How real contractions begin before childbirth

9 month pregnant? Waiting for the appearance of your long-awaited baby? But you do not know how to understand that childbirth and labor in front of them begin? Do not know when the true and false fights will begin?

Then this article is what you need. We will tell you what contractions before childbirth are and how they begin. You will also understand how to distinguish real prenatal contractions from training, and most importantly, you will learn what to do if it is time for you to give birth.

Harbingers of contractions

9 months is the most difficult month for the entire period of pregnancy. These last days and weeks are the most difficult for a woman, not only physically, but emotionally and psychologically, the first signs of childbirth appear. In the last month of pregnancy, the woman’s body begins to change, reporting that he is preparing for childbirth.

When 3-4 weeks remain before childbirth, training contractions begin in some pregnant women. Women may experience periodic pain in the lower abdomen. These are harbingers of contractions, they look like a spasm, with tingling in the groin.

2 weeks before giving birth, a woman’s stomach may go down. This change tells us that the child is ready to be born. The last month of fruiting is exactly the time when the pregnant woman feels that false contractions begin before childbirth. They may manifest in pain or discomfort.

But it’s common for pregnant women to feel the pressure of the tummy for several weeks, this can also be a sign of precursors. Harbingers from fights is very easy to distinguish. Unlike true contractions, they are short-lived, not intense, erratic, begin long before the expected date of birth, from about 24 weeks. They also differ in that the pain and unpleasant sensations go away if you change your body position or take a warm shower. The harbingers are most likely lying down.

The beginning of true fights

Childbirth begins with labor. In order to fully understand what the sensations will be like when the contractions begin, you need to give birth to a baby. And all the same, the intensity, strength of sensations and how the contractions begin in pregnant women with their first-born and in second-born ones can significantly differ.

But let’s still try to understand how the contractions begin before childbirth. The uterus produces rhythmic contractions. A woman can feel pressure in the lower abdomen, which then spreads throughout the abdomen. Some women may feel slight aching pain in the lower abdomen, while others may not feel it at all. It all depends on the woman’s body. However, after some time, after the contractions begin, sensations intensify. The pain can get stronger. Read more about how women can feel during fights?

It is worth noting that the true contractions in pregnant women can be recognized by the following signs:

  • they are more frequent (for example, every 15 minutes);
  • their intensity increases;
  • the pain does not go away with a change in body position;
  • the time between bouts is constantly decreasing.
What to do during fights?

When experiencing true contractions during pregnancy, be sure that you will see your baby soon. Until the contractions become regular, take care of personal hygiene, fees for the maternity ward and notifications to relatives. With constant changes in time between contractions, walk or lie on your side (but not on your back), try to sit changing your position. Do not forget to breathe correctly. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Massage your lower back. Stroke your stomach.

It is FORBIDDEN to eat or take any medicine, to be in a horizontal position, to press on the hip joint. If your condition worsened, bloody discharge appeared, you feel dizzy and you no longer feel the baby, or vice versa feel his movements, then you need to get to the hospital as soon as possible, it is advisable to call an ambulance. The main thing is not to worry and make informed decisions. Monitor your condition and the condition of the child.

It is impossible to know up to a minute how often fights begin, all individually. However, one must know at what interval between contractions one should begin to gather at the maternity hospital. If the interval between contractions is less than 10-7 minutes, you need to urgently call an ambulance and go to the hospital.

How to relieve pain

Most women are afraid of labor due to pain. This pain can be mitigated by the thought that in this way the baby will be born. To console pain, you can learn to control this process.

With proper breathing, you will greatly reduce pain. You need to breathe deeply and evenly, you need to concentrate on exhaling. Imagine that with each exhalation the pain goes away. More on how to relieve pain during contractions?

You will also feel less pain while holding your loved one’s hand. Try to get distracted, talk on different topics, answer the questions asked. Massage your lower back at the same time.

Between fights, try to relax. The main thing is not to be afraid of pain, do not think about it. This is a natural process during childbirth. Remember that soon you will see your long-awaited baby and will be happy holding it in your hands.


Childbirth is a natural physiological process, it is laid down by nature itself, it certainly stands at the origins of all mankind. Do not be afraid of this process, do not wind up yourself in advance, think about the consequences. Trust yourself and your feelings, this is the key to the ideal birth of a child.

Childbirth is divided into 3 stages. The first is contractions in pregnant women. The second – a more frequent and prolonged contraction of the uterus, painless pulls appear. The third stage of labor begins from the moment the uterus opens and the baby is ready to be born. As soon as you hear the cry of your baby, see him, childbirth is considered completed.

The key to an ideal and painless birth is your knowledge, good preparation for the appearance of the baby. If you know how, where the birth will take place, who will receive it, then you can be sure that everything will happen well. After all, it is equally important to choose a maternity hospital and a doctor in advance. Having learned in advance what awaits you, you will be ready for everything. Soon you will receive incredible happiness from becoming a mother. All in your hands. The main thing is to believe, be prepared and not be afraid of anything.

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