Lichen treatment, in children

Since lichens have different types and can appear for different reasons, the doctor will help you to understand how to treat lichens in children.

In any form of the disease for successful treatment should follow the rules:

  • Try to spend less time in the sun, because its heat contributes to enhanced growth of the fungus.
  • Use cotton clothes, as synthetic items create a greenhouse effect and a moist environment that is beneficial for fungal infections.
  • Do not let your child comb the lesions, as this can cause a rapid spread of infection over the entire surface of the skin.
  • To avoid the spread of infection, contact with water should be minimized. It is better to wash the child under the shower or to wipe with a wet sponge, having shook the foci of infection with a bandage.
  • In order for the fungus controversy to be delayed, remove carpets and soft toys from the room for the duration of the treatment. Wipe the furniture several times a day and clean the floors with disinfectants. Try to often change the clothes of the child, especially the one that comes into contact with the rash. Iron things after washing with a hot iron.
Folk treatment

Foliar deprivation treatment in children should be carried out with caution, as there is a risk of exacerbating the situation.

At the initial stage, lichen can be treated with Zelenko and iodine. These means 6 times a day, in turn, it is necessary to handle the affected place. Between the procedures should take at least an hour. Before each application of green or iodine, the affected area should be carefully rinsed.

To get rid of ringworm, propolis tincture is used. For its preparation 200 gr. alcohol mixed with 50 grams. propolis and infused for a week.

When shingles can make lotions with apple cider vinegar. The gauze moistened in it must be applied to the affected places 5 times a day.

Dark raisins are often used to treat lichen. In the composition of the product there are fungi capable of destroying pathogens depriving. Raisin seedless need to skip through a meat grinder and grease the affected areas with gruel.

If you notice a child’s colored, round or oval-shaped rash that has a scaly surface, then most likely it is versicolor. This disease is one of the most common children’s skin diseases, it suffers every second child. Lichen has several types, each of which requires treatment.


It occurs due to the herpes virus. Its distinguishing feature is that it appears in the region of the ribs and surrounds the rib cage. It is manifested by a rash, characteristic of herpes infection – bubbles with liquid. The disease is accompanied by fever, general weakness and tenderness in the area of ​​rashes.

It is impossible to completely cure herpes zoster in children, since the herpes virus is able to hide in nerve endings that antiviral drugs cannot penetrate. It is in a sleeping state and can be activated with a decrease in immunity.

Treatment of the disease is carried out with the help of:

  • antiviral  drugs, for example, acyclovir;
  • zharoponizhayushtih, for example, paracetamol;
  • antihistamine  drugs, for example, tavigil or suprastin.
Waving licorice

The disease is caused by a fungal infection of the skin. In a child, it may appear on contact with other children or animals. Its distinctive feature is a pinkish rash of a rounded shape, with clear edges from the rim of nodules and bubbles. The affected areas scaly and itch.

Rashes appear in the hair area, but they can occur all over the body, as well as on the nails. At the site of the rash begin to break off hairs, because of what bald spots are formed.

When treating ringworm, besides antifungal ointments, the antifungal antibiotic Griseofulvin can be used – it is taken orally. All means of depriving children should be prescribed individually by the attending physician, taking into account the characteristics of the disease.


The disease is caused by fungi, but infection with them occurs in the presence of a favorable environment – moisture and heat, and prolonged contact with the infected. Signs of lichen in children are the occurrence of pale pink spots with a large lamellar peeling resembling bran.

Therefore, the disease is also called pityriasis versicolor. Affected areas may change color, becoming brown or pale if exposed to the sun.

With lichen colored rashes, localized eruptions are located on the abdomen, chest, shoulders, back, and sometimes in the axillary and inguinal areas. If no proper treatment is carried out, spots can appear on the face, head and neck. Since the treatment of this type of lichen specific and long, it is recommended under the supervision of a physician. To get rid of the disease using special antifungal agents that need to be applied to the surface of the skin.

Red lichen

This disease is rare in children. There is no consensus about the causes of red flat lichen: some doctors believe that it is of viral origin, others believe that it causes allergies, others are convinced that it comes from neurology.

With this disease, red spots filled with liquid appear on the skin. They are very itchy and cause a lot of trouble. A rash appears on the abdomen and hands, rarely can occur on the oral mucosa.

Pink lichen

This disease can be allergic or infectious and can develop after febrile illnesses, intestinal disorders and vaccination. It manifests itself in the form of scaly pink round or oval spots.

This type of lichen is considered one of the lungs, in some cases the disease can pass on its own. The main thing is not to annoy places of defeat, avoid taking baths and exposure to the sun. Antifungal ointments are used for treatment.

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