Pampers for boys

If you look into the recent past, you can recall the diaper, which even with the most careful care of the baby caused diaper rash and dermatitis. Then came disposable diapers – it would seem that young parents should breathe a sigh of relief.

But then rumors spread that diapers were harmful for boys: they could cause male infertility.

So what should young mothers do – buy several sets of diapers and gauze or give preference to a diaper that is convenient in all respects? Most choose the second option. What diapers are better for a boy and whether they are actually harmful – we will talk about this in this article.

How to choose diapers for a boy

So that disposable diapers do not harm the child, you need to choose them correctly, taking into account some features:

  1. The quality of the diaper.  Always choose diapers from trusted manufacturers who do not spare money on testing their products and undergo special checks for compliance with high standards. No need to worry that diapers from leading companies are overpriced: each manufacturer has its own line of products for any family budget, so the best diapers for boys are not necessarily expensive.
  2. Type of fasteners.  The presence of reusable fasteners on the diaper is really practical, because without damage to the diaper, the mother can always check the condition of the baby’s skin, the fullness of the diaper, just fix the fasteners. There are diapers-pants for boys, which are made without seams and Velcro, it is convenient to wear them for older children.
  3. Comfortable rubber bands on the legs.  This is also an important criterion for choosing diapers. Soft and elastic gums do not rub delicate skin, reliably hold fluid inside.
  4. Occupancy sensor.  Pampers often have indicators – special stripes, which, changing their color, indicate how full the diaper is. This helps mom to change diapers to a new one on time, avoiding the development of the greenhouse effect.
  5. Antiallergic additives.  If the child is prone to allergies, you can choose a special series of diapers for sensitive skin. Typically, the inside of such diapers has a protective coating in the form of a hypoallergenic powder.

In any case, to choose diapers for a boy, you need to try several models from various manufacturers and opt for the most suitable option.

Influence of diapers on boys: myths and reality

The advantages of disposable diapers are obvious, but the most important advantage is that the diaper is comfortable. The modern selection of diapers on the shelves of pharmacies and shops is impressive, but are diapers harmful for boys?

Let’s analyze the most common diaper stereotypes.

The skin in the diaper does not “breathe”

There is an opinion that the skin of a baby dressed in a diaper loses the flow of air, stops breathing, which is especially harmful for boys. But manufacturers of diapers claim that a system has been created in a modern diaper that does not allow liquids to go out, but at the same time does not interfere with the skin of the child in contact with air.

The fact is that the outer surface of the disposable diaper has a porous structure that does not interfere with air circulation, moreover, it removes pairs of skin and feces of the child, as a result of which his skin remains dry. But this effect of “breathing” cannot last long, the diaper cannot be left on the child longer than the prescribed period, otherwise you can really get the greenhouse effect and all the side effects resulting from it.

Diapers are safer than diapers

Many young mothers are sure that diapers are safer for the baby than diapers, because they are completely made from natural material. Naturalness is certainly a powerful argument, but are they really that safe?

The purpose of the diaper is to minimize any contact of the baby’s skin with a moist environment that can cause irritation of delicate skin. A modern diaper is able to absorb a large amount of liquid, while the baby’s skin will remain dry. The diaper gets wet instantly, and if you do not notice and fix it right away, diaper rash cannot be avoided.

Pampers bend legs

There is an opinion that in babies who have been wearing disposable diapers since birth, the legs become more curved. But this is another myth, most likely invented by the followers of tight swaddling. In fact, the bending of the legs in a child has nothing to do with diapers, usually this pathology is caused by rickets or heredity.

Pampers cause impotence and male infertility in the future

This myth is the largest among the previous ones. It has appeared since the advent of disposable diapers on the market. However, there is no reason to argue that this is true.

Yes, diapers increase the temperature of the scrotum of a boy, but in the course of research it was found out that this does not exceed 1 °. In addition, the seminiferous tubules of boys open no earlier than at the age of 7, remaining up to this age at the waiting stage and not fulfilling their direct function. Therefore, the harm of diapers for boys, especially for their future reproductive system, can be doubted from a medical point of view. So the answer to the question of whether diapers can be given to boys will definitely be positive.

Pampers for boys: features of use

How to wear diapers for a boy? In principle, there are practically no differences between boys and girls on this issue, the main thing is to pay attention to the comfortable arrangement of intimate organs. When putting on a diaper, try not to transfer the skin of the testicles, otherwise the baby will not like it.

The process of changing diapers is as follows:

  • Prepare all the accessories required to change the diaper.
  • Remove the old diaper from the child, cleanse the skin with wet wipes or wash, treat the skin folds with baby cream or powder. Then the baby should lie naked for several minutes.
  • After taking an air bath, put on a diaper, raising the baby’s legs and slipping the product under his ass. The diaper is spread between the legs of the child and fastened with Velcro at the right distance.

Using disposable diapers, it is important to follow these recommendations:

  • The size of the diaper should be appropriate for the weight and preferably the gender of the baby.
  • You need to buy diapers only in specialized stores or pharmacies.
  • At the time of purchase, you need to check the integrity of the packaging and the shelf life of the products. It is undesirable to take disposable diapers individually.
  • You can not use one diaper several times.
  • The diaper must be replaced every 4 hours, whether it is full or not.
  • Be sure to change the diapers to do air baths.
  • If the child is sick and has a fever, diapers should not be used.
Which diapers are better?

Modern pediatricians argue that with the proper use of disposable diapers, a child can not get any harm, regardless of their gender. Modern manufacturers of famous brands provide customers with a wide range of diapers designed for boys, which are primarily safe for the health of their genitourinary system.

Among young mothers, Pampers diapers and panties for boys are popular, Huggies, Libero, Moony and many others are also available. The kid will definitely be comfortable in them – they are created taking into account the anatomical features of the future man, therefore the absorbent material is located in them in a special way.

So, disposable diapers are convenient and practical to use. When asked if diapers are bad for boys, the answer is no. If young parents have mastered how to properly put on a diaper for a boy, and follow all hygiene rules when changing a diaper, then there is no risk for the child. Do not follow the myths and dubious recommendations: choosing a disposable diaper for your child, the young mother does not risk anything.

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