Massage of the lacrimal canal in newborns

Lacrimation helps young children with the normal functioning of the eyes, moisturizing them to the necessary extent. With the help of tears, particles of dust and other small particles are washed, which can injure a sensitive baby cornea.

Reasons for channel obstruction :

  • congenital blockage of the mucous plug;
  • infectious diseases of the eyes;
  • inflammatory eye diseases;
  • mechanical injuries;
  • developmental abnormalities.

symptoms :

  1. discharge from the eyes of a purulent and mucous character;
  2. inflammation of the lacrimal sac;
  3. swelling in the area of ​​the lacrimal glands;
  4. redness of the eyes.

All of the above symptoms can eliminate eye massage in a newborn.

Parents often encounter a disease such as dacryocystitis in newborns, massage in this case is a prerequisite.

Massage of the lacrimal canal in newborns refers to conservative methods of treatment and, often, when performed correctly, eliminates the blockage of the canal itself.

Not every mom knows how to do eye massage for a newborn. But you can easily learn it at home.

If the eye of a newborn is festering, massage is carried out in the most sterile conditions. Necessarily trimmed nails, you can use sterile gloves.

Immediately before starting the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly, preferably with a disinfectant. It is necessary to prepare the baby, relax him, create a favorable atmosphere. The child should lie on a flat surface on his back. Best if it is a changing table.

Massage of the eye in a newborn should be carried out in moderation with strong and confident movements.

Massage technique
  • massage of the lacrimal canal in a newborn begins with what we are looking for in the inner corner of the eye a lacrimal sac;
  • it is with the index finger that we grope the tubercle, and the finger is located in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the inner;
  • with a light touch of a fingertip we press on the tubercle;
  • if the newborn’s eyes fester, massage with sterile cotton wool or a napkin and remove purulent discharge;
  • we wash directly the eye itself from pus with furacilin or chamomile;
  • we massage the channel to the inner corner of the eye starting from the lacrimal sac and moving upward to the superciliary arches;
  • with light movements, massage from the inner corner of the eye down towards the tip of the nose, this is necessary to rupture the embryonic film.

It is very important to note that massage of the lacrimal sac in newborns should be carried out with jerky movements that contribute to the release of contents from the channel. Repeat the technique about 15 times.

Often, in the case of a diagnosis such as dacryocystitis in newborns, massage is the most effective treatment method.

Eye massage in a newborn is a fairly simple procedure, but no less responsible. In order not to worsen the condition of the baby, the procedure is carried out strictly according to the above instructions. The timing of the recovery of the child depends on the correctness of its implementation.

If you have any questions, then your doctor will explain how to do eye massage to a newborn. Seeing the technique of its implementation, you can easily repeat these simple manipulations at home.

A massage for the eyes of newborns can also be carried out by a specialist. To do this, you must first make an appointment with him at your clinic.

According to many doctors, massage of the eye canal in a newborn with its timeliness will save the child from many consequences of blockage in the future.

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