant stress and nervous situations. No matter how amazing it was, but emotional experiences can also contribute to the emergence of this disease.

Also note that the neck cold can cause a sedentary lifestyle, especially sedentary work, if you are a long time are in the same position. Many people mistakenly believe that if you get a stiff neck and shoulder, treatment is not required and after a few days the attack will pass on their own.

But unfortunately, this opinion is not quite right, and there are cases where in the absence of treatment, the inflammatory process spread to the muscles of the respiratory system. To keep yourself from all these complications, at the first signs of pinching you will need as soon as possible to seek help from a specialist.


Quite often people confuse myositis with banal muscles, but in fact it is a little different.

While blowing the neck symptoms are as follows:

  • the muscles of the neck begin to ache, occasionally a headache, and whiskey, also felt discomfort in the shoulder area;
  • it is impossible to turn your head and even tilt it in one direction or another;
  • can dramatically rise body temperature;
  • the appearance of runny nose, cough, sore throat and General fatigue (in that case, if pinched neck due to exposure to cold or draught).

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How dangerous this disease is

Of course, in most cases, if the neck is slightly inflamed muscles, this attack can not be treated, since, as a rule, in a few days she passes on their own, without third-party intervention. The only thing you can do – several times a day to smear her gels and ointments for sore muscles.

But in the case that inflamed a group of muscles, it can cause polymyositis or permanent muscle weakness, which then will also be quite problematic to get rid of. Man not only do not want to get up and go somewhere, but it will be hard to even get out of bed. By the way, it is worth noting that this condition can haunt a person all his life, and it often mutates itself cervical spine, especially the muscles.

And, of course, if the disease begins to progress, it can also move to the muscles of the esophagus, pharynx and larynx, leading to digestive problems and even breathing. In very severe cases may develop muscular atrophy.

How to treat

What to do while blowing the neck and if im a muscle in the neck? Immediately it should be said that today there are many ways of dealing with myositis, and treatment can be carried out with the help of modern medicines and folk remedies.

But of course, it is much wiser will not self-medicate (especially if the neck has been hurting for a few days), and make an appointment with an experienced specialist. After visual inspection will also need to tell when I get a stiff neck how many days there is a discomfort and how blown cervical.

The doctor will tell you how to treat inflamed area, what means will be most effective and whether it is possible to warm up the jamming. It must be borne in mind that, while blowing the muscle in the neck can also become inflamed and the lymph node, in this case a visit to a specialist also can not be tightened, otherwise the consequences can be very sad.

So, here is how you can cure this attack:

  • use compresses. Every day, for 4-6 days need to impose on this site compresses based on vodka, they will be warming up effect. Bandage must remain for exposure 2 hours, to exert their best in the evening, before bedtime;
  • to use gels and ointments, which reduce inflammation in muscle tissues, and also contribute to their healing. Very well-proven drug Voltaren, the cost of which is more than affordable. Also popular today is treating the gel Dolobene;
  • to do a massage. We all know that manual exposure has a beneficial effect not only on muscles but also on the state of the whole organism. Do yourself massage quite easy, and you do not need anybody’s help.

You need to remember that the treatment will need until then, until all symptoms disappear, only in this case, the myositis will pass without complications.

Folk remedies

To treat purged the neck at home, and using the methods that have been known since several centuries ago. No matter how amazing it was, but the traditional recipes still do not lose their relevance, and many people prefer to resort to their help.

Use cabbage leaves

If pinched neck, can be applied on inflamed area cabbage leaf, previously missed soda solution. As an alternative, it is also possible to miss the mark and soap. This poultice will need to be secured, wrap all with plastic and on top to impose wool scarf. Remove the blindfold can only be in the morning.

Compress with salt

This conventional method also has its admirers. You will need to heat about 7-10 tablespoons of salt in the pan, then pour it in a thick cloth, and on top to tie all with a rope. In the end, you should get some sort of pouch, it will need to apply to the sore area on his neck. It is just a couple of hours will eliminate pain and you can tilt your head.


Much wiser would be not to puzzle over how to treat purged the neck, just to prevent this.

To do this, follow these guidelines:

  • not a long time to sit in the same position, you need to move more during the day. If you work in an office, take frequent breaks and take yourself at least 5 minutes to the gym;
  • during sleep to take a comfortable position, spine should be in a straight position. You can purchase yourself pillows and mattresses of the anatomical structure;
  • to harden and just after washing periodically to turn the neck a towel soaked in cold water (literally 3 minutes);
  • not to make too sudden movements (especially in the morning).

In order not to hurt myositis, you need to dress for the weather, because if it’s hot you can always unzip the jacket and take a scarf. And, of course, to guard against drafts and in any case do not sit under the air conditioner. Then this disease is not terrible.

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