Orthopedic pillow, for pregnant women

During pregnancy, a growing stomach creates an additional burden on the spine. This causes a curvature of the spinal column. It bends forward in the lumbar region and back in the chest area.

A correct and comfortable sleep position normalizes the position of the spine, relieves pain and spasm, restores blood circulation. Special orthopedic bedding helps to support the body in a physiologically healthy position.

Orthopedic pillow for pregnant women allows you to hold the body in a comfortable position, which ensures normal blood flow and relaxation of the muscles of the back and limbs. This ensures that your sleep will be comfortable and beneficial.

For a night’s rest, you need a sleep pose in which:

  • the body achieves maximum relaxation;
  • blood flow provides restoration of cells of organs and tissues.

Incorrect position of the vertebrae causes muscle constriction, spasm and pain.

What are special “pregnant” pillows?

How to choose a pillow for pregnant women: shape and size

Shops for pregnant women offer a variety of orthopedic items. What to look for when choosing them?

The shape of the bends and rollers. In orthopedic subjects, she takes into account the anatomy of the pregnant woman. In the last trimester, a woman often “seeks” a comfortable pose. An orthopedic pillow helps her in this, which can be used for comfortable sleep and daytime rest (sitting, reclining). After that, it will come in handy to care for the baby. You can put the baby to sleep in the grooves between the rollers. And closer to six months – to seat, creating support for a fragile spine.

Important: in the future, do not get too carried away with props. The limitation of the child’s mobility during wakefulness inhibits his physical development.

Dimensions – depend on the dimensions of the bed, as well as on the height of the woman, as well as on her favorite sleep position. The dimensions of the pillow for pregnant women are measured by the width of the roller and the total length. The standard width of the roller is 35 cm. It is designed for women of average complexion. For women with a small tummy, a roller about 30 cm wide will be more comfortable. Textiles of such non-standard sizes are sewn independently. Patterns pillows for pregnant women are simple.

How to use a pillow for pregnant women

In order for the sleep to become really comfortable, you need to find a comfortable right position.

During sleep, all muscles should relax, so a pillow should be placed under those parts of the body that are most stressed.

  • If your lower back hurts, the best discharge of the spine during pregnancy is lying on your side, with your upper leg resting on a soft support in the form of a cushion roll. In this case, the lower leg may be flat, and may lie under the cushion roller.
  • If your legs are swollen and tired, you need to put the roller under the knees or under the ankles.
  • If discomfort is felt in the neck, a roller is placed under it to stretch the cervical vertebrae a little.
Important: during pregnancy, intuitive sensations become aggravated. Therefore, you can trust your body and choose the pose that you like. For the same reason, you should avoid those poses that seem uncomfortable. Discomfort often forms with blood flow disorders and poor blood supply. Therefore, the main criterion in the question of how to sleep on a pillow for pregnant women is their own feelings and comfort.
How to sleep on a pillow for pregnant women

Statistics confirm that only 24% of women sleep on their backs. The remaining 76% (and this is the majority) sleep on their side or stomach. In the second and third trimesters, the pose on the abdomen is excluded. Lying on your back is physiologically wrong. Therefore, the most suitable sleeping position for a pregnant woman is on her side.

Important: when a woman lies on her back, the fetus compresses the inferior vena cava. This leads to a general deterioration in well-being and impaired blood supply to the fetus.

However, the position of the trunk on the side is unsteady. Before the invention of orthopedic bedding, pregnant women placed various rolls of rolled blankets under their backs. Modern women have special pillows for pregnant women.

The use of pillows for feeding

How convenient is it to use a pillow for pregnant women after childbirth to feed and care for the baby?

It is quite convenient and practical, since it performs many functions. You can feed the baby, put him to bed or limit the edge of the sofa with a high roller (relevant for children under 3 months who have not yet learned to roll over).

Ease of feeding the baby will depend on the shape of the pillow. A bend (U or C) is required for the baby to be conveniently positioned. But a flat roller or a shape G for the baby will be uncomfortable (a small child will roll off of them). With an evenly extended roller it is convenient to mark the edge of the sofa or massage the baby’s tummy.

Often, mother’s choice of pillows for pregnant women comes down to sewing bedding with her own hands. How to sew a horseshoe, bagel or banana?

What are the pillows for pregnant women?

The pillow for pregnant and lactating mothers takes various curved forms – a horseshoe, bagel, boomerang or banana. What to choose among a wide variety of textile products?

Let’s compare the different forms of maternity pillows that stores offer.

U-shaped pillow for pregnant women – horseshoe

This is a multifunctional pillow for pregnant and lactation. The large curved shape supports the body on both sides (which is especially important for sleeping on the side), evenly relieves stress, and allows you to relax.

A large soft horseshoe is used for sleeping and relaxing.

If you are used to sleeping on your side – it is laid along the bed, so that the bend falls under the head. If you want to relax with raised legs – the ends of the horseshoe cross under the knees. You can put your foot on the bottom of the rollers. Thus, you will evenly distribute the pressure of the limbs on the pelvis. In addition, such a soft horseshoe does not need to be shifted if at night you want to turn from side to side.

In the future, when feeding, you can sit inside the “horseshoe” and bend one of its sides under the baby’s back. The shape of the horseshoe is also useful when the child learns to sit (it can be seated in a U-shaped recess).

The pregnant horseshoe pillow is large and requires a wide, spacious bed. Issue several dimensional modifications. The length of the horseshoe can be 280 cm or 340, 380 cm. The length is chosen depending on the height. If you are short (1 m 60 cm), 280 cm are enough, which are curved in the shape of the letter U. If your height is higher, choose pillows with a total length of 340 or 380 cm. The width of the roller in most pillows is standard – 35 cm.

In addition to the U-shape, there are several similar varieties of pillows – in the form of a bagel (letter C) or bagel with an additional bend (letter G).

C-shaped pillow for pregnant women

C-shaped is called bagel. It is used as follows: they are placed along the bed, one bend is placed under the body, the second is placed under the knees, the stomach is placed in the space between the ends of the letter C.

In the future, inside the C-shape, you can put the baby to sleep. In the first month of life, newborn children sleep comfortably in such a limited space.

L shaped pillow

This is a roller with a curved end. It is placed along the body, while you can have both a bend under the head and a bend to the legs. In the latter version, it is possible not only to lean the body on it, but also to throw a leg.

Derived from the L-shaped pillow – hook J, or a flat roller without bent ends – Form I.

Forms U, C and D are large pillows for pregnant women. If you have a narrow sofa, you need small sizes and shapes (for example, a boomerang and a banana).

V or boomerang

This is a large soft corner, which is placed under the stomach, back, neck, under the head or legs. It can be bent to an almost straight line or bent into a small horseshoe.

The advantage of a boomerang is mobility. It is convenient to take such a small accessory with you on a trip or guests.

Maternity Banana Pillow

Another option that does not need a spacious bed is a banana. It differs from a flat roller by a slight bend. Stacked under the back, around the abdomen or under the legs.

What is the best pillow for pregnant women – horseshoe, bagel, banana or other modifications? And is it possible to combine the advantages of all these forms in one bedding?

Maternity Transform Pillow

In order not to buy several different rolls and mattresses, you can purchase one transformer pillow. It has three parts – a “bagel” and two straight rollers that can be connected to each other or used separately.

An orthopedic item can take different forms (horseshoe, boomerang, flat roller):

  • U – is made up of three elements.
  • V – from two separate straight rollers.
  • I – also from two straight rollers.

If you use a separately curved part, you get a shape close to C. It is convenient to feed the baby on it and put it to bed.

Which filler is best for pregnant pillows

The filler material must be completely safe for the woman and the unborn baby. Holofiber or polystyrene balls are used as a filler. What to choose? Which filler is best for pregnant pillows?

Synthetic fluff or holofiber

Holofiber is a synthetic fluff. It consists of synthetic spiral threads. When squeezing, the threads are compacted, when the load is removed, they are straightened and get their original shape. This property to restore shape after exertion allows the use of holofiber for filling orthopedic pillows.

Synthetic fluff is a very soft and springy filler. It wrinkles easily and also easily restores its original shape. In addition, the material combines the ability to retain heat and let air through (holofiber “breathes” like real fluff). Which does not create a greenhouse effect and does not cause sweating.

There is no synthetic glue in holofiber. It is a hypoallergenic material.

Polystyrene balls

Another type of filler is synthetic polystyrene balls with a diameter of about 1 mm. Such pillows are more rigid. With normal filling, they hold their shape better, so the roller can be given various bends (it will hold them).

In addition, polystyrene is an excellent insulator. It blocks not only heat loss, but also any air exchange. Therefore, the pillow for pregnant women with balls is “hot”. Polystyrene foam rounds block the removal of heat, in hot weather, mom sweats on these balls, and then her child (if he is put on the same pillow). If the air temperature in the room is relatively low, then polystyrene balls are quite comfortable.

A small caveat: for those who are very sensitively sleeping, rustling balls against each other can cause discomfort.

And yet: some manufacturers put an insufficient number of balls. Such a roller does not hold its shape and requires filling polystyrene foam filler.

Pillow Case Material

Pillowcase for pillows for pregnant women should be sewn from natural material. It is in contact with the skin of a woman, and this touch should be pleasant and useful.

Therefore, a pillowcase is sewn from cotton or calico.

When buying a pillow, you should buy with it two replaceable pillowcases of a similar shape, sewn from natural material.

How to sew a pillow for pregnant women with your own hands

The anatomical pillow for pregnant women is not cheap, but it’s easy to sew. Therefore, the easiest and most economical option is to sew the selected shape in size, from the most pleasant material of your favorite color.

How to sew a pillow for pregnant women with your own hands?

  • A pattern of a pillow for pregnant women with a u-shape is drawn. The total length of the horseshoe is measured along the outer edge and distributed over 3 sections. With a total length of 340 cm, the length of the pillow on the bed will be 150 cm, the width of each roller is 35 cm.
  • Material is being cut out. For sewing, two parts of the same shape are needed. They can be cut both along the threads of length and along the threads of width.
  • Two forms are sewn together from the wrong side around the perimeter. In one of the sides, the horseshoes leave a stretch of 20-30 cm without a stitch. A pillowcase is twisted through it and filled with holofiber.
  • The final touch – a pillow for pregnant women with their own hands is complemented by two pillowcases that sew on the same patterns, but with an additional tolerance of 2 cm on each side.

Orthopedic bedding is your healthy sleep during pregnancy. The very first experience of their application shows positive results. A special pillow for sleeping for pregnant women will become an indispensable assistant, companion of a night’s rest. Allows you to get enough sleep every day and be in a good mood.

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