Manifestations and treatment of osteoarthritis of the costal-vertebral joints

Arthrosis of the rib-vertebral joints – degenerative disease that is usually detected at the level of articulation 9 – 10 ribs with the vertebrae. Less common in the region of 3 – 5 ribs. In other places, not shown.

Osteoarthritis this area has its reasons, the most common of which is age-related changes that occur in the elderly. The second precipitating factor should be considered as the wear and tear of the joints in athletes who play without a well planned workout schedule.

The third reason is the metabolic disorders, resulting in nourishment of the cartilage was deteriorating and the ability of recovering severely disturbed. And, finally, to the group of causes can be attributed to degenerative disorders that occur in the area of cartilage tissue.

Pathology is primary or secondary. The primary form occurs as a natural process of aging and appears in older people. Secondary diagnosed at a young age and is a consequence of another disease of cartilage.

There are some risk factors that can cause this pathology. These include:

  1. Flat feet.
  2. Incorrect posture.
  3. Weight.
  4. An improper diet.
  5. A sedentary lifestyle.
  6. Constant sedentary work.

If a person who is not accustomed to prolonged and regular physical exercise, has to do, then this could be the cause of this condition after the first muscle tension.

How does

Arthrosis of the rib-vertebral joints of the thoracic in the first occurs without any symptoms. Initially can present complaints of intermittent chest pain, a little stiffness in the morning. All the pain concentrated in the area of the sternum, at the rear of back they do not appear. Also discomfort can occur when a person tilts or movements in which is compressed the chest.

In the morning the pain does not appear immediately, but only after the occurrence of the load. In the evening, at the initial stage, the discomfort is always there, but after a long rest fully tested.

With the development of the disease appears shortness of breath. Any movement of the ribs causes pain.

Among other symptoms are most often:

  1. Spasm of the muscles of the diaphragm during breathing.
  2. The local temperature rise at the junction of the ribs with the vertebrae.
  3. Swelling of the joints during a flare-up.
  4. Starts creaking and crunching, which is most clearly heard when turning or bending.
  5. To reduce all of these symptoms appears the stoop.

Among the common complications can be called the infringement of spinal nerve roots. Because of this, other symptoms with feeling numbness, tingling, burning sensation. Develops a malfunction in the internal organs. Often there are disorders of the stomach and intestines, vascular diseases, deteriorates the condition of skin, hair and nails.


Deforming arthrosis of the rib-vertebral joints is diagnosed quite simply. In the first place going to the anamnesis of life and illness of a patient. The doctor asks about the beginning of the disease, the first symptoms and how they evolved.

For the diagnosis at the initial stage of the disease it is better to use MRI. Can be identified and other inflammatory diseases of cartilage, e.g., knee or elbow.

Radiography allows correct diagnosis only at a late stage when the destruction of bone tissue. Changes in cartilage this method to identify the impossible.


Osteoarthritis bootastic joints, edge-vertebral joints and usually long-term treated in hospital. Drug therapy allows you to get quick relief from pain and inflammation. Be sure to apply chondroprotectors, but to get the desired effect from such treatment must be not less than 6 months. To eliminate muscle spasms used muscle relaxants.

All drugs can be prescribed only by a physician. Self-medication can cause complications, cure that will not work.

Surgical intervention in this pathology is rarely. If pain cannot be removed with medication, physiotherapy, in which the nerve endings affects UHF. If this procedure does not bring results, then surgery is performed, especially if the cause of the osteoarthritis was the trauma of the spine.

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