5 myths about coughing

In most cases, colds do not go unnoticed, she clearly makes itself known by fever, a cough and a stuffy nose. But as in the case of cold, cough is only a symptom of a disease, and aims to show people that the body is experiencing health problems.

Usually the presence of a cough says about the penetration of infection in the upper and lower Airways and the presence of inflammatory processes. But for an effective cure should clearly establish the diagnosis.

Many people refer to cough without proper attention, they say, coughs and passes. However, this approach, coupled with misconceptions about the cough, its causes and ways of treatment, can cause the body great harm. It’s important to understand that to start this problem – it means even more to risk their health.

Myth 1. Cough goes away in a week

There is a common misconception that cough, and runny nose in the treatment of colds go away on their own, and no additional funds directed at their elimination, do not need to take. Yes, indeed, need to get rid of infection, however the body can help to stop sneezing and coughing, especially because it causes a lot of discomfort.

The first thing to do if the cough, to define its nature. The causes of cough can be many. Here and acute respiratory and chronic diseases, bronchitis, tracheitis, asthma, whooping cough, tuberculosis. Only a specialist is able to say exactly what you cough, and prescribe the right course of treatment. It can be an anti-inflammatory agent, inhalation, cough medicines and even antibiotics.

Myth 2. All cough medicines are the same

Even being in the same group of drugs have their own characteristics, different side effects and contraindications. That is why it is so important before taking any pills or other means to consult with a specialist. As for the cough, the effect of various medications aimed at getting rid of it, varies quite strongly. Some medicines liquefy the phlegm, and others contribute to its separation from the bronchial walls, others dissolve mucus and help flush it from the bronchi.

At the beginning of the human disease is usually tormented by a dry cough, irritating the mucosa and does not allow to cough. With proper treatment, the cough becomes wet, rids the body of phlegm says about the imminent cure. Wet and dry coughs are treated by various means, and only a doctor is able to prescribe the right drug.

Myth 3. Coughing clears the body

That’s true, but it is only about a wet cough. He rids the body of mucus, cleansing the respiratory tract of accumulated mucus. Dry cough that has no effect, so it is important to transfer it in the wet. For this and for the speedy relief of the patient’s condition are often prescribed inhalation.

They act directly on the mucosa of the respiratory tract, moisturize and significantly reduce the number of spasms. The procedure depending on the means used may be heat and humidity, steam and oil. Subject to certain rules of inhalation dry cough fairly quickly facilitate the patient’s condition.

Myth 4. When you cough it is better to use the people’s money

It all depends on the disease. As we said above, it is important to establish the diagnosis and to obtain expert advice. Doctor’s recommendation may be to use folk remedies cough or the use of herbal remedies. Such tools can be really effective and safe, especially for children. But to self-medicate still not worth it.

Also should not be particularly relied upon to cough lozenges, manufacturers of which advertised instant relief. Such tools are effective only at the beginning of the disease when the infection is concentrated in the upper respiratory tract. Moreover, it is better to use cough drops without the sugar, because sweet environment can only enhance the reproduction of pathogenic organisms to the mucosa of the throat.

Myth 5. After the disease may remain weak cough

Reasons for coughing can be a lot, but his presence is always an indicator of health problems. That is why full recovery from the illness should take care of the person and cough. And if the cough torments you for two or three weeks, it is an occasion to think seriously about health.

This symptom may indicate the presence of chronic bronchitis, asthma or other diseases. Therefore, for such a symptom, like a cough, should be treated very seriously. Try not to listen to what they say about the treatment of friends, and guided by the advice of experts!

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