Blew the neck of a child how to treat

Drafts is a treacherous enemy, lurking everywhere. Children can run into them in the store, cinema, transport and even at home. As a result, in the morning the child may complain of difficulty turning the head and excruciating pain in the back.

Early treatment of the disease contributes to rapid recovery, freedom from pain without any negative consequences. Therefore, it is important to know how to do when I get a stiff neck in a child.

The main causes of the disease

In the case that blew the neck of the child, he complains of pain. The most common cause of such pain is hypothermia.

However, the cause of pain in the neck can and the following factors:

  • a sharp turn of the head;
  • a bad posture during sleep;
  • the prolonged strain on the muscles of the neck;
  • uncomfortable pillow.

All these factors have a negative impact on the health of the child and can cause inflammation of the cervical area.

The main signs of the disease

If the child catch a cold neck, in most cases, this indicates inflammation of the skeletal muscles. In medicine this condition is called cervical myositis. The disease leads to intoxication and the formation of inflammatory processes in the affected area.

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Children are twice as likely to be exposed to this disease. In childhood the disease is characterized by acute course and more severe signs.

As mentioned above, if lost neck, the first sign is appearance of aching pain in the morning. Appear redness and swelling on the affected side. As a result of edema or spasm of the neck muscles, the pain upon the slightest movement of his head. Pain can be felt not only in the neck area: they may spread to the shoulders, whiskey, rarely in the lumbar area.

Besides pain, you can mark and other symptoms:

  • Dizziness and migraines.
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes.
  • General weakness.
  • The tension of sore muscles.
  • Fever.

Sometimes the symptoms may be more severe, up to the formation of abscess of the neck.

Diagnosis of the disease

What to do in the morning when the child complains of pain in the cervical area? If you experience the first symptoms of the inflammation you must consult a doctor. Examined the child, after hearing the complaint, the technician will diagnose you and prescribe something to treat it. In some cases, for further diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe x-ray or electromyography.

The treatment of the disease

Only a doctor can help to cure the inflammation.

That the treatment was effective and fast, you must adhere to the following tips:

  • the patient needed rest and fixation of the neck and shoulder Department;
  • avoidance of stressful situations;
  • use a comfortable pillow;
  • the child should be in a warm room without drafts;
  • not to strain the muscles of the neck, until, until normal mobility.

Typically, comprehensive treatment, the doctor uses the following methods:

  • Drug therapy.
  • Massage.
  • Gymnastics.

Fulfilling all the requirements of the doctor, the mobility of the muscles will resume in 10 days.


Drug therapy usually consists of anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents. It is recommended that the neck be kept warm to avoid hypothermia.

To reduce pain, the doctor prescribes ointments for heating: Nikofleks, Finalgon, Apizatron or the other. After applying the above ointment, you need to wrap up and go to bed. As well as to relieve pain and treat inflammation, the doctor prescribes the following medications for internal ingestion: Nise, Nurofen, Pentalgin and other.

For regeneration of the sensitive cervical nerve fibers scarred from inflammation, can be administered acupuncture, massage, infrared treatment.


If lost back, often the doctor prescribes medical massage. With it improves blood flow, decreases muscle tension. However, massage is contraindicated in inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes.

For efficiency, it is recommended to use the following essential oils:

  • chamomile oil;
  • rosemary oil – reduces pain;
  • oil of juniper relieves inflammation and accelerates blood flow;
  • cedarwood oil – enhances blood flow and quickly reduces inflammation;
  • cinnamon oil has warming effect and contributes to the weakening of the muscle.

Before using any essential oil it is necessary to check if a baby has allergies to components.


Another method of complex treatment is physiotherapy. The tilting movement of the head in different directions, the circular movements of the head, improve circulation, relieve tension in the muscles. This gym is also used as a preventive measure, to avoid repeated pain in the cervical area.

Traditional medicines

In some cases, the treatment effectively used folk remedies. If I get a stiff neck you need to keep it warm. Before bedtime is recommended to drink hot tea to warm you up from the inside.

The most common traditional medicines are:

  • A poultice of potatoes. Boiled potatoes are mashed and put in gauze. The obtained compress applied to the neck.
  • Hot water bottle with salt. Must be heated in a pan salt, cover it in a cloth bag and apply to the inflamed area.
  • Vodka compress. Dilute in equal parts water and vodka. The received solution moisten a gauze and wrap it on the neck. Then wrap yourself in a warm scarf.
  • If the home is oil of Bay leaf can make a analgesic poultice. Mix 1 liter of warm water and 10 drops of oil. In the resulting solution must be mocity towel, roll it into a bundle and put on the affected area. After 30 minutes, the pain will decrease, and the baby will feel relief.
  • Effectively proven the infusion series. To prepare, pour boiling water 1 tablespoon of succession and leave to infuse for a few hours. The resulting drink is needed to drain and to drink before eating a quarter Cup.

All of the above traditional medicines help to reduce pain and speed up recovery.

Possible complications

Delayed treatment of the disease can lead to serious consequences: purulent inflammation, subluxation of intervertebral joints, forming a hernia between vertebrae, inflammation of the muscles in the neck area and even the esophagus. Occasionally can cause coughing and severe shortness of breath.


The disease usually is easier to prevent than to cure, so that the child was not experiencing pain in the cervical spine are recommended:

  • to dress warmly for the weather, wrapping the neck;
  • avoid drafts;
  • exercise regularly;
  • to strengthen the immune system;
  • to eat right, the diet should include vitamins.

It is also necessary that the child had a comfortable bed, especially the pillow and mattress.

In childhood you need to pay special attention to any pain symptoms. Sometimes the slightest symptoms can indicate very serious diseases. It must be remembered that a timely appeal to the pediatrician will allow you to save a child from the discomfort, discomfort and reduce the risk of serious consequences to his health.

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