How to survive stress, first aid for stress

There are several kinesilogical ways to relieve such a stressful state. The first thing we must do is restore our breath.

“They don’t wave their fists after a fight,” reads folk wisdom. Remember how many times you quarreled with someone, you thought, and then you had to tell her then to answer, how could I not have guessed… It’s simple.

5 ways to quickly and easily survive unpleasant emotions

During stress, our breathing becomes shallow, dizziness, tremor of the extremities occurs, blood pressure changes, the adrenal glands produce a large amount of adrenaline, the kidneys work in an increased mode, the heart rate increases, the work of the gastrointestinal tract changes to spasm and pain, etc. and, most importantly, the volume of blood circulation decreases throughout the body, including in the brain.

Some in an unpleasant situation simply fall into a stupor and stop thinking.

Method number 1

Take any piece of paper and roll it into a bag, a plastic bag, a balloon – everything that comes to hand, and breathe into it. This is not just that, the level of CO2 will increase sharply in the blood, thereby transmitting a signal to the brain about oxygen deficiency and, accordingly, an impulse to the lung receptors. After some time, the inhalation-exhalation will become deep, and oxygen will enter the blood.

Method number 2

Use the Rose-Candle breath. The first fragrance is inhaled through the nose through the full breast. On the burning flame, exhale through the mouth, trying to blow it out. Or take a piece of paper and, holding it in front of you, exhale so that it bends. Breathe this way for about 15-20 minutes.

Method number 3

Lie down or sit in a comfortable chair. Place one hand on the back of the head and the other on the forehead. Take a deep breath in. Squeeze your head and think about the situation. Sit in this position until you stop perceiving the situation sharply. Wait for the pulsation of blood in the head.

Method number 4

Alternately close and open one or the other nostril. Focus on breathing – so you can quickly relieve unpleasant feelings of stress.

Method number 5

Go out into the fresh air for at least five minutes or open a window. Best of all, if you have the opportunity to calmly walk, breathe and think about the situation – remember, there are no hopeless situations!

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