The baby has reduced activity before giving birth and calms down

Carefully listening to your body, the expectant mother several days before the expected date of birth can notice that the baby has died down. His movements became less active and painful, he stopped sticking his legs out of his stomach.

Many believe that before childbirth, the baby always calms down, preparing for the upcoming birth. But is it true, or should you beware?

Reasons for decreased activity

The decrease in the activity of the child is due to several factors:

  1. Increasing the size of the fetus – it simply does not have room for active action.
  2. Reducing the amount of water – the less amniotic fluid, the more difficult it is for a child to move in the uterus.
  3. Changing the position of the fetus – before childbirth, the child takes an upright position and rests with his legs against the bottom of the uterus, where there are no pain receptors. Even with the vigorous activity of the fetus, a woman may not feel a stir and consider that the baby has calmed down.

The listed reasons for the child to die before birth are within normal limits, so do not worry.

Negative reasons

But the behavior of the child before childbirth can change for other reasons:

  • Lack of oxygen;
  • Low water;
  • Death of the fetus.

In this case, the child can both subside, and, conversely, start more active activity, causing severe discomfort to the woman.

When should I see a doctor?

If the fetal behavior has not changed much, then do not panic. Most likely, the baby is just uncomfortable pushing his legs and arms, so he humbly lies in one position, only occasionally stretching his limbs. If the child has radically changed his behavior, his tremors are felt less than three times a day, then you need to see a doctor. Specialists will conduct an ultrasound examination, listen to the heart to see the cause of the remission.

With too much activity of the fetus, one should not endure painful sensations either. Hyperactivity of the baby speaks of hypoxia, that he lacks oxygen. If measures are not taken in a timely manner, serious damage to the brain and nervous system and even fetal death are possible.


With a slight decrease in the activity of the fetus of women, it is worth giving up physical activity and resting more. Tasty and healthy nutrition will give the baby a lot of nutrients that he needs to prepare for childbirth. In order to prevent hypoxia, outdoor walks are useful. Just do not overdo it – two hours a day is enough. In this case, you need to take breaks and relax on the bench, so as not to overwork.

With a decrease in fetal activity, it is recommended to abandon sexual activity. Despite the positive aspects of sex, the mother needs a rest. It is better to spend time in good company, recharge with positive emotions and not think about the bad.

If the doctor finds serious deviations from the norm, then the expectant mother can be sent to a cesarean or put in a hospital for storage. During the treatment period, drugs are administered to the woman to maintain the life of the fetus, increase water and the amount of oxygen.

The expectant mother should listen to herself for all 9 months. Particular vigilance is required after 20 weeks, when the baby’s movements are felt distinctly. By the aftershocks, you can judge the condition of the baby, his health. And if he becomes ill, then he will tell about this by a change in behavior.

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