Sleeping baby, a vital necessity

The nervous system begins to suffer, which means that soon irritability, fatigue, decreased performance, decreased memory, attention, concentration, sociability, various neuroses will be your faithful companions.

Insomnia or scientifically “insomnia” can take completely different forms. Insomnia as a sign of stress. How to learn to sleep baby sleep.

Tatyana Shestakova – a professional psychologist with 15 years of experience, a business coach, game technician, leader of transformation games – teaches simple rules how to regain the quality of life

This is for example:

  • poor quality of sleep;
  • inability to fall asleep for more than 30 minutes for several weeks;
  • insufficient duration;
  • frequent awakenings in the middle of the night;
  • taking sleeping pills;
  • complaints about feeling unwell during the day;
  • frequent daytime sleepiness.

Insomnia does not just reduce the quality of life. She can take this life.

If insomnia becomes chronic, it increases the risk of diseases such as stroke, various heart diseases and the heart system as a whole, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, depression, decreased immunity, gastric ulcer, hyperthyroidism, etc.

And these are the exact characteristics of stress, and its most negative form is distress, that is, such a state of your body when everything starts to work not a plus: forget about creating something, co-creating, finding a solution, creating, desire, dream, seek…

In a state of di-stress, the body goes into the most severe saving mode. Total!

How is this manifested in ordinary life?

  • I do not want anything, apathy;
  • no new solutions are found;
  • I don’t want to wake up in the morning;
  • nothing pleases;
  • everything begins to annoy: children, husband, girlfriends, colleagues, bosses;
  • anger at any suggestions;
  • food ceases to bring pleasure / or vice versa, only it can distract;
  • thoughts about the same thing (a kind of obsession);
  • fears about the future (what if / if / if this happens).

Well, a separate topic:

  • something is wrong with me;
  • I began to look bad;
  • nobody loves me;
  • they do not value me;
  • if I had (a figure like a… / lips like a… / chest like a / legs like a…);
  • on the contrary, if I didn’t have (excess weight / such a schedule);
  • if she was a boss / supervisor;
  • if I had such friends, then I would…;
  • if I had such a husband / friend.

Of course, we all periodically ask ourselves such questions…

But! If you start to hang in them, if it revolves in your head regularly (and for this, the most suitable time is the night when you are with yourself) these are the calls that your body is in a state of “survival”.

There is danger everywhere.
Everywhere you need to wait for the attack.
I need to defend myself.
The most important thing is to save Life.
What kind of creativity and creativity?
We have energy – only to hide / take shelter / find a safe place /
or (the second option is attacks).
Better to attack first. More likely to survive.
And we begin to break down, yell, freak out, etc.
About what happens at the hormonal level is another story.
What to do? Is there a way out? Yes. There is!
Not easy, of course. Reception of one pill is not enough. But learning to sleep with a baby’s sleep – serene – is possible.

The recommendations are very simple.

To do this, you need to watch babies.

What are they doing?

1. Express their emotions openly: like, smile. Do not like it, protest / or roar.
2. Moving – constantly knocking with pens, legs, crawling, turning over, walking, getting to know, getting to know each other.
3. Eat healthy foods.
4. They sleep when everything is dry and comfortable.

Of course, this must be adapted to your lifestyle. But the principles are very similar.

  • move on! Add movements to your life;
  • do not accumulate emotions in yourself (it does not matter with + or -). They must be expressed (of course, in an acceptable way);
  • learn / comprehend / learn new things;
  • give yourself pleasure (and this, of course, is not about “harmfulness”);

Subject to such simple rules, much in your life can be changed. Sleep is a necessary part of our life. And if we suddenly decide that we do not need it, life will necessarily change. And not for the better.

Sleep well to live well. There is already such a saying, “He who sleeps badly does not work well.”

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