Colitis treatment folk remedies

Many people suffer from bloating, recurrent abdominal pain, ailments and diarrhea alternating with constipation. These symptoms are often manifestations of chronic colitis.

Often, tired of the endless drugs and procedures, people are searching for recipes of traditional medicine are trying to find grass for colitis with constipation to replace their traditional and order the overexposed treatment.

But whether to do it, is it possible to treat chronic inflammation of the intestine traditional methods? Some of the recipes can be dangerous and why? Analyze in detail the most popular recipes.

Colitis: what’s the problem?

The term “colitis” refers to a group of inflammatory lesions of the colon with predominantly chronic. The cause of the inflammation can be not always infectious in nature. Often, colitis can have drug, ischemic or toxic origin, there are forms with not fully understood mechanism of occurrence.

The flow colitis are divided into two groups – acute or chronic, depending on this varies greatly symptoms, severity of symptoms and methods of treatment. An acute illness is severe and quite severe, unpleasant symptoms, but passes relatively quickly, the gradual elimination of the influence factor. Typically it is pain in the abdomen, violations of the chair, streaks of mucus and blood in stool, nausea and false urgency (tenesmus) to empty.

Chronic colitis occurs with periods of exacerbation similar to the previous form, and attenuation, when the manifestations of lead problems stool – constipation, or they are alternating with diarrhea, may experience bloating or pain. Chronic colitis affects many people after 40-50 years, but to the doctor with such a delicate disease, many are in no hurry, preferring to suffer or to be treated independently.

How to treat colitis doctors?

During exacerbation of colitis are often treated in hospital, proctology offices or infectious diseases hospitals. The important role of the withdrawn diet as part of treatment. From food in the acute period excludes all food and products that may irritate the rectum mechanically, chemically or affect peristalsis. Food is pureed, steam or boiled, it is eaten in small portions 5-6 times a day. In the colon during treatment, it is important to exclude the processes of fermentation and gas formation and therefore removed from the diet of beans, cabbage, fresh white bread, sodas.

No change in diet no drug activities, and folk methods of treatment will not be effective.

For each form of colitis select your treatment depending on the causes that led to inflammation. In addition, a correction of the microbial biocenosis of the intestine, and also struggle with constipation and bloating, pain syndrome.

If necessary, antibiotic treatment, they are picked individually, conduct pre-crops. After a course of treatment therapy, biologics, which will help in restoring the microbial flora and correction of the chair.

Is it possible to cure colitis folk remedies

Often you can find a variety of recipes for the treatment of chronic colitis injury people’s recipes and alternative medicine. The doctors say that in addition to the basic treatment and after discussion with the physician, concomitant therapy, many traditional recipes are acceptable.

But it is important to remember that herbs, enema, drugs and various herbal teas should not replace traditional treatment and supervision of a physician.

Extreme caution need to be applied herbal medicine in the stage of attenuation of symptoms in the acute stage, traditional medicine is banned! Usually recipes of alternative medicine applicable in remission, along with a supporting doctor’s appointments, observance of diet and regimen.

What are the pros and cons of national treatment?

We must not deny folk methods of treatment and positive effect of herbal therapy on the course of colitis. Doctors quite recognize the use of medicinal herbs and some treatment methods. This is due to the fact that natural ingredients are softer, have quite a positive effect in fighting inflammation, bloating and digestive disorders.

Due to the plant components is delicately and gently eliminate constipation, as part of medicines also has a vegetable base. From vegetable raw materials with fewer side effects, the effect is not that dramatic, and the cost of plant materials is much less than many traditional medicines. Often plant compounds enhance and prolong the action of medicines.

Many healers indicate the benefit of their therapies and prescriptions, often forgetting to say about the cons of this therapy, complications and contraindications. And they are also missing.

First of all, it side effects from taking certain herbs, folk medicines and procedures. Do not think that in contrast to conventional medicines, herbal remedies are devoid of them. For each plant there are not only indications but also a number of contraindications.

So, some plants are poisonous if used in high doses or incorrectly, they can lead to the formation of cumulative toxic effects and adverse individual reactions. In addition, we cannot exclude the presence of Allergy to the plant material, it is especially probable when using multicomponent fees and infusions. Therefore, all treatment options should be discussed with your doctor, to use any of the recipes only after approval of a specialist.

Particular caution should be exercised when treating people’s techniques in children, pregnant women and nursing mothers and people of advanced and old age, in the presence of metabolic abnormalities, hereditary diseases and existing related pathologies (diabetes, hypertension).

What is the impact of popular recipes for colitis

Strictly prohibited any national treatment at suspicion on oncological pathology of the intestine. In this situation, you need not to waste time treating questionable recipes, and to see a doctor and be examined.

Orientation of action of different drugs can be in three directions:

  • Impact on causes of colitis (microbial component, ischemic, neurological effects, the effects of poor nutrition, stress, physical stress)
  • influence on the basic mechanisms leading to inflammation, suppression of inflammatory responses, reducing their intensity.
  • elimination of unpleasant symptoms that accompany colitis (problems with the chair, especially chronic constipation, to restore the microbial balance of the intestine, remove pain and flatulence, cramps).

All activities are aimed to introduce the disease to the stage of long-term remission, to prolong it as long as possible.

The use of bee products for colitis

Among the recipes in the treatment of colitis leads the use of honey and propolis, bee products. No one will argue about the usefulness of these products, they have natural antimicrobial components, which help in healing of wounds, have nutritional value and stimulate the immune system. Additional effects have anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action, aid in the normalization of stool.

The application of these methods has a number of contraindications:

  • allergic to bee products,
  • diabetes mellitus of both types, metabolic syndrome,
  • problems with the pancreas, in which typical sharp fluctuations in blood glucose
  • neoplastic processes in the intestine and any other organs.

In the treatment of bee products achieved certain goals, if you use safe recipes and to coordinate their actions with the doctor. So, honey and propolis normalize peristalsis, helping in the fight against constipation, they stimulate the immune system and General body resistance, improve the condition of the patient, inhibit inflammation at the stage of its decay.

In treatment, the use of propolis in its pure form and in tinctures inside, and use mikroklizm with him. If the first method doctors usually have nothing against that, the use of enemas, even with the healing components in colitis is not warranted.

Frequent use of enemas leads to disruption of the microbial flora, intestinal motility, suppression of defecation, which will only worsen the problem of constipation. So proctology is not recommended to use enema!

Acceptable methods for the treatment of colitis propolis is taking it in. Some have recommended chewing propolis, using it as chewing gum with the subsequent no such remaining wax. This is done before meals, for 20-30 minutes to active substances affect the mucous membranes.

Caution should be taken to the alcoholic extracts of propolis, they are not recommended for use in children, pregnant women and people with abnormalities of the liver. Especially if it is undiluted in liquid tincture used inside. We should replace it with aqueous solutions of propolis or oil, dissolving it in milk. The rate of infusion of 10 g of propolis is taken 100 ml of liquid.

Med for colitis used in pure form (with the exception of allergies) or add in place of sugar in herbal or regular tea.

The use of Shilajit colitis

Often in the treatment of various pathologies of the digestive system using Shilajit. It’s an organic substance containing a resin and mineral oil, and a set of organic matter of different origin. A solid mass of dark color is widely used in alternative medicine, although data on its efficacy confirmed by scientific research, is still not received. In the absence of individual intolerance to the use of this tool in the complex treatment, using as aqueous infusions.

It is believed that Shilajit forms analgesic, regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects, reduces the unpleasant symptoms of colitis, bloating, disorders of the chair.

The course of treatment it is 30 days, used no more than 0.1 g per reception.

Contrary to the assertions of the adherents of folk medicine, allowing the treatment of colitis and enterocolitis in the acute stage of this remedy, doing this is strictly forbidden. Such treatment, especially if they are replaced are shown in the period of exacerbation of the substance lead to the formation of complications and worsening of the condition.

Herbs, charges colitis

Quite effective in the attenuation time of exacerbation and remission are herbs and fees from them, various infusions, decoctions and teas. It is important to take them after discussing with your doctor and only in the period after an exacerbation, in aftercare and in remission, to maintain the achieved results. In plants revealed anti-inflammatory, regenerative, laxative, normalizing the motility and spasmolytic effects.

Prohibited the use of vegetable drugs in the presence of stool blood, pus, on the background of severe diarrhea. In these cases it is necessary to address to the doctor.

Due to herbal infusions to solve the problem of constipation, improve intestinal motility, alleviate the condition, to normalize digestion.

Restore the integrity of the intestinal wall and eliminate pinholes shepherd’s purse, crow’s feet, plantain, Burnet, and some other plants. Of them make teas, brewing a spoonful of raw materials Cup of boiling water and insisting, then take a third of a Cup up to 4 times per day.

Inhibit the fermentation process, normalizing peristalsis alder cones, oak bark, Valerian root, caraway seed or fennel, chamomile flowers or mint leaves, blueberries, dried berries of bird cherry.

Soothe bloating and rumbling in the abdomen help St. John’s wort, mint or lemon balm, chamomile decoction.

Extreme caution needs to be charges with vegetable to treat constipation. These substances are not less active than the drugs, and may have pronounced laxative effect, such as Senna or buckthorn bark. Against the background of their reception of possible painful stomach cramps, nausea and diarrhea.

Use mikroklizm colitis

Often you can find recipes for the treatment of colitis using microclysters with different compositions, infusions and decoctions.

Doctors highly recommend not to get involved in these methods due to several circumstances:

  • in addition to the cavity of the rectum the drug is not getting all the remaining parts of the colon and does not lead to significant action on it
  • constant irritation in the rectal area can have a negative effect on a chair, suppressing a reflex to the natural bowel movement, worsening the constipation
  • alien to the guts of the solutions disturb the balance of natural microflora, irritate the intestinal wall, can cause discomfort.

Prohibited microclysters in the presence of rectal fissures and hemorrhoids, inflammation of the rectum (proctitis) or suspected neoplastic processes.

In addition, it is important to remember that the oil or aqueous solutions of various drugs capable of also provocation of allergies or the formation of hypersensitive substances.

Often use microclysters with sea buckthorn oil, propolis, decoction of chamomile or calendula, St. John’s wort, Apple cider vinegar. Recommended to pre-emptying the bowel and to do the procedure before bedtime, which is problematic for many people with colitis on a background of constipation. Introduction into the rectum of different fluids, even a small amount, often leads to increased peristalsis and pain in the abdomen.

Colitis treatment baking soda

Provides information about colitis treatment baking soda. It is added to the water to drink, to use such a composition for drinking. It is believed that due to it restores the balance of microflora in the gut.

In reality, the soda actively works only in the stomach and part of it is absorbed into the blood, leading to alkalinisation of the environment and negative effects on metabolism. It inhibits the activity of the acid in the stomach, which negatively affects digestion, only exacerbating the situation.

It is forbidden to use any recipes with you inside not only colitis, but also in any digestive disorders.

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